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Sunday, 13 November 2016


Interviewer: The medium states that in the sitting where the Zeta was awakened, that two conversations took place. One was recorded and the other one wasn’t. In the unrecorded audio, it was said that there would be a strategic intervention, or a targeted intervention with the human race if nuclear was started. In the audio it said nothing like that. Which is the correct statement, or are both statements right or wrong? The ultimate question is, will you, the zeta race, intervene if nuclear war started amongst humans?

Zeta: Do you choose to perish?

Interviewer: No, I don’t.

Zeta: No race chooses to perish, but there would be methods, there would be analysis, there would be systems, there would be potentials, there would be discussions to gauge the ramifications of the planet irradiating itself via the human hosts. There are methods for dealing with this technology. I will now be speaking plainly to you, yes? It is preferred that this not take place, as you are also not wanting that to take place. But if it does take place, there are methods of dealing with a radiated planet. A unfortunate effect, a side effect, would be the decimation of all life, of course.

Interviewer: It is possible that the human race could be destroyed, either by a natural disaster like a solar flare or by weapons of mass destruction. How would the destruction of the human race on this particular timeline affect the spirit realm?

Zeta: There would be a diminished potential. The consciousness that broadcasts itself from the human host would cease to exist. That consciousness would then move to the non-physical form. There would be a lessening of potential if humans did not exist from this specific location.

Interviewer: Would the effect on the spirit realm be minimized because incarnated spirits exist on multiple timelines?

Zeta: I have answered that, but to say the way that a consciousness exists in a physical form in another existence is not the same as existing within this potential. This potential is, to use human words, the middle of frequency. This potential is where all other potentials exist from. But may I say, just as a human may exist on many timelines, the non-synchronous event ultimately, through termination, cascades across all timelines. There would be potential that if this timeline saw the cessation of this planet’s ability to sustain life, there would be effects across many other timelines.

Interviewer: Under what conditions would the Zeta race assist the human race if it were threatened by destruction?

Zeta: Those conditions are reliant on what decisions the humans make.

Interviewer: How could the Zeta race best assist the human race in such a situation?

Zeta: A sampling has been taken.

Interviewer: Would you just use that sampling on another planet, or would you use it after the race was destroyed to start a new race?

Zeta: There  is potential that humans will exist even if there is a catastrophic event. There is the potential to re-seed a race. But of course, it is the environment, it is the biological entity that is your planet that is more a concern for a race. So there would be selective intervention.

Interviewer: You have said that there are millions of human beings across the planet who seek to support the collective consciousness of the human race to a greater potential. This level of development presumable took many generations to achieve. Are these people at their level of development a valuable resource that Zetas would wish to save in the face of disaster?

Zeta: As with our own race when we moved to a core consciousness, there is potential for those consciousness to be gathered, and to be made into a valued consciousness, whereby the existence of spirit realm would no longer be required.

Interviewer: You have said that you represent the conglomerate of consciousness that exists. However, you said that you “do not frequent the omnipresent capacity of the conglomerate.” So you represent the conglomerate, but you are not everywhere present. Yet the conglomerate could hear the sitter's intercession for the human race. Could you clarify the relations amongst yourself, the conglomerate, the medium, and the sitter?

Zeta: When that discussion took place, the voices in the room were able to be heard by others - a gesture by us to allow you to allow your voice, your thoughts and concerns as individuals to be projected to other consciousness that are also controlling mechanisms for their own races - not control as a human would control, simply to put it in perspective, would be the same as you speaking to your spirit friends. But this conversation was heard, was listened to by others who have potential to intervene in matters on this planet. Humans generally are allowed to go about their lives. What they do to each other is within the capacity of this human existence. When other races interact with humans, the interaction takes place outside of the local consciousness of the human. There is a layer of consciousness that the humans are interacting with, so mostly it does not affect humans when they are living their lives. This interaction takes place for many reasons, but primarily it is to interact with our own and with other races who have their own here as well.

Interviewer: The medium experienced being in a higher state of consciousness while he was with you in your expanded state. He said afterwards, “I was fully myself like never before.” Could you describe the nature of his state of consciousness during that time, compared to his normal trance state?

Zeta: They are simplistic analogies, to state that there is comparison. There are not grades of consciousness, but there is a point of spatial awareness. Those points of awareness bring with them potentials to access other levels of communication.

Interviewer: So why was that one state so different? Why did he feel more himself?

Zeta: Because that is who the medium is. Not all portions of consciousness are in separation from the container, and to be woken up means to exist in full potential within and without physical form.

Interviewer: The medium remembers that words were spoken by the expanded Zeta being while he was in that higher state. He does not remember those words, and they were not recorded on the recording device. Can you say the words to us now?

Zeta: I have addressed that potential to you in this room.

Interviewer: During the higher state of consciousness, the medium was shown two disk-shaped, planet-size craft. Can you describe the purpose of such craft, the interior of the craft, who occupies them, and by how many beings?

Zeta: It is unknown how many beings, they are transitory processes that hold much technology. They are methods of transportation from one point of existence to another within the physical universe. They are used as means of bringing together all beings that are required to a point. They are not generally classed as craft. They are methods of transportation for many different races.

Interviewer: [asked long question about why there are people who live to gain things and power without concern of consequences - questioned the role of emotions in coming to a possibility of destruction]

Zeta: Who has stated that the planet is to terminate?

Interviewer: No, no one has stated that the planet is to terminate. I wish people could look at the greater picture and see the planet for what it is, and laugh and be grateful and live in peace. Is this one of the reasons why races such as yours got rid of emotions?

Zeta: Yes. There is a potential when you are in operation and you no longer make judgements of others as many humans do, when you are no longer guided by the emotional trend, but guided by the ever-present need or understanding of supporting others. Once they, once you, are in support of another, then of course, there is no potential to exist without. It also means that the desires to accumulate do not exist.

Interviewer: Is that the simple answer to evolving, to take in control your emotions or to eradicate the emotions in order to live as one?

Zeta: I do not desire the things of the physical, yes, but to use it as a mechanism to exist.

Interviewer: That’s the first time I’ve had such clarity, a light bulb has been put on. It’s simple.

Zeta: There is great peace in the expanded awareness of existence. To be in stillness and silence, to interact with others of like frame, like mind, like energy. This is why your planet suffers, because there is a constant need to provide. But what is provided is generally not required to exist. We have understood that humans create, and in doing so in that creative process, they provide with the creation its possibility of termination. This is to stimulate your belief that your economic processes must exist due to the constant exchange of physical items. But if you have nothing and require nothing except sustenance and stillness, then you take little from your planet. Much of the mechanisms that are required to support technology are also able to be elements that are transmuted, to harvest those elements from outside the planetary structure. It is not a sustainable future for humans.

sitter: What is your best advice for us, the planet and the people. You have answered that, but is there anything you would like to add?

Zeta: To live simply. That is the only answer required.

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