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Sunday, 4 October 2015


Interviewer1: What is it you want explained when you ask “What is your energy?”

Zeta: What you cannot give. So you are giving a descriptive process of what you feel in the room, but of course you are not able to present your energy the way that we do. So to ask what we require is beyond you.

Interviewer1: Are you happy with the answers that we do give you? Is it of any benefit to let you know what the energy is doing to our bodies?

Zeta: If you learn from what you say when you say it, then you are teaching yourself. If you are learning about the difference between the energies that you hold prior to being in the room, compared to what you are while you are in the room, then you are learning. But if you are learning nothing about yourselves…

Interviewer1: Are we also learning how to cope with the different energies?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer1: So that’s a good thing.

Zeta: As long as you understand the difference, to examine what it is that you feel when you sense the different energies, and how does it affect you, how are you affected.

Interviewer2: There are energies sensed in the room and energies affecting our bodies, do you want a description of both of those, or is one more beneficial than the other?

Zeta: Your descriptive processes are designed to indicate to us what changes you have felt in the room. Normally, when you are asked, “What is your energy?”, you would present your energy, but you are unable to do this. I have presented my energy to you. That is who I am. Now, of course if you were able to complete that function, then I would be able to correctly understand who you are. It is only a social interaction to present oneself. A human will use a greeting process, but that hides the true feelings. When you ask a human, “How are you?”, the human does not tell the truth, generally. Humans shield others from their own thought processes. They present a outer shell of information, a facade for others to see. Of course, you feel that that is necessary sometimes, but not worthwhile in this room. Often, we are able to see exactly how you are when you do not understand that yourself.

Interviewer3: It’s like getting a hug as part of a greeting, but the hug feels empty, there’s no feeling behind it.

Interviewer2: Presenting our energy, is this something we can learn?

Zeta: To present your energy is the first step in understanding how to interact with others. It is the beginning of learning how to heal without the presence, without the input, without the assertion of another being. Because in doing so, when you present your energy, you must be in full cognitive control of how the energy is presented, what ramifications are there of presenting energy, and how are you to bring the energy back to yourselves once you have presented the energy.

Interviewer2: Can I ask if we can experience this as an experiment?

Zeta: The others have, as you do, freewill. You may ask that another proceed with this process, but they must be asked for permission.

Interviewer2: May we have the chance to present the energy to you, we would like to try that?

Zeta: Of course you may try. Let me explain how you may attempt to do this. You will allow your consciousness to expand itself out into the room, and in doing so, you will present your energy, but of course, you will only have a few seconds of your time to do this. You may at least try.

(Interviewer3 tries)

Zeta: That is satisfactory. It was of course a minor attempt but interesting, yes. What was your sensation, if any?

Interviewer3: I didn’t know what to expect.

Zeta: Ah, have no expectations. You are, to give a comparison, expecting that a child in preschool would present a function of a higher university. But continue for the next one.

Interviewer2: All right. (Interviewer2 tries)

Zeta: Ah yes, predominantly a kinetic type energy that you are presenting.

Interviewer2: Kinetic, in what way?

Zeta: You are exerting a physical force, physical as in expanding the physical energies of the body.

Interviewer2: Is that all we are meant to do?

Zeta: You will not know the difference because you cannot sustain that process for long. Now would the other one continue?

Interviewer1: Yes, could you just explain how to extend my consciousness?

Zeta: I have explained to the others, there is nothing else I can explain.

Interviewer1: Ok, I will attempt it. (Interviewer1 tries)

Zeta: What was your experience?

Interviewer1: I had kinking around my head, maybe that’s from trying so hard. I also feel calm and loving.

Zeta: Rather than presenting, you were receiving.

Interviewer1: Ah, thank you.

Zeta: Not the intended result.

Interviewer1: I was really trying to put it out there, it’s hard.

Zeta: You have had your example. If you wish to practice with each other outside of the sitting process… Understand what you are presenting, think about what you are carrying with you in your energy.

Interviewer1: Thank you so much for the experience.

(Wait while another Zeta comes)

Zeta: You must present in stillness if you wish to present your energy, to present from a space of consciousness that is still. Humans are often presenting each other with chaotic energies, what is seen to be at the very lowest level of communication. Calmness and stillness presented, shows balance. In your meditative processes, seek out these states. I will answer some of the questioning process.

(Interviewer2: asking about the possibility of healing someone)

Zeta: When we are in your company, we are two different societies, two different races. We understand your requests and often will seek to fulfil your requests. But we have also seen that it is a requirement for humans who seek contact with our race, to perform the function, to perform the effort that is required to connect to us. It is seen to be that it must be an easy process to contact other races, but of course it is not, as it is not an easy process for us to come and speak to you. You yourselves would have seen different times and different aspects of energies that have been presented in this room where we have had the capacity to speak to you more clearly on some occasions, and on other occasions to not have the same process. We are presented with difficulty in coming and speaking to you as a group because it is dependent on the mediumistic energies that are held in the room, and also of the energies that you bring. If you wish to speak to another race, then you must also abide by that race, their frequency, their abilities, their potential. You may present yourselves at the lowest possible entry point in frequency, but for a human to accomplish this, they must fully extend themselves. And this is why when we are asked to heal others, that we seek for them to understand their own capacity to reach out to us as a race. I have fulfilled the potential of that question.

Interviewer2: In an earlier discussion, the session recorder failed to operate. The medium was able to recall some of the discussion, and we would like to recover some more of that information and expand on it if possible.

We recall you saying that a location near the pancreas is an interchange point, or nexus, between the physical and etheric bodies.

Is this interchange point the location of what you called the “conduit of materialization” in our previous discussions of apports and ectoplasm?

Zeta: It is a potential, it is determined by who is working with the medium.

Interviewer2: Is ectoplasm formed at the interchange point?

Zeta: yes.

Interviewer2:  Is it at the interchange point that new matter is created as carbon, and transmuted to other elements as needed?

Zeta: The life force, and now whether the word is correct, the transmogrification of the material.

Interviewer2: After a piece of ectoplasm is formed at the interchange point, is it carried by the blood to a body opening such as the mouth?

Zeta: No, it travels within the physical confines of the physical entity that is being used as the conduit.

Interviewer2: Is it these pieces of ectoplasm in the blood that stimulate the medium’s immune system response?

Zeta: I will bypass that question, as I believe it is too incorrect.

Interviewer2: Is there energy given up to the etheric body from the hemoglobin in the lungs, which is then returned to the physical body as ectoplasm at the interchange point? That is, could these be considered as one process?

Zeta: There are chemical exchanges within the physical body that produce electrical impulses. Those impulses provide properly formed mechanisms which interchange with the etheric body.

Interviewer2: What is the physical mechanism for the transfer of etheric energy to form ectoplasm?

Zeta: As I have just answered.

Interviewer2: Are there particular biomolecules involved, analogous to the hemoglobin process?

Zeta: The physical body of all races has capacity to perform many functions of interchange. To say that the physical body is able to produce ectoplasmic substances without the aid of an external catalyst such as a spiritual entity, would not be a proper statement. The physical body is a potential. The way that its potential is perceived and used is directly a response from the entity working with the physical body.

Interviewer2: We recall you saying that the medium may feel cold because of the activity at the interchange point near the pancreas. Is this because heat energy in the body is transmuted somehow to etheric energy for making ectoplasm?

Zeta: I would say that the etheric body presents itself at a reduced temperature to the physical body, but the physical body has a perception that the temperature has changed, but it has not.

Interviewer2: What is the physical mechanism for transferring heat energy to the etheric body? Which molecules from which organs are involved, for example?

Zeta: These questions would be better answered by a spirit person. Can those questions be sent to another medium that works with spirit people that create ectoplasm, to see what their response is?

Interviewer2: This set of questions is about how electrical energy, generated by the respiratory process, is used.

A Zeta once said, “We need a certain energy to produce the contact. This is why the breathing became a ‘larger issue’ (there was yawning of the sitters). This expels the energy needed for contact - this process works by stimulating the oxygen in the blood, thus increasing the electrical discharge you provide us.

William has since discovered a mechanism in the body that seems to do what you described. Electrical energy is accumulated in hemoglobin after oxygen atoms are released. This electrical energy is discharged when oxygen is taken up again by the hemoglobin as it passes through the lungs. He thinks the energy is discharged from the hemoglobin as a radio wave.

Do you agree that this electrical energy accumulates in the hemoglobin and then is discharged in the form of a radio wave?

Zeta: Yes, I do.

Interviewer2: Is this energy discharged in the location of the lungs where oxygen is taken up by the hemoglobin?

Zeta: The lungs are used as  mechanism for creating the charge, but the whole body and the breathing apparatus of the medium is used to deliver the energy to the etheric body.

Interviewer2: When we asked you if hemoglobin was involved in transferring energy between the physical and etheric bodies, we were told, “Yes, hemoglobin is involved as an increase of oxygenated blood is cycled through an entity. In doing so, the energy of the human form is assimilated to the etheric body.”

How is this discharged energy assimilated to the etheric body, and is it assimilated at any particular place in the body?

Zeta: I have just answered that question.

Interviewer2: How is the transmuted electrical energy used in the etheric body?

Zeta: It is used to, depending on the process, combine with consciousness, which may be a spiritual entity, then of course the etheric templates are used, depending on what matter is to be created.

Interviewer2: The medium has occasionally seen a vortex near him, and to him it means that the Zetas are nearby. Is such a vortex a construct in the etheric realm?

Zeta: There are multidimensional fabrics of energies presented as frequency. Those frequencies make up your physical environment, your perception of your environment. When we wish to present ourselves into the physical environment at a distance, we create a distortion in that fabric. So the room, or a portion of the room, would seem to bend.

Interviewer2: What is its purpose?

Zeta: To present ourselves to the medium.

Interviewer2: You have said that you use the electrical discharge from the sitters to create a vortex in order to communicate with the sitters. How do you transmute the sitters’ physical electrical energy to etheric energy in order to use it?

Zeta: Predominantly, the sitters energy is not used as much as is believed. Without the potential of the medium’s energy, it is irrelevant how much energy a sitter would have. The medium must have the proper amount of required energy to make the connection to allow himself to be given over to the process. Once that has been achieved, we are able to sustain ourselves. But we monitor the physical body of the medium to not diminish the psychological structure of the medium. Often it may be required by others, particularly spirits, to utilize the energies of the physical body. These pullings in the solar plexus area are interchange points generally between the physical energy of the human body and the etheric body. The etheric body of the human is joined with other energies in the room to create a potential for the spirit people to create a phenomenon, or for other purposes. But we have seen that often what is presented, is not presented by spirit people.

Interviewer2: When you communicate with the sitters using a vortex, where is the vortex with respect to the sitters, what information is sent through the vortex, where does the information go, and how is it used?

Zeta: When we are - did you hear the many clicks before, to the right of the medium, before I spoke. The vortex process for, to use that terminology, was created within half of your meter from the right side of the medium.

Interviewer2: You have also said there are vortexes in the human etheric body that transmute the body’s blueprint information to a physical potential. You said it was “the quanta information of the cellular structure of a human body” that transmutes the energy of the etheric vortexes to the cells.

Is this quantum process the same as the quantum entanglement process used to make a synthetic quantum environment or SQE.

Zeta: We will now discontinue the questioning, only because that question will require others to be present in the room.


    In response to your question, William. I have read your material - your interviews. I can certainly see the similarity with the exchanges I have with the Zetans. My second book is out on called Aliens Answer II. There is a third one in the works. Do you have anything published?

  2. Oh, yes. I remember now. I downloaded your book and read it sometime back. Thank you for your diligent work.


  3. Hi Mary, yes, we are working on a second book as well. It should be available soon as a free download.


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