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Friday, 15 April 2016


(Unanticipated conversation between William and a Zeta via texting. Paul was sitting outside downtown in the market area. Initially, he was not completely gone and felt he may have influenced the conversation. These comments are labeled with PZ, for Paul and the Zeta. When he was completely out of the loop, the comments are labeled with Z, for Zeta.)

(We started by discussing a draft of an article which was ultimately rejected as being somewhat speculative.)

PZ: It's going to be a rare occasion where a human can move to wellness due to consciousness. Its due to the human condition.

William: Yes. I tried to show that it is possible with the right kind of help.

PZ: Yes, but love is not the help. Love or feelings of love won't support clarity.

William: Semantics.

PZ: It will only place the emotional body into a welcoming state.

William: Yes.

PZ: Not semantics, directed consciousness by both parties supports wellness. The problem is the human understanding of love.

William: When I say love, I also mean a high vibrational state. This attracts the right energy to heal.

PZ: Many humans do not know love.

William: It is a dimension. It varies.

PZ: Yes.

William: It is coupled with state of consciousness.

PZ: Maybe you would be a good candidate for an experiment to help you understand.

William: Like?

PZ: A journey to wellness via your intention.

William: I would not do it using your method.

PZ: Tell me your method.

William: I would heterodyne with a high vibration entity and move into the resulting difference state. This would raise my frequency and improve self healing.

PZ: Ok, so you agree then, for the experiment.

William: This is not what you wrote [referring to Paul’s addition to the article being discussed]

PZ: Your understanding will be tested.

William: That's ok.

PZ: Yes, remembering that your process should work for all aspects of Connection, not just wellness.
Stillness aids all processes.

William: Yes, it is a general technique. I have already used it for connection - a small amount of success.

PZ: Remember, seeing wellness...when difficult.

William: That's why the right kind of help is good.

PZ: Yes.

William: I am proposing both approaches now in the article.

PZ:Ok. You like your frameworks, all humans do.

William: I guess I do, without a framework there is no understanding.

Z: smile emoticon   [the Zeta comes in solidly starting here. In the previous transcript, he said the emoticon meant agreement.]

William: The Zetas have a framework too.

Z: Yes. It depends on the limited scope of the framework as to how a beings works within it.

William: A framework is always subject to change.

Z: comfort in about framework.

William: Understanding how heterodyning is applied was a welcome adjustment to what I thought I knew. It broadened the framework.

Z: One process, there are many.

William: One at a time, lol.
I will look for more clues.

Z: Always clues.

William: Yes, that seems to be the way it works.

Z: Searching for yourself.

William: For the part that already knows.

Z: Seeking yourself.

William: Why do I do that, is the question.
If I wait long enough, all should become clear, correct?

Z: One aspect of clarity...yes.

William: Ok, I may not be able to learn from other races [after transition]

Z: That will depend on where you are deposited.

William: Well, spirit realm seems to be my point of origin. I will need to find the nexus point.

Z: Yes. Search for it.

William: Ok, I at least now know it exists, thanks to the Zetas.

Z: smile emoticon

William: Are you there? I felt the buzz, I think.

Z: I'm here all at one point, no separation.

William: Ok, understood, sort of.

Z: Consciousness only is in separation as required. Often the full consciousness moves to the local mind when a being is asleep, but if carefully orchestrated and designed, the minds can exist in the state of conscious existence. So being trained aids in this process.

William: Is the human as aware of your existence now?

Z: Yes,
All is one
And natural
But elevated

William: Will he remember?

Z: Yes,
Not what is said,
But experienced

William: Ok

Z: There are many distractions here.
Each one is a sound of experience.

William: Is that why you came, to experience?

Z: I always experience. Existence is experience.

William: Yes, but there are particular experiences here.

Z: Yes. Very native.
Base, guttural…

William: But interesting, nevertheless?

Z: Only to a point. The input is the low energy form of the physical nature.

William: But spirit people look forward to coming here, we were told.

Z: That is their experience, one of matter.

William: But they have a choice to stay in non-matter. What attracts them to incarnate in matter?

Z: Experience.

William: Yes, ok, no matter if it is of low vibration.

[The Zeta misinterpreted ‘matter’ to mean an object]

Z: Matter need to exist in certain frequencies. For it to bind it needs this frequency.

William: Yes, our perceptions only work at that frequency? I understand that matter is an illusion created by our perceptions of possibilities.

Z: Yes. Many consciousness are based in the physical form they need to exist at.

William: Does matter interact with matter even when there are no individual consciousnesses there to perceive it?

Z: There is perception at all levels, even if the prime focus is not in existence.

William: Is there a primary consciousness that perceives when no individual consciousness is present?

Z: All consciousness exist when matter does not. Matter defines experience of consciousness.

William: Ok

Z: In as it limits potential.

William: So at some level, all possibilities are being selected, or perceived by consciousness, and so all matter persists and interacts.

Z: Yes.

William: Ok. I now have a framework for understanding how matter is an illusion.

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