This blog accompanies a book co-authored with the medium, Paul Hamden, entitled "A primer of the Zeta race". Interviews with the non-terrestrial Zeta beings are discussed, and interested readers are invited to download the book at no cost.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Interviewer: In an earlier sitting, a Zeta said that the root cause of the illness we call autism is a misalignment of consciousness with the frequency of the physical form. Is there a physical cause for this misalignment? For example, some humans think it is caused by a metal such as mercury entering the body at an early age.

Zeta: Capacity for misalignment is not predominantly based in your chemicals. It is a misalignment of consciousness. All cells contain consciousness. There needs to be a symbiotic melding to bring together the perception of one mind.

Interviewer: There is another human malady called narcolepsy that causes the person to fall asleep at inconvenient times during the day. Is narcolepsy also caused by a misalignment of consciousness with the frequency of the physical form?

Zeta: A simplified viewpoint, yes of course, but there are also other probabilities in regards to neurological functions of a mind.

Interviewer: When the medium wants to connect with you in a sitting, he usually begins by connecting with his spirit friend. Does the medium heterodyne, or “difference”, his frequency with the higher frequency of the spirit in order to experience a difference frequency close to, or the same as, a Zeta frequency?

Zeta: No, there is a potential created that we move into. There is no capacity to create the consciousness of the race, but we require a space to move into.

Interviewer: When the medium resonates with that difference frequency, does he then hand over control of his breathwork to you for the sitting to continue?

Zeta: That is quite complicated. There would be multifaceted answers to that question. The breathing processes are often left with the local consciousness which understands its ability to increase or decrease the levels of energy required. But once a entity takes over, it then utilizes its capacity, inside the framework of consciousness that it now exists in, to permeate the current existence. Quite often, no breath work is required once there is the possession of that space.

Interviewer: Do you use the differencing process to gradually return the medium to his normal state of consciousness at the end of the sitting?

Zeta: No, I withdraw.

Interviewer: Is it possible to place an SQE in a physical environment? For example, if I in my physical body were in an empty physical room, could the room be populated with synthetic forms that I could see? Could I take photographs of the forms with my physical camera?

Zeta: You may expand on that question. That would be the same as trying to take pictures of a spirit people. But of course, part of the process of being in the environment is not knowing that there is difference.

Interviewer: If your SQE technology cannot do that, does another technology exist that can?

Zeta: There are many technologies. We do not need to extend technology to create a craft. If you are inside a craft, then of course you could take as many of your pictures as you would like. But your device would not function correctly. The electrical frequencies of the device would be diminished. Its capacity to render correct imagery would be deficient.


  1. Call ask for Andy Basiago and inform him of what an SQE is all about :)

    1. There is more on the SQE technology in Section 9.2 Synthetic quantum environments, The term SQE originally came from Basiago et al. We asked the Zetas about it and they described the technology to us. We then discussed it with Andy, and he continues to believe that he was transported to the physical Mars.

  2. Yes, Andy is adamant to make sense of his experiences on terms that meet his view of physical reality. Here is an Essassani (Bashar) who has a similar point of observation on artificially created environments...used by his teachers in a benevolent but highly experiential way.

    1. Thanks for pointing to Bashar's video on lying. The subject is also discussed in a chapter of, entitled "Interactions with low-vibration entities"


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