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Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Interviewer: How far in the solar system have the Zetas actually traveled?

Zeta: There is much darkness between light. Light is only reflected from matter. If there is no matter to reflect light, then there is darkness. So when you are of the traveling, much space is without light. Much space is distance between matter. Now, to imagine the universe is shaped as if it were an umbrella shape, outside of the universe is a void, which there is no potential for light. This is consciousness.

Interviewer: There are many solar systems, have the Zetas been at these solar systems on the way in?

Zeta: If you leave the known universe, you must travel in consciousness. There is no ability to move in any type of craft outside of the universal process, because matter does not exist. You cannot leave this universe, unless to do so is by consciousness.

Interviewer: So there are many solar systems?

Zeta: Do you understand the structure of the universe?

Interviewer: I believe so.

Zeta: Explain it to me.

Interviewer: We are in our solar system, it has a sun, it has planets and many moons…

Zeta: What is outside of that?

Interviewer: I believe there are other solar systems.

Zeta: And what do many solar systems make?

Interviewer: The universe…

Zeta: No. It is obvious by your questioning, unfortunately, that you have a limited capacity. Many solar systems make up your galaxy process. Millions of these suns exist within the galaxies. These galaxies are replicated through the known universe - countless galaxies.

Interviewer: I am aware of that, yes.

Zeta: But your questioning kept focusing on solar systems. You are much better off to speak of galaxies. Solar systems are small functional units, galaxies are feats of distance.

Interviewer: You currently exist in this solar system or this galaxy?

Zeta: Galaxy.

Interviewer: You’re not in our solar system, you’re in our galaxy. Has your race been to other galaxies?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: What’s the furthest ever traveled?

Zeta: You are not listening to me. I have said you cannot travel outside of the universe, as matter does not exist. What does that tell you?

Interviewer: That your race has traveled to all existing galaxies.

Zeta: No. How would we know what exists outside of the universe?

Interviewer: Because you’ve been to the edge of the universe?

Zeta: It is beyond your comprehension.

Interviewer: No, no…

Zeta: Imagine that the universe is a sphere. You can travel within that sphere by physical processes that are related to that sphere. But to travel outside of that sphere, you must not use your normal process. So when you ask, how far have you traveled, we have traveled outside of the universe, as I have said to you. The real journeys are not ones of distance, but ones of consciousness.

Interviewer: What do you experience when you have these journeys of consciousness?

Zeta: What is your experience of life?

Interviewer: It changes from day to day.

Zeta: Humans are a very simple race.

Interviewer: We tend to get stuck on the physical aspect.

Zeta: There seems to be no expansive states of consciousness. When you are existing, your existence is based on your moment-to-moment emotional states. No one can describe journeys of consciousness, you cannot, and we do not have the words to describe it.

Interviewer: Your race isn’t as emotional as the human race is.

Zeta: Explain your consciousness now without any emotional words.

Interviewer: Beingness.

Zeta: Do you know what that means?

Interviewer: To be, to exist.

Zeta: These are points of observation.

Interviewer: Ok.

Zeta: A difficult conversation, yes, but when you ask a question of our journeys of consciousness, understand that we would need to use a describing framework that does not exist for us. If I was to use pictorial imagery, it is to be in a ever expanding state of existence, viewing the universe as being but a glimmer of light within a vast void of darkness.

Interviewer: Consciousness is all around us, amongst the universe. Is there a distinct start and finish to the universe, and where does it start. Or is it a gradual process where matter just becomes less and less and then all of a sudden go into the void?

Zeta: there is a.. you may understand this… a sack. As your eggs have shells, prior to them being hard, yes, they are in a malleable state. The universe exists within this state.

Interviewer: So there is a distinct finish to the universe.

Zeta: But we are talking only of matter, not frequency. Within frequency exists many versions of matter, many versions of consciousness. But outside of the known universe is only pure consciousness.

Interviewer: What would be the purpose for a state of consciousness to go to that place?

Zeta: Ah we are travelers, yes, we like to experience. We are continually seeking out the expansive states.

Interviewer: As Zetas, because you have the ability to move in consciousness, it would be instantaneous travel?

Zeta: Consciousness holds no physical boundaries, so it is an instantaneous process. But often for perspective, there is a gradual reentry into specific points. This perspective is required to understand how you have moved to a point and where you have come from. As they say, it is often the journey that brings perspective, not to arrive.

Interviewer: What is the difference between the consciousness of the void and the consciousness that surrounds us in the universe?

Zeta: It is one and the same, but the universe where all life exists are as far as we have been able to determine.

The crystal with the medium, if each of these faces held a universe, the nucleus which is the crystal held multiple universes, this crystal, infinite amount of this crystal, as in a cellular body, each one identified against the other face of each of the crystal, of the universes, to create the body of the mind. Many of these, many faces, many in opposite to your known existence.

Interviewer: If consciousness of the void is much the same as the consciousness that surrounds us in the universe, how would a Zeta truly know that they had traveled to a consciousness of the void and not somewhere in the consciousness of the universe?

Zeta: Because to move to the edges of the sack process, you cannot move into that process. Any matter which comes in contact with that perception does not exist.

Interviewer: But you would travel as consciousness, how can you be sure that your consciousness actually went into the void and did not stay in the consciousness of the universe?

Zeta: Because once you have assisted consciousness to observe the delineating point between the universe and the consciousness where no matter exists, you are able to link in to the information that is required which tells us that matter cannot move past that boundary.

Interviewer: Is the universe expanding, growing, or is that sack, as you call it, what it is? Or is consciousness expanding and growing?

Zeta: Imagine you fill a container with your water substance and then rock it backwards and forwards, the undulating form, nothing is fixed, expansion and contraction.

Interviewer: It still remains the same volume?

Zeta: That is a decision of consciousness. Do you, or I, stay the same? No, we continually change. We are a very small representation of what exists around us. If we exist in this stage as a template, then of course what is around us is also to abide by the same process.

Interviewer: Is it consciousness that creates the illusion that we live on this planet?

Zeta: It is a consciousness, yes, whether it is your consciousness. Ah, but you say that it is your consciousness because you exist in a body that is vibrating matter that creates a form. But once the form no longer exists, the consciousness understands its nature in a different state.

Interviewer: What consciousness resides on the other side of the sack?

Zeta: When you move from the state of matter into your spirit realm process, those journeys of frequency exist within your universal structure, crafted neatly by consciousness that exists which has created this structure. Just as your body, or my body, is a representation of a mechanical process which aids in the supported life of consciousness. This small offering of matter is replicated across many levels of consciousness across all bodies of matter within the known universe. Can you imagine that this universe with all of its galaxies is but one cell of your body?

Interviewer: All of us have consciousness, our physical bodies have a consciousness that is ours while we are existing. When our body no longer exists, our consciousness goes back and joins the greater consciousness in our spirit realm, or goes back to being consciousness somewhere else. Can you accept that?

Zeta: Let me change that. You enter into the physical form and you become integrated with consciousness. That physical form identifies the personality of consciousness, the reflection of consciousness. The physical form defines itself within the features of the cellular structure. When the physical form no longer exists, taken away from consciousness is the ability to define itself as that personality.

Now when the spirit people, as you and us will call them for conversational processes, come and speak to you or any other human, they are once again defined by their personality, because they are able to move into the physical state via a medium. Without a medium, a portal, the spirit no longer sense themselves as being of that individual emotional makeup. It is only as they enter into this physical framework that their residual emotional understanding of their existence moves into a different state of awareness. Of course this is why our race has grown into the ability of not transitioning away from the physical form.

As you are able to move at will from the physical form to those states of non… to not be bound to your physical body, you then are existing in a state of consciousness that is no longer related to your physical form. But since you have capacity, since you have knowledge, since you have developed the ability to move from consciousness without your personality back to your physical form where you are once again integrated into your cellular structure of matter, then of course you have gained one of the most important abilities, one where you can exist and not be defined by whether your body exists in matter or not.

If you are providing a host for the originating consciousness to transition from one form to the next in matter, then of course your work as a race continues on. But if using the human process where the body of matter is destroyed, then the only way for the human race to develop is to then move back into a physical form from a form of consciousness, relearn all of the physical requirements to exist, and then of course continue on with your journey. You would call that your reincarnation process, but a waste of resources, a poor attempt at moving through states of consciousness, something that you may attain as you move forward, especially with the help of other races. To define yourself by your physical makeup is detrimental to your journey of consciousness. To understand why you are, who you are, and when you are, that is important, it provides you perspective.

Interviewer: When you come through consciousness to talk to us, we through different frequencies can tell who you are, and it’s distinctly different from where another Zeta will come through, their personality, their consciousness, different frequency, and I can tell the difference. Therefore you have a unique signature to your consciousness. Is that because your consciousness is still connected to a physical form and it shows that uniqueness?

Zeta: We provide you with a key to understanding. We provide you with a signature so that you can be assured that who is speaking to you is who they say they are.

Interviewer: If we were on your planet and amongst you, you wouldn’t have that signature?

Zeta: We are one, yes. Uniqueness is based in consciousness. Physically to look at the race, we are unable to determine by the physical characteristics what a being is.

Interviewer: You are all one, you are all exactly the same, no difference in characteristics whatsoever?

Zeta: No physical changes, no.

Interviewer: Any physical changes between female and male?

Zeta: No, not generally.

Interviewer: So you all look the same?

Zeta: Yes of course.

Interviewer: How does one zeta distinguish who the other zeta is?

Zeta: I cannot see you, but I can hear your personality. I do not need to be able to see you.

Interviewer: But you’re saying that all zetas are the same.

Zeta: That is true, physically, yes.

Interviewer: So if all zetas are the same, would they speak the same?

Zeta: Yes, it is your personality, your consciousness that defines you.

Zeta: I am giving you examples that you will understand. There are levels of consciousness, of frequency. Just as your radio stations are able to determine what to come through. They also determine, as with us, who is what entity. Those frequencies make up a band, that band of frequencies creates the race.

Interviewer: That’s why you have your greeting…

Zeta: What is your energy. You present your frequency, your consciousness, and that then defines each individual entity, not that that is required. You do not need to ask, but as a matter of protocol, that is required. You would not ask your partner that question, not every time you speak to him. Let me give you an example. When you wake up you ask your partner, how are you? You then walk out of the room and see your partner, you do not ask them, how are you? That is not appropriate to ask that over and over.

Interviewer: Your physical bodies are all the same, the consciousness is all one, it’s your frequency that distinguishes you.

Zeta: It is your entry point into consciousness, it is your ability to navigate consciousness. Consciousness is… the consciousness that we are not, which is what you would say, a creator, provides inflection so it may understand itself by the many facets of inflection. That inflection then determines your ability to navigate the consciousness, whether that be of a race or of the creator.

Interviewer: If everything is the same, what defines the difference between the frequencies? Is it your experiences?

Zeta: Yes, we will say that it is the experiences.

Interviewer: That defines the frequency?

Zeta: Yes, but also, what defines experience is how, what you are required to do. So if you are required to perform a function, you will be embedded with those experiences, just as a human would educate themselves.

Interviewer: So frequency is what defines you as you, correct? At the time of conception, you are given consciousness.

Zeta: Are you talking our race or yours?

Interviewer: The Zetas have conception?

Zeta: They do, yes, the initial process of conception.

Interviewer: Ok, can we talk of your race? So you have the same makeup as in physical attributes, you have the same consciousness, it’s as one. Upon conception, when the consciousness and the physical body are joined, there would be no difference at that stage. It’s the frequency that defines the difference.

Zeta: It is the consciousness of the parental structure that has created the child, that then determines the function.

Interviewer: At that stage, that physical container of consciousness hasn’t experienced itself yet, so therefore it really wouldn’t have much of a frequency determining it from anybody else.

Zeta: The prior frequency of the parents provides the basis for frequency.

Interviewer: Ok, so that’s where the uniqueness would come for that frequency until it starts getting experience of its own?

Zeta: Yes of course. All children start at the beginning, yes, but only once for our race. They only start once, you start over and over.

Interviewer: As a race, you have one child. Do any Zetas have more than one?

Zeta: That is not a function that we would perform.

Interviewer: Has anybody gone outside or …

Zeta: They may have, but that is not a function that we would perform.

Interviewer: So the consciousness of the mother and father come together, and they have the child, so therefore it is unique, the frequency would be its own. If they were to have a second child, those two children would have the same frequency.

Zeta: That is not a function…

Interviewer: No, I know. So the uniqueness comes from the frequency at conception, and as experience happens, your frequency is your own.

Interviewer: And when it is time to transition to another body, none of that memory is lost, whereas we come back time after time after time, we don’t know why we are here.

Zeta: It is not that you do not know why you’re here, it is because the consciousness when reacquainted with matter, is not able to project itself, because the matter is defined as a baby child. The child is then brought up in a different environment, and that environment then determines the experiences.

Interviewer: You say it is a waste because we reincarnate and come back time after time…

Zeta: It is a rudimentary process, yes.

Interviewer: We have to do this in order to evolve and to become eventually a new race.

Zeta: Remember what I said. These words are being transcribed into books, yes, and people then read those books. That information goes into the collective consciousness of the human race. That then determines the reintegration process as it builds capacity to change consciousness.

Interviewer: If we didn’t expand our knowledge, we wouldn’t evolve.

Zeta: That is true, yes, you will not evolve correctly.

Interviewer: So with the help of your race and others, giving us even that little minute piece of knowledge is like planting a seed.

Zeta: These are words that will support your race.

Interviewer: If we weren’t having this conversation, and it wasn’t going into our knowledge, and if your race wasn’t helping us, it wouldn’t evolve anywhere near as fast as it is.

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