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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Interviewer: It was said, “An injury or a sore on the body is obviously of a different nature to the normal state of the cellular process of the skin. It is represented in the physical as a different representation of cellular structure, it is also represented in the etheric body as a different state of energy and frequency.”

When the physical body receives a cut on the skin, is the etheric body template changed, or is it just the current expression of the template that is changed?

Zeta: When a physical injury is permitted to to take place to the physical body, the etheric body which is the template of the physical entity quickly repairs the injury to the body. Of course, depending on how severe the injury is, will also determine what potential there is for the injury to be healed. Of course, with the human body, because the physical body has no potential to grow back organs or another limb generally, then the etheric body will terminate a limb if it is amputated, but what will exist will be all the neurological functions of the arm. Also the sensory, the receptive processes will believe that the limb physically exists because the etheric body has not been injured, but holds its original information.

Interviewer: Does the change to the etheric body happen at the moment when the cut is received, or later?

Zeta: A cut ensues on the arm, yes, there is no opening in the etheric body, but there is what is perceived to be a vortex under the surface of the etheric body which is connected to the injury. Straightaway, the physical body knows that it has the capacity to provide a cellular reconstruction. The cellular reconstruction is aided by the potential of the etheric body’s blueprint that would denote the original form.

Interviewer: If the etheric template or its expression is changed, what then guides the healing of the cut?

Zeta: I have answered that question.

Interviewer: Does the etheric body still have access to the information on undamaged skin?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

We understand that (1) there is an etheric template in the etheric body that represents the state of the physical body, and (2) the etheric body energy is in the form of an unlimited number of eddies or swirls of different frequencies.

Interviewer: Does the etheric template have the possibility to represent all possible states of the physical body?

Zeta: No, it is the opposite that the etheric body understands its potential. It seeks to continually keep the physical body to that potential.

Interviewer: Does the spatial pattern of swirls determine which parts of the template are being used to represent the current state of the body?

Zeta: No, they are depending on the cellular degradation of injury that has taken place. The size will determine how large the interference is with the etheric body. Swirls, yes, has been one way to aid in the discussion.

Interviewer: Is it the pattern of swirl energies that is modified by consciousness and/or by damage to the physical body?

Zeta: The swirls are a representation of cellular disruption.

Interviewer: How is the energy of the etheric swirls transmuted to physical electrical energy in the cells?

Zeta: Underneath the energy is consciousness. It is the quanta information of the cellular structure of a human body. That consciousness indicates from beneath at the lowest levels, or the highest levels, of what is the action of the recreation of the cellular process, and of course, all other potentials then exist. The energy then is actively working towards healing the physical cellular disruption.

Interviewer: How does a change in the state of a physical cell cause the pattern of the corresponding etheric swirls to change? Can you describe the mechanism?

Zeta: I believe that that question may not be the proper question that we have indicated in other answers the potential of that question.

Interviewer: How is the template information represented in the etheric body?

Zeta: Once again, there is a predetermined basis to the genetic structure of the human, all of a animal, all of a tree, yes. So, each these living organisms have within them, around them, the potential for the etheric body to understand what is the physical potential of the energetic potential of the consciousness potential.

Interviewer: How are the red blood cells involved in sending the energy to the etheric body?

Zeta: Why is the questioning about the physical body sending information to the etheric body?

It is more likely that the consciousness of the etheric body actively controls what takes place on the physical body. Now of course, if there are external influences, such as radiation, that will imply to the physical body, cellular degradation or disruption. The etheric body may choose to either try to repair the information, or will actively ignore what is taking place, understanding that at some point, under instruction from the higher self, the etheric body should terminate its ability to continually make the physical body in a state of wellness. The physical body must terminate its potential, else the etheric body will hold the physical body in a constant state of wellness, and there is a potential that the physical human body could live a lot longer.

Interviewer: Our scientists agree that ultraviolet radiation is often responsible for cancer of the skin. Do the physical changes have to persist for a while before the etheric body reflects the change?

Zeta: I have just answered that question

Interviewer: Can ultraviolet radiation change the etheric body directly rather than through changes to the physical body?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: What is light?

Zeta: It is obviously potential. It is the … We do not have the words to describe the phenomenon… Not now.

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