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Thursday, 26 April 2018


Interviewer: We live in a 3rd dimension, from my understanding, and there are many other dimensions out there. I’m curious about the Zeta race, what dimension they live in.

Zeta: We exist within the framework of the third dimensional aspect of a physical entity. But of course, the dimension of consciousness is not a construct that is measurable under any circumstance.

Interviewer: If a being introduces itself as a multidimensional being, what does that mean?

Zeta: What does it mean to the entity?

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: That they are unable to determine or understand what dimension you exist in, and so they use terminology that is understood by the human mind.

Interviewer: Are you familiar with the terminology when I talk about dimensions?

Zeta: yes, of course.

Interviewer: I was reading the other day about a being living in the 6th dimension. I never thought of a multidimensional being living in just one dimension. I thought they would go across all the dimensions, or most of them depending on where they reside. Are you able to help me understand that in my terminology?

Zeta: That is one aspect of existence, yes. Do you live in the water?

Interviewer: No, I don’t live in the water.

Zeta: Why not?

Interviewer: Because I can’t breathe in the water.

Zeta: Ah yes, but the aquatic entities live in the water. They live in the physical dimension  that is understood by the consciousness of that entity and the physical parameters of their body which allows them to exist. If you should bring many of them into this existence, they would perish.

Interviewer: So if a multidimensional being has come to assist someone in this dimension, how would they go about it if they can’t exist?

Zeta: Ah, as stated before, consciousness is not confined to aspects of dimensional existence.

Interviewer: So they would not have a physical representation as we are used to, a physical form, it could be anything else as well, couldn’t it?

Zeta: They may exist within their own framework. The perception they have of themselves and their society may be very much akin to the reality that you understand. But of course, the physical existence that they understand pertains to their level of consciousness. It is not a perception of matter.

Interviewer: So with that dimension being within our spirit realm where we function, and the zeta race is apart from that, so different. So would a multidimensional being be a part of our spirit realm?

Zeta: This question is multifaceted. There is potential that an entity from the oversoul is presenting itself as a non-corporeal entity for guidance purposes. That would then be part of the spirit realm process due to the nature of consciousness not knowing the aspects of dimensions.

Other beings live outside of this universe. They observe the universe, they experience via this universe, as the universe for them is a universe of matter, one of comparison and experience.

When you view a grain of sand on one of your beaches, the grain of sand may view the observation as a multidimensional aspect of consciousness, seeking to guide it. Consider yourself as the grain of sand, as the light from you star shines upon the beach as it warms the sand, that is also considered to be guidance from a multidimensional entity.

It is how you consider what is your frame of reference which will determine the understanding process which you will inhabit that will allow you to experience yourself. That is your truth, and the only truth that you can allow yourself to experience.

Interviewer1: I have a question about the multidimensional beings. How does one validate any information that comes through from an entity that claims to be a multidimensional being? To me there is no way of validating it.

Zeta: That is correct.

Interviewer1: So where would this information be coming from? Would it be coming from the higher self or would it be from an actual multidimensional being?

Zeta: Does the light of the sun warm all matter?

Interviewer1: Yes, it does

Zeta: Does it distinguish between the matter?

Interviewer1: No.

Zeta: Does it care about the different races of the species?

Interviewer1: No, not at all.

Zeta: How do you know that you are being warmed by the star?

Interviewer1: I can feel it.

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer1: So if I read these messages, I trust how I feel about it and let them become my truth, I suppose.

Zeta: If that is the truth that you require.

Interviewer: Back to your analogy using the sun, you say you feel warm and makes you feel good, I can say with the sun, yes I feel warm, but it has also caused me harm. It has caused cancer. Going deeper in my first question, how can we trust? How can we know?

Zeta: It is not for me to determine for you what you perceive as the truth. You have come here into this existence. You seek to understand yourself via this existence. All things that are brought to you by yourself are instruments of teaching.

Interviewer1: That’s interesting, as it relates to the channelled entity...

Zeta: Imagine that you are on a journey you call a holiday. Why do you go on a holiday? To experience what you would not normally experience. And so the entities often come and speak, because for them it is a method of experiencing what they are unable to experience. You become the reflection within a multidimensional aspect within another dimension for them. They then understand themselves differently, as you understand yourselves differently when you have listened or read their information.

Back to the beach analogy, the entity is one grain of sand. At the other end of the beach is the receiving entity believing itself to be different.

Interviewer: So they are not really different?

Zeta: Ah, humans always seek to understand within a limited framework, to provide mechanisms that are frameworks so they can accurately consider, not understanding that they have created the framework for the understanding.

Interviewer: From your perspective, we are here to develop ourselves and learn more about ourselves and be that brighter light so that we aren’t one sand at one end of the beach but the whole beach.

Zeta: The grain of sand can only be what it is. That is based on the way that it has formed its organic body in matter. Each angular aspect of the grain of sand allows it to have perception based on the way it has formed itself. And you are the same. You cannot have perception as this one has perception. You are trapped, you are locked into what you have created for yourself. Can you change your personality?

Interviewer: Not permanently.

Zeta: Why is that?

Interviewer: Because of our DNA and our genetics and also how we are raised.

Zeta: So, you are what you have become. That is the only perception that is available to you. You have grown within yourselves. It does not give the ability to understand from another perspective of another human.

Humans believe that they must save one another, but there is nothing to save.

Interviewer1: Because it is just a belief system?

Zeta: Yes, of course. Better to be than to be another.

Often a human does not grow unless they are under pressure, in distress, taken out of their comfort zone. How one behaves, in most circumstances, defines their true nature. That is the lesson.

Do not be mistaken, your own journey will be filled with darkness.

Interviewer: Can you help me understand what that means?

Zeta: When you are in darkness as humans say, you must reach out. There is no reaching out in the light. There is no comfort in darkness. There is no searching for self-perception in the light. There is no capacity to reflect in the light. You wish to find yourself to understand the dimensions of your existence. You will not find them in the light.

Interviewer1: For me, darkness would be determined by one’s perception of what was happening around them.

Zeta: Yes, of course. To be surrounded by catastrophic events, one must go inside to seek out its own true nature. If those events did not exist, the opportunity to seek out one’s true nature is not available.

Not all lessons are for when you are living. One lesson when you are human is that you must exchange your money for to get things. That lesson is not appropriate for when you have transitioned. But what does provide clarity on the definition of who you are is to place you in a situation where you must find yourself under extreme circumstances.

You cannot seek potential, but also stay within your confines.

Interviewer: I think I understand what you mean by staying within ones comfort zone.

Zeta: No. You have, as have all others, come into this existence to experience at a level that you are able to understand. Often, a human will believe that the abilities that they have are to support others, but they are only a reflection.

What can you not do? Can you avoid your lesson?

Interviewer: I don’t believe so.

Zeta: Then what choice do you really have?

For some, the greatest trial exists after living on this planet.

Interviewer: When you pass.

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