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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Interviewer1: The astral plane is the beginning of the human collective consciousness. Everything we have thought, done, etc are stored in this location. There are also energies there that might be perceived as against me, and there would be others that are supportive. Is that correct?

Zeta: Correct, yes.

Interviewer1: If I developed an anti-gravity machine here on earth, and I didn’t want other humans to have it and misuse it, so I destroyed it, the plans and would be stored in the astral plane?

Zeta: Yes, correct.

Interviewer1: Diverging slightly, there was a human who died in 1946, who had the ability to place himself into a trance, and when asked about a person and their address, was able to access their information, he was known as Edgar Cayce. Would he be accessing the astral plane or would he be going somewhere else to get that information?

Zeta: There are two potentials - the potential exists within the collective mind of the human race which is the astral realm. The other potential exists that the spirit people were helping. Many of the humans have access to what they say are psychic abilities, they are reading the energetic imprint of information that exists in and around a human. That information is based in the same level of consciousness as the astral realm.

Interviewer1: I understand that it can be dangerous for a human to access the astral plane. Is that correct?

Zeta: A perception of danger, yes? The perception is that you can be harmed, but of course, consciousness cannot be harmed, but when you return to the physical entity, your body, you can bring with you the impression the consciousness, the intelligence, back with you. This then manifests as a potential around you in the physical. You would then say that, as humans, that you have been in danger because you have brought back with you an entity.

Interviewer1: Other entities that are guiding our planet, of which your people are one, restrict the amount of advanced technology that’s allowed for us to access because we’re still rather innocent, I suppose. But on the other hand, some people have invented things and destroyed them. Is it possible to go to the collective consciousness and access their information?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer1: You raised the question a couple of weeks ago when you said that we should be able to harness the energy from lightening between the upper atmosphere and earth. That would give us, if I can use the word, free energy. Tesla invented something along that line, but he destroyed the information. So it would be possible for someone to go to the collective consciousness and recover it, or would that be not permitted?

Zeta: That is permitted, obviously, and we believe that this has occurred anyway. Let me also state, when an idea is created, it is created on many levels, and not just one human has the idea. The potential exists many humans will have the same idea. So with the electrical devices that … Let me start again … the sphere in the room [plasma ball], the medium was holding the globe, you saw the potential of the globe become activated, did you not? (yes) This potential exists everywhere. You do not necessarily need the prime potential which is the sphere, to stimulate the electrons if you have the capacity and the technology to amplify what already exists. Then of course, you can harness the potential. Now many humans understand this and there are already many devices which are able to harness the potential using the devices. So the information exists and, of course, is available to those who are able to move to those levels of information.

Interviewer1: So it’s not being suppressed?

Zeta: The only suppression is from within your own race.

Interviewer1: That’s what I meant, not from the outside. He destroyed all the records and nobody knows how he tapped the energy.

Zeta: No, that information exists. It is held by your government departments. They have moved past that, have used that as a basis for other technologies.

Interviewer1: You said there was no perceived danger to go to the astral plane?

Zeta: Many people can travel there, yes.

Interviewer1: Is there any particular technique needed to gain access?

Zeta: For separation of consciousness?

Interviewer1: Yes.

Zeta: Surely the medium can explain this to you as he is able to perform that function. But simply, as an act of will, you will drive the physical processes to a point where they do not exist. At that point, the consciousness will release itself from the physical body, and using the etheric template of the body, present itself within the astral realm. That is the reason why the information in the astral realm is able to be filtered back through the etheric body and remembered back by the physical mind.

Interviewer1: Can you give me some more information about the etheric body, please?

Zeta: The etheric body has a representation and intermediary process of the physical body. It holds within it the potential of all cellular functions within the physical body. It is manipulated by the higher self to perform actions onto the physical body. Of course the local consciousness inside this process has its own potential to believe certain things about itself. The statements before were that all people were getting sick, yes? The medium straightaway said no, that is not true. Because if you believe that that is what is happening, the local consciousness will create that for you. What is the very basis of unwellness? It is consciousness. So the etheric body becomes intermediary process between the many layers, but the ones that are the most present are the local consciousness and the physical body. The etheric body, which would resemble a template which holds within it all the potentials of the physical body, which then link to the higher self.

Interviewer2: Something we wanted more information on is the use of the plasma ball. Since it has been used, the sitters have found a big difference, my personal experience is losing the ability to concentrate as much, not being able to focus until we adjust. Powerful sittings have been happening with great success. What is it doing, and where is it going?

Zeta: Your question is rudimentary. The sphere provides a potential, the electrical current stimulates the pre-existing condition of the room. It is creating a pulse within the room. Normally without the device the etheric body of the medium is required to present the appropriate environment for the communication. So there is, without the device, communication from us presented as telepathic information. Of course if the medium is in a weakened state then the potential in the room is minimized. But the device adds to the potential of the etheric body of the medium, creating a conjoined resonance which reduces the strain on the medium and on his physical body and also amplifies what we are able to perform within this environment. But any movement outside of this room can interfere on a level of consciousness what is to be performed within the room. Temperature is also another potential which affects the room.

Interviewer2: Why is it having such a great effect on the sitters?

Zeta: What effect is it having?

Interviewer2: I’ve had to learn to control the way it is making my head not concentrate, and stay focussed, I was wondering how.

Zeta: Because, as stated before, the potential of the etheric body of the medium is used for communication. So, you can imagine that within a meter of your measurement system of the medium is a sphere, with the medium being in the middle. Now without the sphere, the potential is greater with the medium in the middle, but with the sphere, the potential is obviously amplified with the medium, but also moves within the vicinity of the medium to the sitters. This will affect your ability to be able to focus. This will alter your consciousness, alter your brainwave function. That provides us with the potential to give you experience.

Interviewer3: I saw a tv show where a man was walking with apparent ET people in flying suits. Are some ET people safer for humans to be near than others?

Zeta: Yes, if the beings were not from this planet, then of course, there are many races. Many would not affect in any way the physical human body, but their technology may. Now there is also the potential that it was not what was being portrayed, but we will say that if it was genuine contact, on some level there would have been a preparation of the human to allow them to be within the energetic construct of the other race. We have found that if we are in the physical form, which means to be within your physical environment, if we are to look within your gaze, psychologically you are damaged. If you come near the technology while you are in your normal state of consciousness, then you will be affected. This affected process is because the consciousness provides a mechanism for defence. The defence creates a energetic barrier around the physical body which provides a potential for the human to present the skin, or the epidermis, as being burned. This is quite a technical discussion but it shows that with the proper training of consciousness that a human can decrease the level of consciousness of the etheric body, thus not producing any of the adverse effects to the immune system, to the skin, so that there is not a phenomenon of presenting being burned. Also, more importantly, it is that the construct of the mind of the human is not damaged.

Once again, in contact situations, it is the presentation of consciousness when the human is in its own state that provides the damage. So often the human’s consciousness is altered so that there is no perception of damage, damage being a altering of the structure of the cognitive processes of the human. And also, what you would class as the matrices process which is the combined thoughts that the human would hold that would create the consciousness of the human as a presentation, as a personality. This finally tuned matrices process, because it exists in a state of consciousness that is in balance, would become imbalanced, would become disharmonious. That is why, for contact situations, there must be either the human in a sleep state, or the human in a pre-prepared state. Now many humans of other cultures are able to interact with many beings because their life has revolved around inclusive, or being included, the thought that these other beings exist. The stronger your resistance to contact situations, the more potential there is for you to be harmed.

Interviewer3: What initiate this change in consciousness? Is it the humans themselves?

Zeta: It is, on one point, the human. If you choose to have contact then of course your consciousness, your construct, will allow the process. And also, the entity may instigate this. Of course for us to speak through the medium reduces the strong potential to be in control, so there must be a breath that is enacted between the conversations so as to rebuild the potential. As the oxygen within the physical body creates a stimulated environment for the bodies electrical processes to be able to provide potential to the etheric body, which then, of course, allows a stronger connection to take place. These potentials diminish when we are speaking. These potentials diminish as the physical entity becomes reduced in their capacity to provide energy to the process.

Interviewer2: The contact you were speaking about that people can work toward, is that only for certain people, maybe government people or people like the medium who are actually working with your race, or can any person generally work toward contact for the sake of contact, for friendship.

Zeta: All people are capable of levels of contact, but do you have work, do you have a job? (yes) Why is it important for you to focus on your job?

Interviewer2: To get the best outcome.

Zeta: What if other humans came to you who had nothing to do with your job, while you were working? What if your technology interfered with your process of your work?

Interviewer2: Yes, that would be the phone.

Zeta: You have a function to perform while you are working. To be influenced by many others while you are trying to perform your function would diminish your capacity to provide a correct level of functionality within your job. It is the same for contact. The spirit people are more likely to provide you with the potential of contact as they are much closer to humans.

Interviewer2: Do you want to continue?

Zeta: Let me seek out the potential …. We will terminate, because the medium has not eaten, and we wish not to damage the medium.

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