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Monday, 26 October 2015


Interviewer: The following sets of questions are concerned with the laws that are said to constrain the behaviour of beings in the energetic realm.

A Zeta once said that beings from an extraterrestrial race can actively help the human race to change and advance, but only while they are incarnated as part of the human race. This was said to be due to the “underlying laws of the race”.
A Zeta also said that "the laws that created the spirit realm" forbid the consciousness of non-terrestrial beings from entering spirit realm.

Are these natural laws properties of the energetic realms, analogous to our law of gravity, or are they a code of behaviour agreed to by races?

Zeta: A race will determine what it will and will not do. The spirit realm has been created for this developing race.

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Interviewer: My question to you was, the human race has been created by the Anunnaki, so…

Zeta: No, many races have been involved in the creation of many species. One race is not responsible for this race.

Interviewer: So would the many races that were involved have set the agreement for the spirit realm?

Zeta: To teach a child is to explain to them, to educate them you give them information. Their ability to process that information is dependent on the level of their cognitive ability and thinking process, their level of maturity. To instigate change for a race when they are not having the ability to function at a different level is destructive. Often information, education, is a destructive force because the information is given to an entity that cannot fully comprehend the outcome. We, as races, have rules in regards to contact, in regards to what is possible, and what we will allow, just as human parents have rules about what their child may do. It is a structure, one for safety, one for a proper construct to be developed. The human race is developing, it is creating its own social structures and rules. It is functioning at a level where its consciousness dictates to it what level of growth, what level of perception. It is a internal mechanism to the race. No race should or will interfere directly with a consciousness once it has a level of physical form, meaning your level of transition. Your existence in a spirit realm environment is the journey that you have chosen. As we have discussed, the only changes that are allowed is through the physical portal of existence. I have answered that question.

Interviewer: For those laws that are a code of behaviour, what is an example, and who ensures that those agreed-upon laws are obeyed?

Zeta: I have answered.

Interviewer: Are “the laws that created the spirit realm function” examples of natural laws, and could you explain in more detail what they are?

Zeta: The questioner makes the statement, are they a function of natural laws and then asks for clarification. But natural laws are a developed process related to the level of consciousness of a race. A self-answering question.

Interviewer: When we discussed the possibility of a spirit being joining the Zeta collective, you said, “If you move from the spirit realm to another race, you will never be able to reintegrate back into the spirit realm process because the oversoul would not recognize you. You would have lost the ability to resonate with the oversoul. … If you were to return to the spirit realm in your newly incarnated form, then the laws that are stated in regards to not entering the spirit realm would have to be broken.”

These laws that forbid a non-human entity to enter the spirit realm seem to be based on the being’s inability to resonate with spirit realm.

Is there a natural law that prohibits the conjoining of vibrational states that define spirit realms and collective consciousness of races? Can you explain this law in more detail?

Zeta: When the questioner continually discusses the laws, it is about freewill. When the portion of the oversoul which has left, through discussion and prior permission to enter into a different relationship with a race, that consciousness would be operational at a different level of understanding. It would understand that by reentering its previous host, its previous state, that it would be affecting the freewill of that entity by introducing into it the higher level of consciousness. The original oversoul would not understand what potential it was being integrated with. I will try to think of an example. Imagine I changed a sitter’s etheric body so she had a greater understanding and capacity in consciousness, and now is able to operate at a  different capacity and level. If this was performed, firstly without her permission, then of course it is an act against her freewill. If, secondly, it was an act of integration whereby she was given information and it assimilated into her consciousness, although freewill has actively participated in the change, she may not wish to accommodate the change, she may now experience something which is an anachronism to her normal state of mind. Now of course she has changed and being changed, but what was the most important thing for her, she should have reached that level of consciousness in her own time, with all of the subtle nuances that are required to develop a level of experiences that she has had, that would guide her in how to understand and use this new level of the mind. I have answered the question.

Interviewer: What discourages a being from breaking a law forbidding entry to a realm? For example, what would happen to you if you did enter the spirit realm?

Zeta: We have continually discussed this question in many sittings, that this will not happen. But to continually suggest that we may perform a function when we say we will not. It is a question that cannot be answered.

y: I believe that he was referring to the person that was a human from the spirit realm…

Zeta: If a portion of the oversoul moved in consciousness, then they would be adhering to their new state of consciousness. There would be no comparison in regards to who they were and who they had become. They would not be able to, considering they would now have an expanded state of existence, be able to use the old level of consciousness to make those decisions. You do not use your child’s mind that you once had, to make decisions for you. You make your developed consciousness as you have matured, to make decisions for you. You do not have capacity to turn off your current level of consciousness and think the way that you did as a child.

Interviewer: A Zeta once commented on the hazards of being with source consciousness from the perspective of a physical being. He said, “To associate oneself with the full source consciousness would be to know madness. In that state you would no longer know who you were. We have seen from a distance, this mind, this mind of consciousness. None are able to enter, none are able to understand, because to exist is to be in matter. If you were no longer to exist as an individual, you would become one, and in doing so, you would no longer exist.”

What about an interdimensional being? Would it also go mad if it were to associate itself with the full consciousness? Or does an interdimensional being normally not experience individuality like physical beings do?

Zeta: An interdimensional entity has a construct of consciousness. To move simply to a point of origin, source mind, means that its construct of existence would dissipate. The madness, as it has been termed, would only exist while the transition process took place. Once the construct has dissipated, either of matter or of consciousness, the return of consciousness to its normal state of existence would mean that there would be no comparison. It would no longer withstand its capacity to be within a different framework.

Interviewer: A Zeta told a group of sitters he has been an ambassador to other races.
Do these races have names that we might recognize?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: Are these races all physical, or are some interdimensional?

Zeta: There are many types of existence. Many are known to the human mind.

Interviewer: What was his function as ambassador?

Zeta: To provide a friendly relationship.

Interviewer: Did he live with these other races to learn about them?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: What was the nature of the relationship with these other races?
    E.g., economic or trade, sharing of knowledge, defensive alliance?

Zeta: Ah, a very human construct, yes. It is much of a sharing consciousness, understanding the different facets of existence. We require no trade, no physical response.

Interviewer: Humans have a technology that passes two input frequencies into a non-linear device. That is, the inputs are combined so that the output frequency is the difference between the two input frequencies.

Zeta: I understand.

Interviewer: Does some of your technology combine a low frequency of consciousness with a higher frequency of consciousness, to produce a frequency that is the difference between the two?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: It is possible that humans could use this technique to raise their vibrational state. As a hypothetical example, suppose a human with a state of 8 cycle/sec, communed in love with another being who has a state of 32 cycles/sec. Does a difference frequency of 24 cycle/sec temporarily take the place of the human’s 8 cycle/sec frequency so that the human feels the love from the higher difference frequency?

Zeta: Yes it does, and then of course once the other being of the higher vibratory nature removes itself from the reality of the lower waveform, the lower waveform reinstates itself because its natural environment reimplements its normal state of frequency.

Interviewer: So the human would feel the love of the higher frequency.

Zeta: yes, of course.

Interviewer: You have said there are vortexes in the human etheric body that transmute the body’s blueprint information to a physical potential. You said it was “the quanta information of the cellular structure of a human body” that transmutes the energy of the etheric vortexes to the cells.

Is this quantum process the same as the quantum entanglement process used to make a synthetic quantum environment or SQE.

Zeta: They are different processes.

Interviewer: If it is not entanglement, can you describe the nature of the quantum process that communicates the information?

Zeta: That question will require much more background information because the comparison between quanta and entanglement and synthetic quantum environment has relationship but also is difference, not different, a difference.

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