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Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Interviewer: William pointed out recently that the Zeta and human physical frequencies are different. He asked how both races can then live in the same physical universe. You answered that “The frequency of the molecular structure of matter is not just one frequency. Many frequencies combine to create this universal structure.” This suggests that there are a range of physical frequencies for a race.

But, you have also said that the physical frequency has a single value that does not change. For example, you said, “One frequency defines the state of the physical body which is encapsulated by the energetic body”, and you said, “The physical frequency negates you from understanding who you really are”, and you also said, “The physical frequency defines what you can remember”. And you gave single values of 10 and 7-8 Hz for the Zeta and human physical frequencies, respectively.

How can the physical frequency have many values as well as a single value? Were you using physical frequency to refer to different things?

Zeta: There is a potential for beings of races to exist in the different forms of physical frequencies. It does not mean that the physical form is disassociated permanently from its nominal state. It means that we have capacity to exist in a different level of physical capacity. If we choose to exist in a finer level of physical frequency, then we would be not seen in the normal spectrum of a human. Some would utilize technologies to increase the frequency of the molecular bond of the physical structure to not be seen by a human eye. When we gave those number values, those integer values, that was a representation, an analogy, for understanding the different potentials of existence.

Interviewer: William recently proposed frequencies for the astral realm and the spirit realm that were proportional to the frequencies of the Zeta collective (10, 16 and 32 Hz) that you gave us. You said his proposed values were incorrect and that you would need another analogy to give more accurate estimates.

Could you now provide the analogy that will say what the astral and spirit realm frequencies are relative to the human physical frequency of 7-8 Hz?

Zeta: I think there is some confusion because drawing comparative information between races is not necessarily an accurate process to perform. We only speak… Let me give you an example. A human in a physical form may be of a certain vibrational nature, but they still hold a physical form. Another human who is of the same physical form may have relationship with a higher self or other entities. Those entities may accurately deconstruct the physical capacity of the human’s molecular structure so that the human selves are seen to dematerialize. It would be more accurate to say that under the appropriate heterodyning process that all matter can be changed. But to give these integer values, this numbering system, is only meant as a way to provide some comparative information.

[Interviewer asks for more information about the council that she had addressed in the previous sitting]

Zeta: These indications, these representations, they are conglomerate consciousness. To believe that a council would represent itself as singular entities is not so. Where there is welcome, where there is intention, then there is a singular mind.

Interviewer: To have the council listening was very important, to let them know how we feel.

Zeta: Many humans are seen as friends to other races, but the council may not understand when the minority is weighed against the majority of damage that this planet is suffering. To say that there is a good person amongst ten who are not, still advocates for action. They have potential when understood from a point of consciousness. These decisions are not taken lightly. They carry much weight. But of course the human race is coming to an intersection, a point of no return. Even you in this room must see that the planet is struggling with the current level of humans that populate it, and this is only to grow.

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