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Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Interviewer: As humans we require oxygen and water to survive. I was interested to know if there are basic elements you need to survive, or do you adapt?

Zeta: A physical entity requires nourishment.

Interviewer: You take your nourishment every 3-4 days. Are you able to sustain long periods of time without that nourishment?

Zeta: The physical body would become weak without sustenance.

Interviewer: What would happen if you were without nourishment for two weeks? Would you still be able to survive?

Zeta: Our levels of consciousness require a heightened level of internal cellular activity. This protein that is required by us aids in the stabilization of the container. Without the protein, the liquid process that is applied to the body, then of course, there would be ramifications for the container.

Interviewer: We have water on our planet, some places in abundance, some places not.

Zeta: Water is a synthesized molecular structure. It can be created.

Interviewer: Do you have water on your planet?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: Do you synthesize and make that yourself?

Zeta: I do not make it, of course, others do.

Interviewer: So it’s not a natural resource?

Zeta: No, not a natural resource. But we also have the potential to gather water as well.

Interviewer: From the planet?

Zeta: No, from other planets.

Interviewer: So is water a major part of survival?

Zeta: No. It is used to create the matter for the protein-based substance. But there are other avenues that are available to us for these synthesized processes.

Interviewer: Does your planet have an abundance of natural resources of other kinds?

Zeta: Initially, the planet surface had different types of life forms, vegetation. But of course, most of this is now in a creational process within the cavity of the planet.

Interviewer: Does your planet have natural resources as minerals in the earth that you utilize?

Zeta: Do we utilize the molecular structure of the planet to create? Let me explain. It is possible to create from the fine matter that surrounds the race. There is in some circumstances no requirement to change the coarse matter which exists. Humans currently utilize the coarse matter to create all of the fundamental aspects of their ability to survive.

Interviewer: Is the core of your planet similar to ours?

Zeta: All planets are of their own nature.

Interviewer: Your planet’s makeup is different to ours?

Zeta: Much of the makeup of this planet is based upon a chemical reaction. Also it is a body which brings to itself or is encapsulated within a heat process from your star. And of course, that heats up the surface of the planet. The energy interchange then is used in the creational aspects. It’s also used in warming the planet, as well as keeping the core of the planet stable.

Interviewer: As Zetas, do you inhabit most of the inside of your planet, or one side, or many different areas?

Zeta: Most of the inside of the planet.

Interviewer: And that did not destroy the planet at all?

Zeta: The planet has already been destroyed. It is a cavernous existence.

Interviewer: How does the structure of the planet stay together?

Zeta: It is not hollow.

Interviewer: Is the internal structure of your planet the same all the way through?

Zeta: It is dependent on the engineering processes that are created by a race. As to the potential benefits of existing within a planet structure, if you are to excavate too much, if you are to create too much weakening within a planet, then of course the gravitational processes, the rotational processes, the specific forces that act on a planet, will break the planet up. But if you are understanding how these processes react with each other and act upon each other, then it is possible to live within a cavernous existence.

Interviewer: As a race, are you expanding? I know your numbers would be increasing, but inside your planet, your civilization, is that the way that it is and will always be, or is it always expanding to allow for the extra population?

Zeta: The estimation is within 3 trillion of the earth numbering system.

Interviewer: Is that the current population?

Zeta: Yes, but not on one planet, spread across many other civilizations.

Interviewer: The planet that you are on at the moment, will it only sustain and accept as a society, a certain amount?

Zeta: There is a certain amount that is non-transitory. Certain potentials are created within the planet’s structure. Much of the craft are created within this physical sphere of existence. Once a race has navigated their basic needs and has created the potentials for technologies to travel beyond their boundaries, then they become a race which seeks out to interact with other races, to understand their technologies and environments, to exist within those potentials as well.

Interviewer: Part of your race is obviously on other planets. Are they living on the surface of those planets?

Zeta: Yes of course, some do, yes.

Interviewer: As well as under the surface as you do?

Zeta: It is purely whether the planet supports, in a protected environment, from the forces that enact upon their planet.

Interviewer: Do you yourself have the opportunity at times to go to other planets?

Zeta: I have traveled here, yes.

Interviewer: I am talking about planets where your race exists. Is there a need for you to go to other planets?

Zeta: I have not been to the other colonies as you would call them.

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