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Monday, 9 November 2015


Interviewer: I was curious about how you educated your young people, your children.

Zeta: The primary function of a child is to understand the social aspects of the race. They would, from within one week of being integrated with their form, be in a educational environment. We would say that the first educational response would be much higher than your university process. That would be our very lowest process.

Interviewer: A child when they are born, would know what path they are going to lead?

Zeta: They have no choice. They are created to perform the function based on the generational line of the family. They are best suited, they are acclimated to the chosen profession of the generational line. There are basic concepts that are given to all.

Interviewer: So all are happy with their chosen lineage?

Zeta: You, as humans, deem yourselves to be lucky if you are happy with the function you perform. You may experience various roles to finally come to a place where you are comfortable with the role you perform. That is your choice. But if you knew that your happiness would be based in a decision process of your genetic response, then of course, you would at the first instance, perform that function.

Interviewer: So you’ve never ever questioned what a Zeta did before?

Zeta: Why would they?

Interviewer: Through personal choice?

Zeta: But you as a race choose to be unhappy because you do not, and are not given, the functions to perform that would suit you best, unless you navigate your way to a position where you find happiness.

Interviewer: Because we’ve got so much choice, it’s our emotions that come into it.

Zeta: And that is your choice.

Interviewer1: I like the Zeta’s process.

Zeta: We do as well.

If we were to say to your parents before you were born, genetically you have a predisposition for numbers, or for communication, they could prepare you to perform that function which would then in turn provide a biological response for you, which would make you happy. But of course that is the emotional response of a human form. For us, we do not seek happiness. We do not seek that emotion.

Interviewer: Because you already have it?

Zeta: Because the function that we are performing is exactly the function that provides us with the necessary stimulation that we require.

Interviewer: So would a child who has a particular predisposition, would they learn something different, be in a different class to those who have a different… ?

Zeta: Yes of course, but many will understand basic functions of travel. There are things that a human must know, how to navigate your transport, how to feed yourselves, how to act within your society.

Interviewer: Yes, but that’s still a personal choice. There are people that act different than others. There are people who choose to drive or not to drive. There are people that eat differently.

Zeta: That is because you have structure, but your freewill determines whether you will or will not perform that function, not understanding that to perform the function may aid in your level of happiness. We will be keeping that word because it is one that is most likely to be understood by you in regards to satisfaction when performing a function.

Interviewer: So you could look at the genetics and say that this child would do well in communications.

Zeta: There is no random assignment of tasks within our race.

Interviewer: But by reading the genetics you could know that this is the task they are supposed to work in.

Zeta: Yes of course.

Interviewer: Are humans getting close to doing that?

Zeta: You have that potential, yes.

Interviewer: How do you cover telepathy, people can hear or are blocked…

Zeta: There is a process where being young plays into a chamber where they are horizontal. The technology allows them to gain control over their level of abilities telepathically.

Interviewer: So this is done at a very young age?

Zeta: From when they are born, in your words.

Interviewer: After they have been through the process, they can control their thoughts, I suppose.

Zeta: Yes, because they must move to a group environment and be taught without speaking, although some speech does take place.

Interviewer: But it’s mainly telepathy?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: We recently discussed with you a process for obtaining a difference frequency in the energetic realms. When a low frequency entity intends to commune with the higher frequency of another cooperating entity, it moves to a frequency that is the difference between the two frequencies. You confirmed that this process works. The human technical word for this process is ‘heterodyning’. Two frequencies are input to the process, and the output is the difference between them.

Zeta: But the higher frequencies, the higher consciousness, only donates a portion of their consciousness to exist in the lower form. The lower form increases its totality to then create the intermediary process. The higher form, the higher level of consciousness, only commits a smaller portion that is required, because the levels of consciousness that are held by different entities are of different levels of magnitude.

Interviewer: You were asked in a recent sitting if the transfer of “the quanta information of the cellular structure of a human body” during healing was a process similar to that used to create an SQE. You replied, “the comparison between quanta and entanglement and synthetic quantum environment has relationship but also is difference, not different, a difference.”

Your use of the word ‘difference’ suggests that you were hinting at the heterodyning process. I would like to answer my own question about the similarity of the healing and SQE creation processes, and I would like you to say if I understand correctly.

In the healing situation, the local consciousness potential is a higher frequency and the physical potential is a constant lower frequency. The local consciousness has the intention to combine its frequency with the physical frequency. The difference frequency is imposed temporarily on the physical potential. Since the difference frequency follows the frequency of the consciousness potential, it is able to guide the healing process.

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: In the SQE creation situation, a constant high frequency input is provided by a Zeta being. The low frequency input is from the physical environment to be copied. The intention to produce the difference frequency is provided by the Zeta. The output of the process is the difference frequency. It follows the variations in the physical input frequency, since the Zeta frequency is constant. This difference frequency then becomes the intention to the creation process that creates the SQE in the grid.

Zeta: The SQE is the potential, the lower frequency is the matrix of reality, the form that is to exist within the environment. The  Zeta, as you say, create the potential for the other possible lower potential to create the form. The form performs a function. For us it is irrelevant whether the form is seen as high or low potential. What must be created is the form. An example is that the timeline of a human may be created. What offers the most stable potential for us to view that framework that has been created, will be offered to the technologies of the SQE. It is the form that takes priority.

Interviewer: So as you said, the two situations have a relationship, but are not the same. They operate in opposite directions. The healing process uses heterodyning to transfer information from the energetic to the physical. The SQE creation process uses heterodyning to transfer information from the physical to the energetic. The two processes also use very different levels of the higher frequency input.

Zeta: They use what potential is required. Of course for a human to self-heal via local consciousness is not on the same standard that is required for a response in a technical sense to the creation of an environment that is supportive of a new framework based on a different or lower frequency.

Interviewer: When explaining the making of an SQE some time ago, the Zeta mentioned a “level of quantum entanglement that is required by a being that is to synthesize the energetic entities.” I did not understand it then, but I suggest now that the level of quantum entanglement relates to the level of consciousness provided by the Zeta being to the heterodyning process. This would determine at what difference frequency or level of consciousness the SQE is created. Is this understanding correct?

Zeta: The SQE always holds a form. It always exists within a framework of technology. What is input into it, determines what is created within it. It is not a fully act of consciousness, but a mixture of technology and consciousness. It is a framework that allows itself to be given input which then creates the internal form.

Interviewer: Would you have a better word than heterodyning to name this process?

Zeta: I would say, “the difference”.

Interviewer: The medium has a job where he looks after people who are not able to cope in a normal environment. Some of these people have a mental handicap called autism. The medium thinks you may have seen such people when you visited him at his work. In general, they are intelligent but cannot communicate physically using an intelligible language. They often show repetitive, obsessive behaviours, they may be under- or over-sensitive to sensory stimulation, they may have difficulty organizing sensory input, and they may eat things that are not food. Have you seen the people at the medium’s work who are intelligent but cannot communicate physically using an intelligible language?

Zeta: I have been with the medium, yes.

Interviewer: The medium would like to know if you understand anything about autism. Do you know if there is a root cause, or is there more than one cause?

Zeta: The cause is a misalignment of the core intelligence or consciousness, not properly resonating with the frequency of the physical form. So, what is highly intelligent manifests as unintelligible information because the physical body or form does not have the appropriate response mechanisms for the intelligence. The physical body will react when given certain external stimulation. Because it does not fully understand how to filter the information, we said that there is a misalignment of the consciousness potential with the physical form.

Interviewer: Can autism be healed?

Zeta: We believe it can, yes.

Interviewer: Can autism be healed with only human medical knowledge?

Zeta: No, your levels of technology are not sufficient. The new form of healings that are based in consciousness will be much more successful in regards to providing these exceptional people with an attitude for voice.

Interviewer: Can an autistic person communicate telepathically with a Zeta?

Zeta: We can communicate with all beings that are able to be understood, but the distinction is not one of the physical body but of the consciousness.

Interviewer: We have been told by a Zeta, “You cannot touch us, you would be burnt. As you moved closer, your skin would become burnt because of frequency.”  Some people do indeed suffer burn-like injuries after close contact, but others say they do not. Are the vibrational states of some races, such as the Zeta “abductor” race, closer to the human vibrational state and, therefore, less likely to cause burns?

Zeta: There is obviously potentials for different beings that interact with humans. It would also suggest that the humans may be being interacted with on a level that negates that being of a mind of being conscious. It is the consciousness that causes the physical form to become burned. This is why most contact is a form where the human is asleep, because the consciousness does not operate in its normal parameters.

Interviewer: This question has to do with the concept of truth in the energetic realm. Would a telepathic being always know when someone is attempting to communicate an untruth? Why would it know?

Zeta: Telepathic communication inherently has within it the potential to hold a certain frequency. If you are able to perform the function of a thought, a transfer, to try to infer an untruth in that range of thought processes would also betray the communication, as if inbuilt into the telepathic process is a means whereby a entity is much more exposed to being read or being exposed. Their thoughts are exposed, the quality of their thoughts are exposed, the makeup of the thoughts are exposed, they are not words, they are potentials. The potentials hold within the fabric, the makeup of the fabric.

Interviewer: Has your race always had the ability to separate consciousness from your container?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: It’s obviously a learned process, then. When do your young ones learn that process?

Zeta: No, they do not learn that process. A race, once they achieve a level of difference, once they achieve a level of understanding of potential, all other that come after no longer require the previous response to consciousness.

Interviewer: Is it born with that knowledge?

Zeta: Your babies seek out the female anatomy to feed. It is a natural response. It has become a natural response.

Interviewer: Some babies have to be taught to feed, yet it is a natural response. So, some need to learn more than others. Is that the case with your children as well?

Zeta: Consciousness comes from the parents, as an act of integration.

Interviewer: Does every container have the same level of ability and knowledge when it comes to separation?

Zeta: It is a natural occurrence.

Interviewer: But even a natural occurrence can come at different levels

Zeta: It is a base response. That is why the separation processes, as with the telepathic processes, are managed within a very short time through technologies, as indicated before.

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