This blog accompanies a book co-authored with the medium, Paul Hamden, entitled "A primer of the Zeta race". Interviews with the non-terrestrial Zeta beings are discussed, and interested readers are invited to download the book at no cost.

Sunday, 8 May 2016


Interviewer: We asked once if man-made nuclear explosions would affect higher dimensions. You said they are contained within their own sphere of influence. The etheric body would be unchanged but the physical body would be reactive to the energy of the device.

But if a physical body were destroyed by a nuclear explosion, the corresponding etheric body should also change to reflect the change in the physical body. Wouldn’t the etheric realm immediately show the same kind of destruction as the physical realm? Would there be a delay?

Zeta: There would be a disintegration of the etheric body but whether that is then replicated into other spaces of consciousness, would not take place.

Interviewer: We understand that the surface of your home planet was destroyed by such a weapon of mass destruction, and so it remains today. Since you have the ability to create in the etheric realm, why have you not recreated the etheric templates and restored the physical surface of the planet to what it was?

Zeta: We are comfortable, we do not require a regeneration to occur.

Interviewer: We talked before about the control system that manages the uncertainty that people have about the reality of the non-physical realms. You agreed that the Zeta race was a party to the control system, but the medium finds this hard to accept. Can you confirm that members of the Zeta collective participate in the control system?

Zeta: There is a release of information. There is a process. We do not see this as a control system. Yes, it is a method of control, but it is not a formal structure that is utilized. It is malleable, it flows, it is able to change. It serves a purpose.

Interviewer: Does the so-called Zeta abductor race participate in the control system as well?

Zeta: They do not.

Interviewer: Are there any races that do not concern themselves with the control system?

Zeta: There are many races which do not concern themselves with the activities of humans at all.

Interviewer: If there are races that ignore the control system and do whatever they want to do, is the control system able to compensate?

Zeta: That is why the control system, at this stage, is malleable. It is not able to completely manage processes. There are points of exchange, points of chaotic exchange.

We seek only to support a race to a different experience. Once that experience is realized, there is no need for this control structure as you call it, but a less informal structure will be in place. As many humans will not be able to partake of the structure that is to come, their minds will not be able to exist in those states.

Interviewer: We discussed before how heterodyning or differencing is used in self-healing so that the local consciousness can influence physical cellular processes. Does heterodyning also transfer information in the other direction? For example, does the local consciousness use heterodyning to allow the body’s physical senses to activate an etheric potential and a consciousness potential, in order to create awareness of the sensation?

Zeta: There is capacity for the local consciousness to participate in this process, but the more greater process is the higher-self heterodyning, as you call it, back to the local consciousness and beyond.

Interviewer: When a Zeta wishes to become part of a hybrid human form, permission is sought from the prospective mother of the child. You said, “A human spirit form may be contacted, while they are on the physical planet, by a race of extraterrestrials, or, they may be contacted by a race once they are in the transitional realms.”

We know the Zeta beings do not enter the spirit realm. What is the usual procedure for a Zeta to contact and negotiate with the prospective human mother of the child? Do they meet in the astral realm?

Zeta: They meet in consciousness.
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  1. I find your analysis out of line with Modern Spiritualism and afterlife research. Shame on you to mislead the ingnorat masses.

  2. If you are interested in a discussion, you will have to be more specific.


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