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Thursday, 13 October 2016


Interviewer: You have said that many races have transitional realms that have the same frequencies as the human spirit realm. So the physical frequency of these races must also be the same as the physical frequency of the human race. These races can then all live together in the same physical universe. But the physical frequency of the Zeta collective is higher.

How can the higher-frequency physical Zeta beings live in the lower-frequency universe of the humans?

Zeta: Matter takes on many forms. The frequency of the molecular structure of matter is not just one frequency. Matter does not contain one frequency. Many frequencies combine to create this universal structure. There is no comparative difference for us to exist in the physical form.

Interviewer: You have said that the technology for supporting telepathy in humans will be based on a biological entity. Can you suggest a suitable biological entity on our planet that could be used for this purpose, and how should we use it?

Zeta: Such a biological entity will be created by humans. It would be integrated to the brainwave patterns of the human mind. But no such device exists.

Sitter: We already have capacity for telepathy. It is not very accurate. Would it be a development of our own biological self that you are referring to?

Zeta: It is an amplification process, one that will be combined to form a focus to amplify what already exists.

Sitter: There will be a separate biological entity created that we will combine with our own mind, is that what you are saying?

Zeta: Initially it will not be a biological entity. It will be technology. But once the human mind gains the capacity to understand how to assimilate with a future technology that are being developed by the human race, it will be a slight variance to move to a telepathic communications. But you must build capacity, your capacity is lacking.

Interviewer: The Zetas focus love on the earth from spheres located near the earth. Is focusing love on humanity the same as loving humanity. If not, how is it different?

Zeta: Love is containment, love is protection. It is not an emotional requirement, because humans would state that to love means to accept all behaviour, because love according to humans means that all behaviour is possible. But there is a difference.

Interviewer: How is it different?

Zeta: Love can be commitment to a race. It can be, as a human parent would protect a child. Sometimes that responsibility towards the child involves… Do humans provide a strict environment for a child if they wish for a child to learn?

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: The environment is provided for the human race.

Interviewer: We understand that a physical object is an illusion created when a being’s perceptual system transforms the object’s etheric template. But you have also said that the coarse matter needed for an apport is created from fine matter. If all matter is illusion, then fine matter must also be an illusion.

Could a particle of fine matter be understood as a simple etheric template, and that these are concatenated to form a more complex template? For example, is a carbon atom formed from the joining of many fine matter etheric templates?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: You gave values for the Zeta vibrational states using the analogy of frequency. The physical vibrational state was 10 Hz, the state of temporary separation from the physical was 16 Hz, and the more permanent state of separation was 32 Hz. You gave the human frequency as 7.5 Hz. Using the same proportions as for the Zeta collective, we estimated the human astral realm to be 12 Hz, and the spirit realm to start at 24 Hz. Are the frequency estimates for the human astral and spirit realms correct?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: Can you elaborate?

Zeta: Not at this point. They are not correct.

Interviewer: Can you give us the correct numbers?

Zeta: There would need to be a process of analogy to give a more accurate estimation.

Interviewer: The medium once encountered an Anorian being. For three days after this contact, the medium perceived everything in the physical as transparent. Can you explain the mechanism for how this happened?

Zeta: The local consciousness was moved to the proper state of understanding that does not exist when combined with the physical body. The local mind was in separation from the physical container. But that is why there is capacity for the local mind, who wants to be reintegrated with the physical body, to be located in its proper perspective, that it is then able to remember its encounter.

Interviewer: In the energetic realm, we understand that a being creates with its highest possible frequency. The object that is created can be perceived using the same or higher frequency. However, it does not seem to work that way in the physical illusion. We cannot easily create with our intentions to change the physical environment.

We think that the frequency we use for creation may be different from the frequency we use for perception. That is, when we have the intention to create an object, we use the frequency of the astral realm, and the created object appears there. When we perceive, we use the lower frequency of the etheric realm, and physically experience the objects represented there.

Do you agree that the creation and perception frequencies differ like this in the physical experience?

Zeta: These processes of perception and creation are understood to be by us to be more complex than you would understand. Our perception is as it is. Perception is the way that you perceive something to be, but to create via  intention requires the consciousness to be in a clear space of expansion, understanding what is the end result of the creation, but not understanding often what is being created.

Interviewer: Are there human groups possessing craft that carry humans to other planets in the solar system?

Zeta: Humans journey outside their oxygenated environment, but do not travel far.

Interviewer: Are humans currently visiting other planets?

Zeta: As individuals, no, not using their own technology.

Interviewer: Are humans using extraterrestrial technology visiting other planets?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: That is with the help of extraterrestrials.

Zeta: Correct.

Interviewer: Are these groups of humans or are they individuals?

Zeta: They are chosen humans.

Interviewer: Are there other humans who are aware of this?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Which planets are they currently visiting?

Zeta: We will not be discussing that.

Interviewer: Are there human groups who think they are visiting other planets in their craft, but are actually moving inside an SQE created by the Zetas?

Zeta: There is potential for that process to occur.

Interviewer: What do the Zeta scientists hope to discover with such an experiment?

Zeta: Not all of the synthetic quantum environments are ours, remember there are many races.

Interviewer: What is the purpose of humans, with the help of extraterrestrials, travelling to other planets?

Zeta: For exploration, for socialization, to be productive, to understand that if this race comes to an end, that there will always be value.

Interviewer: A human scientist has found strong evidence that two nuclear weapons exploded above the surface of the planet Mars many millions of years ago. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun in our solar system. The explosions may have caused the loss of the planet's atmosphere and oceans. Can you confirm that the nuclear explosions occurred, and explain how and why this happened?

Zeta: I will only confirm that there have been many incursions into the solar system by other races. Even our own race was subjected to attack.

Interviewer: The human powers-that-be on earth seem to be headed for war using nuclear weapons. ET races have experimented in the recent past with disabling these weapons. If it comes to an actual war between human adversaries, can we expect any ET races to interfere with the use of nuclear weapons?

Zeta: Many will not function.

Interviewer: The nuclear weapons?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Is that of their own accord or from interference from extraterrestrial races?

Zeta: With proactive interference, but not all will malfunction.

Interviewer: Why would the ET races prevent the nuclear explosions?

Zeta: Because your planet requires that it be kept for other races to exist.

Interviewer: Would the Zeta race take on this responsibility?

[took time to connect to Zeta+, analogous to an oversoul - first time for this]
[The medium was shown two huge craft on either side of a planet located outside our galaxy]

Zeta+: Re-ask your question.

[s summarizes and repeats the last question]
Would the Zeta race take on the responsibility to prevent the nuclear explosions?

Zeta+: Why do you wake me?

Interviewer: We never called you, my friend, did the Zetas bring you here for a reason?

Zeta+: There is a difference between our being of a higher nature and of being fully present. Why do you wake me?

Interviewer: We were discussing the use of nuclear weapons on this earth, and if the extraterrestrial races would interfere with those. The question was, would the Zeta race take on that responsibility? I’m not sure if that’s what brought you here or if you’re here for another purpose.

Zeta+: There are many planets, many races, many collective minds which exist as a conglomerate of consciousness. For the perception of what is to come, will decide in what capacity the human race will be assisted. Even I have various levels of consciousness.

Interviewer: Is that something that would be decided at the time, the assistance needed?

Zeta+: I have enacted my role as a human within a lower capacity of consciousness, that you have awoken me.

Interviewer: What does that mean, we’ve awoken you?

Zeta+: Awoken… enabled, enacted, completed.

Interviewer: For what purpose?

Zeta+: You have asked a question which requires contact with the … human words do not suffice… Within the conglomerate of consciousness which exists, this one planet is but one concern, there are many concerns. There is a council process.

Interviewer: Are you able to put forward to the council the knowledge that there are many humans who are concerned about what is happening, many humans are worried of what is to come, what is about to happen, and that this is not what we want. I would speak for many others if they knew we had contact with you. The use of nuclear weapons could destroy so much, and the planet does not deserve that either. For the minority of people that make these decisions of war and they benefit from the war, this is truly not what humans are about. It is a small minority, and I agree that there are some really horrible humans amongst us, but the majority of us are good. We don’t want war, we don’t want the end of the human race, but we are powerless against the people that have got the power and use it for their own gain. If that could be just made knowledge, we would be grateful.

Zeta+: You would intercede for your race?

Interviewer: I would speak for my race? Yes I would, I would speak for the majority of the people on this planet, and I believe that the use of nuclear weapons would destroy many other species, and that is something that should not happen.

Zeta+: You are but one race.

Interviewer: We are but one race, yes.

Zeta+: There are many species. But there has been a sampling taken.

Interviewer: I understand that you have those on your planet.

Zeta+: Your lives are but a short time. Your effect is not xxx.

Interviewer: Why do you say that we have awoken you? What difference is there to us having woken you today, and you coming through at the sittings and speaking to us as you do? Is it that you represent the whole conglomerate?

Zeta+: Yes. I am an elder. I do not frequent the omnipresent capacity of the conglomerate.

Interviewer: You access that tonight during the sitting.

Zeta+: Yes, they are listening.

Interviewer: So they can hear what we say, feel what we feel.

Zeta+: You are a part of the spirits. When I say you have awoken me, it is the same as a spirit entity moving into the human form, the human existing at a predetermined functional level, and then transitioning back to its original nature. The spirit person is no more when they are near the physical form. The human will not function with its memories.

[took time to reconnect with the original Zeta being]

Zeta: I have reverted to my lower state of consciousness. The human mind cannot exist at that level, only for a short time. To be given the perspective of what is real outside of this reality could only be achieved for a short time. That is how we operate, to use one of your colloquialisms.

Interviewer: I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of that.

Zeta: I do not have the ability within this current framework to assist the human race on that scale. That is why the other entity awoke… the real nature. I am but a facet of my own consciousness.

[opened for other questions]

Sitter: I was wondering about the young of other races, with your race and your longevity, you procreate from time to time, I was wondering if procreation is carried out among all other races as well.

Zeta: Other races have functions that default to create, although the physical and intimate capacity is defined by the race.

Interviewer: Do other races have the longevity that your race has?

Zeta: Many have longer.

Interviewer: With your race and your longevity, what determines when you decide to have young ones?

Zeta: The one child. The determining factor is when there is a blending of consciousness available for the integration of the child.

Interviewer: Is that in a certain phase in your life?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: What phase is that?

Zeta: When a level of consciousness and maturity has been achieved.

Interviewer: Maturity for a child is 80 years?

Zeta: For the child to be considered that they have reached a point of a mature adult. Three months for the gestation process, a maturation.

Interviewer: At what stage does a couple choose to have that one offspring?

Zeta: When there is a nexus of consciousness that occurs for each couple. It is based in biological symmetry.

Interviewer: Can you clarify in human terms?

Zeta: For a human, the female will develop the egg process. The male will enact a process of creation.

Interviewer: For a human that can be any time, for a female as young as 10 or 11.

Zeta: We are using your primitive process as a means to explain to you. There comes a point of perception when that joining of consciousness, other than the collective consciousness, will take place. When that point of consciousness has arrived, the child is created in consciousness before the genetic material moves into the maturation process. The child exists before the physical form exists. That is because the child must correctly understand the collective mind of the race.

Interviewer: Is that point of time different for all zetas?

Zeta: Yes of course, it is a natural function.

Interviewer: So nobody knows when that is going to happen.

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: Is it around about the same stage in all zetas’ lives?

Zeta: It depends on the genetic makeup, the consciousness structure of the couple. But to speak again of the child process, the child must fully understand the collective mind of the race before conception.

Interviewer: Does that take time?

Zeta: It takes as long as it takes. You cannot lose contact with the collective mind once you are assimilated with the physical form.

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