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Monday, 12 September 2016


[Interviewer asks if rearranging the room had an effect on them coming through]

Zeta: There are certain formations that are created within the room structure which allow for certain functions to be performed. Many of the structures are known to the medium.

Interviewer: Most everything is still in the room, just in a different position.

Zeta: Yes of course, this is a positional potential, much like a geometric shape which changes form. And to change form changes the frequency.

Interviewer: Do all sentient beings have an etheric body?

Zeta: All existence is sentient. Within all existence, only the ones who choose to be in the physical form are required to hold an etheric body.

Interviewer: And the purpose of that is?

Zeta: To maintain the physical structure that is required to hold the matter together to create the form.

Interviewer: And all these beings have the eddies that we call the chakra system?

Zeta: Who are these beings?

Interviewer: The sentient beings who choose to be in physical form.

Zeta: Your human formation of, understanding of the chakra system, is inaccurate.

Interviewer: Yes, we have been advised of that before, so my question should be that the beings who do have the etheric body, all etheric bodies would have the  eddies, you have advised us that in the etheric body there are multiple movements.

Zeta: There is no position that energy may take where it is of a sedentary nature. All energy is in transition. There is no potential for energy to stay associated with your physical body when the energy is shifting.

Interviewer: How does the energy stay with the physical body?

Zeta: Because the physical body moving through the various physical perceptions of reality, moving  to the finite potential of etherial structure, moving to the substructures, is a pure energy of consciousness. Your makeup is much aligned with what exists around you. You are a compilation, a concatenation of many forms of matter which, of course, dissipate once the higher nature moves to the transitory state.

Interviewer: So to hold all that matter together, wouldn’t the energy need to form something around us, and flow and…?

Zeta: Yes of course, it does, but it is not separate from the physical body. It is around and through. It is not even in separation from the other energies. There is connectedness of all things. The illusion is that the physical body it is separate entity.

Interviewer: If we could see it with our physical eyes, what would it look like?

Zeta: You would see an undulating space.

Interviewer: I don’t understand ‘undulating space’.

Zeta: You would see molecular structure with an infinite potential in between as undulating space.

Interviewer: Would there be some a bit more undulating than others?

Zeta: Depending on the consciousness, the perception of the physical entity, depending on its understanding of its own nature.

Interviewer: Can we use that to help pick up on other presences around that aren’t physical?

Zeta: Yes of course you can.

Interviewer: And is it safe for us to do that?

Zeta: You cannot be harmed.

Interviewer: Could you help me understand how to use the energy field that is me to be able to pick up what’s around me a bit better?

Zeta: Yes of course, to understand what is the perception of around you, there is a requirement that you understand your own nature. Once you understand your own energy and frequency, then you understand what is around you. It is simple, but the mind makes it as difficult as you require it to be.

Interviewer: Just before you visited, we were able to sense spirit in the room and we were asked to say what we picked up, so another form but not physical. Some people say they can see them with their physical eyes. Are you able to help me understand how they can see with their physical eyes so that I might be able to see better?

Zeta: Because when they say they can see with their physical eyes, they are viewing with their full potential, their higher nature. Their etheric potential is able to see the other consciousness, the other etheric potential.

Interviewer: How may we  work toward understanding our etheric better so that we can see other etheric beings?

Zeta: You need to find the space, you need to find the stillness in the expanded nature, the inner mind, the inner stillness.

To sit in a darkened room, with a null potential of light, how do you feel if there is no light? Turn off your lights.

[Lights turned off]

Now, you are closing your eyes, sitting in the potential. You [knew the vagueness] in the physical form. What you experience, what you see, is all that is around you. The distance is infinite, there is no singular “I”, no singular form. Consciousness holds no singular nature, to understand many potentials, many frequencies. Turn your light back on…

[Lights turned on]

That is how I see in all things when I speak to you, I come from that nature.

Interviewer: When we did that exercise, I felt a little nervous and scared that if I went any further I would not be able to return to my physical body.

Zeta: The exercise that you just performed.

Interviewer: Yes

Zeta: That is because I have aided you in understanding who you really are, outside of your singular perception of a physical entity. But, one must be comfortable with their own nature.

Another sitter: I found the exercise quite peaceful, actually.

Zeta: Each human will find it a very different nature.

Interviewer: You talked about the layout of the room and how things are laid out for specific reasons. Could you give a little more information about that so I might understand a little better, please?

Zeta: Yes, but it will need to be placed into terminology that you will understand, a simplistic understanding. Imagine that this room is a geometric shape. Imagine that within the room the geometric shape is changing. As the geometric shape changes, the energetic structure that is built within the room is able to be moved and changed. This allows the energy to shift which brings the potential of connection. Those potentials of connection mean that we can commence. The spirit energy no longer exists in the room.

Interviewer: …ley lines, grid lines?

Zeta: Yes, very much associated with the underpinning of these structures, a similarity only.

Interviewer: Is there energy in numbers as such?

Zeta: Each number is a thought, there is energy in a thought.

Interviewer: If we can associate the letters of our name with a certain number…

Zeta: But you believe that the potential of the number has meaning, and so it does. You are creating your reality. You may speak the number to me, it would have no effect, because that is not how a belief system is. That is why when a human would fear, we do not fear. Your belief structures affect you greatly.

Interviewer: A friend on the internet talked about a net around the planet that keeps out all fear. Do you know what he was talking about?

Zeta: That is an understanding that we will explain, but not used for that process. That is a fear-based process. Now, the vibration has a particular frequency. The humans have said it is known as the Schumann frequency. This frequency is known by other races as the suppression net. This means that to hold the physical construct that is required for humans to exist, that they must exist within the frequency of the range of the Schumann frequencies. If you go too far one way or the other within the frequency spectrum, you are either grounded or ungrounded. It has nothing to do with the higher self entity. Higher self is not bound to the physical planet. Higher self is bound to the singular physical body that exists as a life form. Once the anchor has dissipated, no longer is the higher self required to participate in the manifestation of the physical body. There is a energetic net around the planet, but it is to do with the way the human physically is, and all other structures that exist on the planet.

Interviewer: This is the only planet that has such a net?

Zeta: No, all planets have the requirement that there is a potential that provides the individual quanta that is the determining factor for what is able to exist within the physical structure of that planet.

Interviewer: So with all destruction of the trees, killing all the animals, are we actually changing the frequency of the planet?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: So life can continue to exist but in a different way…

Zeta: Spirit people have moved to this planet for many hundreds of thousands of years, nothing has changed. Have you noticed that the planet is really moving to a new state of existence because the level of… let me explain… to go from the spirit realm to the physical reality means that there must be some commonality of frequency between physical existence and the spiritual side. For the planet to shift to a point where spirit people would no longer require a physical existence, means they would no longer require to move to this planet. And this is why for many, many generations the spirit people come and go. So this is why there is such a short lifespan for the human.

This planet is very much aligned with spirit realm consciousness. If the planet’s frequency was to change so dramatically, then the spirit realm would no longer be able to incarnate into this physical reality. But of course, beyond the furthest realms of spiritualism is much distance away from this lower frequency.


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