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Sunday, 18 October 2015


[Context: In an earlier private session, the Zeta had placed audible clicks on the session recording.]

Interviewer: You placed a pair of clicks on the recording device. We noticed that the exact same clicks were also near the beginning of the recording. Did you place both pairs of clicks on the recording device?

Zeta: The other clicks would have been a manifestation of the energies of connection. I can only say that the intention to place the information onto the recording device was done when I said it would be, as an act of intention.

Interviewer: Was the second pair of clicks that you drew our attention to, an apport of the pair near the beginning?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: A person you healed was found sleepwalking a week or so after the healing. He was walking and talking in the middle of the night but remembered nothing about it in the morning. This is very unusual for him. Was this unusual behaviour related to the successful healing?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: Could you explain the reason why anyone sleepwalks?

Zeta: We do not sleepwalk.

Interviewer: You know the duration of your planet's year in earth years …

Zeta: As an estimation.

Interviewer: … and you know how long your lifespan is in earth years.

Zeta: As an estimation.

Interviewer: … so you appear to understand what we mean by counting. Do the Zetas teach their children to count, or did you learn how to count from the medium?

Zeta: When we first encountered other humans through the medium, we did not understand the counting process. The counting function has been added to our understanding through discussion with you as a group. It has been difficult to understand because the concepts are not our concepts. They are foreign to us.

Interviewer: We know it is possible for a physical being’s local consciousness to be aware and to function in separation from the container. Does it become easier for a consciousness to be in separation as the state of consciousness rises?

Zeta: It becomes easier when you practice separation. The more you practice, the more likely it is that you will be successful in the separation process. To increase one’s consciousness does not negate the fact that one would require the consciousness as an act of intention to move from the current position within the physical container and around the physical container, to a perceived distance to another perception, perception being reality.

Interviewer: Does the spirit realm have a wide range of vibrational states?

Zeta: There are many intimate consciousness within the spirit realm, yes. They exist in many different states of consciousness.

Interviewer: Does the vibrational state associated with the physical planet resonate with the spirit realm's vibrational states?

Zeta: There is a perception in the question that the matter is in separation from consciousness, but understanding that all things exist due to their relationship with each other, means that all things are in a synchronous relationship. Some may seem different, but it is only the state they present that indicates difference.

Interviewer: Hypothetically, would the Zeta vibrational state be able to resonate with the spirit realm vibrational states?

Zeta: That is, yes, hypothetical because we are not allowed to enter into the spirit realm. But of course within  our own journeys, within this process you call your sitting process, you will see that rarely are spirit people able to exist within our range of consciousness. The only way that it is possible is to create our mirrored environment which we created the last time when the John Collins [a spirit visitor] was able to somewhat exist within the framework of the space of consciousness that you existed in. Do you remember that time?

Interviewer: Yes, was that the time he was…

Zeta: … in the sphere where you were in the room. These processes require many energies, much consciousness, the ability to take over the mind of a human, and for the human mind to recede into its subconscious state. We will be seeking to experiment more the further the medium moves away from the spirit processes. You saw that as the medium moved further into the consciousness, the reality, of the spirit realm process, that it became quite strong. Other spirits were able to work through the medium. But of course it negated us, diminished the ability for us to affect the medium as he was too much towards the other frequencies, being the spirit realm entities.

Interviewer: Hypothetically, if a Zeta were to enter the spirit realm, would its vibrational state cause the spirit realm vibrational states to change so they would resonate with the Zeta frequency?

Zeta: You see, this is not possible. I understand the theoretical questioning. I will say that it is a possibility that it would change the spirit realm. It would again influence all that in the realm of consciousness would have some effect on them. There would be an increase in the level of consciousness because the spirit realm would then have the ability to understand a race of beings that exist outside of the humankind. But this will never happen.

Interviewer: Is this potential effect on the spirit realm’s vibrational states the reason why Zetas choose not to enter the spirit realm?

Zeta: No, the words used would indicate that they should be stated as “the law states, the laws of the race”. Your freewill is of utmost importance to us. Your ability to receive information must be at this level while you are in the physical container. We are not to enter into your perception of a resting place. But of course there are within all realms the potential for an interchange of information, but the levels at which those exchanges take place, the nexus of information, is based in frequencies that would be well beyond the existence and understanding of the spirit realm beings. As a bubble is created when a child is playing - you know a child can blow a bubble, yes? - the bubble seems to be in isolation of the oxygen of the breathable atmosphere inside the encapsulation. But the bubble is also surrounded by the atmosphere. The separation is an illusion.

Interviewer: We learned that a spirit’s memories would be wiped clean if the spirit were allowed to become part of the Zeta collective. Is this because the spirit is unable to resonate with the frequency of the Zeta collective?

Zeta: The consciousness of a spirit entity incarnating is predominantly suited to the physical container of a human. To allocate a spirit consciousness to a Zeta container would require a different level of consciousness.

Interviewer: Would an interdimensional being be able to join the Zeta collective without losing all its memories?

Zeta: There is a possibility, yes.

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