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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


(Discussion on the making of crop formations - the circle leader describes someone else’s description on YouTube of how it is done)

Interviewer: Is this your knowledge of how it’s done?

Zeta: All of physical matter contains electrons, as  you know that, yes. To create a image within certain structures requires a change in the state of the electron process that then diminishes the capacity of the matter to hold its form. So if an image is to be implemented, then to program the image to provide the state of change to the electrons, once implemented the image is then created.

Interviewer: Is there also a change to the gravitational pull of the earth when this is done, in that one area?

Zeta: That is not a process that we would utilize. Many races have their own methods for creating different technologies and phenomena.


Zeta: There are many races that are contacting many humans, predominantly the humans that are contacted by our race from the point of origin. We have noticed that it is difficult for humans to move to a point of contact. They have many preconceptions and ideas. Others are concerned about what the others of your race may do. Often many of the humans contacted are in a state where they do not understand their true nature, and so they have a diminished capacity to understand what they are to do. Much of the frequency of your planet is of a lower nature. It would be beneficial if the planet had a higher level of consciousness.

(Discussing how the medium has developed in the past)

Zeta: Consciousness does not exist in the brain. Consciousness exists within the framework of matter that is considered to be the human form. But how the consciousness is changed or used within these constructs is related to the framework that is embedded within the etheric framework of the human body. The changes that are made are predominantly based in the ability to be able to receive cognitive thought processes, telepathic conversations, the ability to be able to hear within the capacity of what would be called clairaudient ability for a human, to be able to understand the correct channel, the correct frequency channel that is available for the communication. This is based in the auditory function of clicking.


Zeta: It is the capacity of the human to receive support and teaching through external processes which may aid in the development of the human. Many humans do not successfully navigate the process. Often the shift that is required for contact brings about a decay of the mental framework, the consciousness of the human. But much work is required by the human once the shift has taken place. They must spend many years in the meditative processes allowing us to create the capacity for them to integrate the new experiences into their normal reality. This state that the medium is currently in is an abnormal state for the human consciousness. We have created the capacity for this consciousness to move in and out of our consciousness. In doing so, we also have the capacity to be able to provide healing techniques to other humans. We are able to affect matter, we are able to, in some circumstances, physically affect the electronic devices at a physical distance. These manipulations of physical matter grow toward building relations with humans. They are minor in comparison to the technologies that currently exist. But to bring about a heightened state of technology within a human construct, a consciousness would bring about a disassociation from the capacity of the local consciousness to correctly integrate itself with the existence that it currently holds.

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