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Tuesday, 22 March 2016


(Unanticipated conversation via texting)

Zeta: Humans have a tendency to want things explained in multiple ways,
and once they say they understand a subject...they are no longer interested in it...generally,
But they do not enact what they have been taught.
Very curious behaviour.

Interviewer: I like multiple explanations to different people because I can assess consistency, which is important.

Zeta: Yes, but then for those humans to not then enact that information, or for them to not engage in levels of consciousness which can enable them, shows that in some regards educating humans seems to be fruitless.

Interviewer: It's hard for us to tell how people are responding to the book.

Zeta: I.e there is little fruit....
Not that fruit is required as trees produce fruit
But fruitfulness of the mind.

Interviewer: Yes I know what you're saying.

Zeta: The books, they are difficult to ascertain how they are being received.
Many read them. But once again, how they perceive them is based on their duration all parameters.
Duration equals education
Education being, understandability
Levels of consciousness.
And as for why the race doesn't physically manifest to every human who desires this,
it's because there are dimensions of responsibility.
One must enact ....within this environment.

Interviewer: Yes, it is probably more complicated than we know.

Zeta: Humans listen in the singular.
We hear in the singular, duality.
So ear position is an available source of input.
Each position, all channels...seeking to be understood
within the frameworks of difference

Interviewer: You hear in stereo then?

Zeta: Yes, that is a possible combination of words.
Each signal is given a separate channel.

Interviewer: Yes, and both are used to identify location of a sound.

Zeta: Not location.....information of sound.
The sound determines its intention.
The intention of the sound then creates the reality.

Interviewer: But also physical location of the source.

Zeta: That location is illusion,
As in the truest sense nothing exists
Except intention

Interviewer: Yes understood.
Intention creates the illusion.
Intention also selects possibilities projected by etheric objects to create the physical illusion?

Zeta: :) (smile emoticon)
That is a statement of agreement.

Interviewer: Ah good.

Zeta: Although these pictorials...are unintentionally able to misdirect.

Interviewer: Yes, the one you used is good for projecting pleasure.

Zeta: Yes, sensible,
Pleasure is desired

Interviewer: Yes,
and agreement is pleasurable
So good choice.

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