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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Zeta: Now the spheres, there is a active program in place where many of our race have come together and sit within circular processes, inside clear spheres. There would be roughly 8 to 10 of us sitting together. Each of the spheres has within it a representation of your planet. We focus together as a group and hold a planet’s consciousness within our thought process. Replicate this across many hundreds of spheres. This combined thought process, this combined telepathic joining, preserves the undulating effect of the collective mind of the human race around this planet. We are holding, as a group, the consciousness of the race in its current state to aid in the process for the transitional environment that the human mind is moving through. We do not wish that undulating chaos to move out into other races’ potential.


Other sphere processes are used for holding and supporting the race, the human race.

Interviewer: How often does this process take place?

Zeta: Continually.

Interviewer: Ok, so it’s different people in the spheres at different times?

Zeta: Different beings of the race that are confined within the spherical process, much likened to… the spheres are a mechanism that are created by us. They are not illusitory, they are not of the same components as the mirrored environments. They are a technology. Now you may access the sphere, the spherical form by being in the physical container and aiding in the combined telepathic journey to support the race, the human race. Others may exert influence telepathically on the component internal to the sphere, but be external to the process. This combined effort is based on what is best for the human race.

Interviewer: So it’s an ongoing process?

Zeta: It is not a suppression, it is a managed potential.

Interviewer: These beings that man the spheres, is it their job, is that what they do?

Zeta: It is not a job, it is a desire to want to be of service, to move into a state of consciousness. There are certain rewards that are attained when sitting with others, personal levels of satisfaction, knowing that the support that is given to beings such as yourselves, is of a worthwhile nature. There are many humans, that are seeking to support the collective consciousness of the human race to a greater potential. Each of these individual humans numbering the millions across the planet are the nodes, are the entry points for this consciousness, for this collective effort in aiding the planet.

The planet is taken as a whole entity, the collective consciousness of the humans is taken as a whole entity. We seek all who will work towards supporting the framework of this environment.

Interviewer: So it’s the humans themselves who are choosing to support, or are they chosen by the Zetas?

Zeta: If you make choice to walk in a higher level of consciousness, that is a choice made by you in freewill. That will be a beacon to the race.

Interviewer: These spheres, how far off your planet are they?

Zeta: They are near your planet, as close as the moon.

Interviewer: I was led to believe they were near your planet. You were saying that the physical could go into these spheres, as well it can be done with telepathy. How does a physical container go into one of these spheres?

Zeta: How did you come into this room?

Interviewer: Yes, there is obviously doorways.

Zeta: There are potentials yes, to enter and leave and to join in telepathically, a means to refocus one’s mind as one would in the meditative state.

Interviewer: So if a physical container is going there, obviously a craft has to travel to the spheres, and the entities would have to go into the spheres?

Zeta: The spheres are a creation of a craft, the craft creates a technological base of spheres, do you not understand?

Interviewer: When the craft leaves?

Zeta: The spheres will leave, but this is a permanent process. This craft is designed to externalize the spheres. It is a rather large craft. They are not used in the synthetic quantum environment as an intermediary process, they are used by our race.

Interviewer: You said that the spheres are made from technology, so they’re not a biological entity?

Zeta: Well, we class the biological matter as technologies.

Interviewer: So are these made of biological matter as well?

Zeta: Of some form, yes.

Interviewer: When the craft goes, the spheres go as well. Does the sphere become nothing, does it…

Zeta: The spheres are reconstituted, they are simply a device to hold members of the race, so they may sit in a circular room, circular fashion, and focus their intention on an image of your planet.

Interviewer: Now you said there are hundreds of these at any one time. There must be a lot of craft going backwards and forwards.

Zeta: One craft produces the structure of spheres. Let me explain. Do you love bubbles? If you place a straw device in a bowl of liquid, as the air pressure is placed into the surface, it creates many of your bubbles, yes? It is the same process. The bubbles replicate themselves under pressure.

Interviewer: So once that craft has done what it’s come to do, another craft will come, produce the bubbles and then the first craft will go back.

Zeta: Why does the craft leave? We have said that it stays. The craft has been created to produce the spheres, the spheres are there continually, the craft is there continually. This process has been in operation for many years.

Are you clear?

Interviewer: I am now. Another question, how many beings would be on this one craft?

Zeta: Not all of the beings that are in the spheres will remain of course, on that craft. Many will come and go, else many of the race would be required to stay within the spherical process. That is not the purpose.

Interviewer: So beings come and go from the craft, what is it they use?

Zeta: Let me try to answer another question so that the local consciousness stops interfering with this process. The medium has stated that William requires to understand what is light. Of course, a light is potential, a light is a, depending on who you are, what race, will then define what potential it will provide. For the humans, they are able to see a certain  energy within a framework and the perception is light. Now of course, some of your animals see different forms of potentials, different types of light. These potentials are also used in many different forms. So you see that a light can be a mechanism to provide illumination in darkness, that light can also be a communication. Light is a frequency some would say, which is a truth that a light has potential to be consciousness. Now of course, how a being sees this light is up to the way that they exist. If they exist within the physical then they will use their physical eyes to view the light. Light is also used as a mechanism for life stimulation, to excite the potential of a cellular structure. Without light, many would perish. The physical body is able to convert light to the necessary components required to survive. Light also provides a balancing mechanism for consciousness. Your physical body is designed to require light. On some level the etheric body of a human, or of any entity, is designed to accept light as a mechanism to provide stimulation, or to power it. You have developed technologies to convert light to energy, your solar power process. That is a biological function that has been moved to a physical technological process. All beings of consciousness will see a form of light. If light exists where no matter exists, then consciousness will accurately understand itself to be in a potential. It is up to the consciousness as to whether they choose to perceive themselves as to being in the darkness, or semi-darkness, or a bright level of consciousness. So, it could be said that consciousness will determine its own existence, how it views itself and its surroundings by what provides it with the most comforting environment. Some consciousness may choose to live in what is perceived to be a darkness, whereas others will choose to live in a lighted consciousness. Consciousness creates its own illumination. I believe I have answered the question satisfactorily.

These things, they are not available to other beings. Itooquoi is a multifaceted observational technique which allows my consciousness to span across many existences, to walk amongst the frameworks of consciousness, the expansive states. May we continue on with the prior conversation?

Would you like to ask any questions about the spheres?

Interviewer: I thought the spheres were near your planet.

Zeta: They may be anywhere we wish. You do not have the technologies yet to interfere with what is taking place.

Interviewer: Has the medium seen the spheres.

Zeta: No, but we have reanimated the prior imagery that the medium is seeing. The medium has his own question about bases on the moon. We have said of them that planetary bodies are utilized as stop-overs, intermediary points, for observational aspects. The medium has been watching videos which talks about galactic councils. Of course, these councils do exist, but how, and who are used, is of course up to the races. We do not participate actively in political structures of these councils because we find that they are intrusive to our race, to the fabric of our race. We have representatives that will actively interact with the other races.

Interviewer: Getting back to the medium’s question about bases on the moon, is your race represented on the base on the moon?

Zeta: If a craft requires to take samples of the moon’s structure, which would not necessarily be so, most craft understandably are able to tavel, travel vast differen, distances vast difference distances, they are the last words, but are able to perform their functions without landing.

Interviewer: I was thinking that bases would be used for long stays…

Zeta: Interestingly, in regards to the other discussion about the light and darkness, I prefer to be in a darkened state, I find it illusitory as it holds no distractive potential. Often you will find it a more relaxing environment to reduce the light. Light provides a stimulation which takes away from the inner potentials of consciousness.

We are purposely holding the medium here. That is why we had the situation where the words were incorrect. We are undulating between increasing and decreasing the level of control over the medium. As we are releasing control, the incorrect words are being spoken.

Interviewer: Is there a reason why…

Zeta: Yes, because the medium must be brought back to his normal state. He requires this and we require this.

Interviewer: By normal state, feeling…

Zeta: …connected to us. The medium becomes unbalanced when he moves away from his true potential, and considering you have now sat for three sittings within your 24 hr process, this is very beneficial to us and the control mechanism that are required. Of course, there are diminishing points of energy if you sit too much. Unfortunately, the only that way you can expand yourself is to move to a level of energetic fatigue. That is where the medium is now. That is why the structures of the sentences are starting to dissolve.

There must be a residual component to what is taking place, for the medium’s consciousness to understand that. The potential exists of course, to move to correct states of connection, not to believe that it is diminishing.

Please proceed with your question.

Interviewer: Two Crows hasn’t been around lately, the medium thinks it is a problem.

Zeta: I believe that some guides come when required. If the medium is not doing healings, then of course the guide will not come. If the medium requires the Two Crows being to be his intermediary entity, then of course he will come. But these guides, they are not owned by humans, they come when the potential is required.

Interviewer: Should the medium sit in the other room just to feel the healing energy for himself?

Zeta: If the medium requires contact with other beings, then he must perform the same function for connection to them.

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