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Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Interviewer: A Zeta once said, “It could be said that source consciousness is an interdimensional entity.” You also said that interdimensional beings do not contain the frequencies that relate to being of matter. This must mean that source consciousness does not contain the frequencies that relate to being of matter. How can this be if source consciousness is the origin of all frequencies?

Zeta: Matter is an intermediary process. It is a development of consciousness. Matter is a conjoined process of smaller levels of potentials. Potentials are used as the device mechanisms for experiential processes. An interdimensional entity would choose not to abide in a state of matter. But that does not mean that they do not integrate into a physical form for experience. That original question related to the form of each dimensional being or race. The statement was not meant to describe the complete state of the universe.

Interviewer: A Zeta once said, “It became obvious that once you step into the in-between states of frequency, you are then noticed by others …

Zeta: that is correct.

Interviewer: … and in doing so, you cannot be left to your own devices, else you will be at a disadvantage. You will be taken over by others who do not have good intent.” These others who occupy the in-between states of frequency and do not have good intent, are they what you have called interdimensional beings?

Zeta: They are in-between frequencies. They are potentials that exist in consciousness. The reason that we make that statement was that once a human has moved past the imperceptible boundaries of consciousness of the human collective mind, that they would then be open to the many potentials of frequency at that point. As they have been guided, provided tuition to move to that process, the entities with them would also provide them levels of comfort, guidance, and protection. But of course, humans often take with them the residual effects that they hold from their existence within this realm.

The humans take with them their potentials. Other beings see these potentials and then either experience those potentials or influence them. Whether there is a desire to create a permanent change to the human is unknown to us, but we do not generally believe that those beings would harbour a mal intent toward the human that is journeying. All entities seek experience, yes.

Interviewer: We understand that humans from spirit realm are born into multiple timelines where each timeline has a certain vibrational state. Each timeline is conceived as a tube so that there is no physical movement possible across timelines. But the awareness of the human can move across timelines because the human exists physically on all timelines.

From what you have said, there would seem to be the following effect of a human’s intention. Hypothetically, suppose a man has the intention that he lives in a world where there is no war. His intention succeeds and he finds himself living in such a world. Has the physical world in that timeline changed, or has the focus of his awareness changed to a different timeline where that state of “no war” already exists?

Zeta: You can perceive a timeline as using your imagination process. We will say that if you start from a very small or low frequency, that is the outer edge of the timeline. As the frequency increases and the amplitude increases to its significant point, that is where you exist on your linear timeframe. And of course, then as the frequency or the amplitude decreases to the outer edge, it goes back to its original state much like a wave.

Now, each of the timelines have imperceptible connectivity of frequency between each one. But for a human to move to a state of a non-war and peaceful environment would require that the human traverse each of those individual timelines seeking the other existence. Now generally, you may move to the closest proximity of consciousness within the timeline process. To travel from this timeline to another, to another, to infinite or non-infinite timelines, would ultimately require you to have abilities that within your physical environment you do not perceive that you have.

This timeline holds within its capacity to keep your consciousness, your mental state, in a state of normality. As you move out of this construct, you will find that you will become disorientated, not just from the point of a local consciousness, but from that point of being integrated as a form living on this timeline. Once that takes place, you would be seen to become unstable. And so yes, many of the humans that are now incarcerated may have at one stage moved beyond the boundaries of this linear timeline.

Interviewer: If it is the focus of awareness that changes to a different timeline, could there be unimportant side effects of the man’s intention? That is, might he recall some things differently in the new timeline than in the old one? For example, suppose in the previous timeline, he was aware that an unimportant celebrity had transitioned, but with the focus on the new timeline, the man discovers that the celebrity is still living. Could such a small discrepancy happen?

Zeta: Of course, because all of existence is non-synchronous.

Interviewer: Could an intention be useful for self-healing by shifting awareness to a different timeline where the self is well?

Zeta: There is no need to provide intention to another consciousness of the same ilk to provide healing to oneself. The act of providing the intention for healing is sufficient to create the correct environment for the healing processes to occur. If one is able to move to a separate timeline via intention, they will have the capacity already to self-heal. It seems a rather drastic measure to place oneself in the problematic process of moving to another timeline for healing. And of course there are the unintended consequences that exist if you move to a timeline where you no longer exist. Then what is the potential. Do you now no longer exist on the original timeline because you have experienced transition? There are many concerns, many questions about consciousness traversing timelines. You may be educated in something that was unknown, and now you must fully metabolize that information.

Interviewer: Would it be possible to populate the energetic forms in an SQE with fine matter to make them appear solid?

Zeta: Yes, if that was required. But of course consciousness has the internal mechanism of understanding that its perception is that it is solid anyway. So to provide consciousness in a conscious environment with a fine matter process when it already had perception of being solid is counter-productive.

Interviewer: Would the energetic forms filled with fine matter reflect light and be detected by a physical camera?

Zeta: If technology was to be permitted to move into the SQE, then of course, if it was able to operate correctly, then of course it would. The light moving from the matter would allow it to capture a level of distorted imagery. But I wonder if the question relates to the jump room technology that the human, Basiago, I believe, is discussing.

Interviewer: You have said there is a nexus frequency where Zetas in the collective and humans in spirit realm would be able to communicate.

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: You say that humans may not be able to reach that frequency. Can Zetas reach the nexus frequency?

Zeta: Of course, yes. As I have previously discussed with you today, there is an activity which relates to providing communication between the two realms.

Interviewer: The Blue Beings created the Zeta species so that they procreated sexually like humans do. At the beginning, did they also reincarnate using a transitional realm?

Zeta: There was a process, but it was not related specifically to the spirit realm. The spirit realm has the capacity to hold all of the transitional information. These types of transitional processes which are related to our race was held in the original creator’s mind - its ability to extend itself to hold the transitional performance from a physical container to a consciousness state and then back. Of course there was the desire of the creator entity for the race, the Zeta race, to move to its own ability and capacity to perform a level of interaction between the physical and the non-physical.

Interviewer: The abductor race of Zetas who chose not to join the collective are said to procreate sexually now. Do they use a transitional realm to reincarnate, or do they use technology like you do to create a new physical body and transfer the consciousness from the old body to the new body.

Zeta: They do not use a spirit realm. They use a… Let me give you a simple example. When you are having a memory, you realize you are having a memory only when you come back from the memory. You don’t realize you are having a memory while you are remembering it. It’s only afterwards that you say, “Ah, I remember that.” While you are in the memory, there is no understanding that you are in the memory. What I am talking about in regards to the abductors, as we have called them, are able to extensualize their existence to then move themselves back to a physical form via another entity.

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