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Thursday, 26 April 2018


Zeta: Begin your questioning process.

Interviewer: How shall I begin? I’ve had an experience in the last month or so that we would like your views on if you wouldn’t mind. The medium and I are both unsure as to what’s happening. It involves another possibly extraterrestrial race, and we don’t know who it is, and the medium thinks that we should be careful when we deal with this being. If you’ll allow me, I will explain what’s been happening. I have a friend in England, in another country who has a video camera that operates with infrared light, and she uses it to take pictures of animals that come into her backyard at night, and just for her own enjoyment. One night there was a very strange image on the video that depicted two non-human beings, and this was very interesting. Then a week later there was another image that showed two blobs of light and another smaller light. I have my own interpretation of that, but we are not exactly certain of course whether it’s correct. The thing is, during that week both my friend in the other country and myself experienced a fair amount of insomnia, we had difficulty sleeping at night. So we feel that we may have been affected by what was going on with this probably extraterrestrial being. We are unsure as to how to proceed, and we wanted to discuss what was happening with you in case you had any ideas as to what was going on.

Zeta: Your name for that race in the human tongue is Orion.

Interviewer: Orion? There looked to be two different races present. Which one would be the Orion, the one that looked humanoid? Would that be the Orion? There was another being there that looked like it had eyes on the end of protuberances the came out of its head.

Zeta: Many entities come from that system.

Interviewer: Oh I see, ok. Should we be concerned about interacting with this being - or these beings? Is there a potential for harm, I guess is what I’m asking.

Zeta: Yes, there is potential for harm.

Interviewer: Is there also potential for good?

Zeta: There is potential for education. But if you are to be in communication with them, then you will need to be in separation from us.

Interviewer: Ok, and how can we ensure that that is the case. Am I normally in separation from you?

Zeta: There are levels of interaction. There is interaction with consciousness, so while you are asleep, this is to protect the local consciousness, the local mind.

Interviewer: Ok, so I may interact with your race while I’m asleep.

Zeta: Yes, you do, yes. That is to remove the possibility of the mind of the human to interfere with the teaching process.

Interviewer: This teaching process, when will it become evident to me in my waking state. When will I know what I’ve learned?

Zeta: Your subconscious mind understands what the local mind or consciousness cannot understand. To bring this information into the local mind, that means that the local mind will distort what the subconscious mind understands.

Interviewer: How will this information be used then if I don’t bring it into my local consciousness?

Zeta: Let me suggest to you that the information is the underlying principle that you understand of our work, that it is in place for when you are documenting, that we may influence the outcome.

Interviewer: I can understand how that could happen when I was still documenting, but now that the documenting process is over, is it still happening?

Zeta: Humans have a perception of time that is not our perception.

Interviewer: Can you explain?

Zeta: These communications are, while you are alive in your physical form, they are not based on your time function.

Interviewer: Right, I understand. So When I receive information from you now at night, that can still influence the documentation process which I think is now over.

Zeta: Yes, of course. But let me say that if you wish to work with another race, then we will discontinue contact.

Interviewer: I see, that explains a lot. What would you recommend that I do? What would be the best way forward?

Zeta: Your time frame that you have left, of course, you seek health in your limited time left, yes. It will not be health once you step away from us.

Interviewer: So I risk my health if I leave you and try to communicate with other races.

Zeta: That is a natural phenomenon that all beings must accommodate.

Interviewer: The information that I have already made available about this experience with the infrared camera, do you think I should leave what I have already made public, and just ignore anything new? That shouldn’t interfere with our relationship, should it?

Zeta: The medium has relationship with other beings of other races. That information stands by itself.

Interviewer: And that’s all right. That doesn’t interfere with his relationship with you.

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: So does the same thing apply in my case? I can talk to people about what appeared on the video and it wouldn’t interfere with our relationship?

Zeta: Will you be disclosing all of the information?

Interviewer: That is my intention. What I have received so far has nothing to do with your race.

Zeta: What I’m saying is, you must disclose to humans all aspects of communications.

Interviewer: Even with other races?

Zeta: If you have had an effect, then you must educate.

Interviewer: Ok. So I should go ahead and tell people what I’ve learned about these other races. I don’t want to interfere with what we have already done with you.

Zeta: Tell me your experience.

Interviewer: My experience with this new race? Well, the experience is very limited. In the first video they gave us images of themselves, and in the second one they gave an image that looked to me, my interpretation is, that it represented a binary  star system that is closest to us. I’m not quite sure what the meaning is, I suspect they are trying to tell us - since we know something about this binary star system ourselves, they wanted us to know that we were talking about the same system, and therefore telling us that they were physical beings. That is my interpretation. Can you in any way confirm that that might be right?

Zeta: We are interested in how you are affected.

Interviewer: It was mostly afterwards when I was not able to sleep very well. I kept waking up during the night. This is normal when you get older, but it happened more often than it did before. When I talked to my friend in the other country, she also said that there was a lot of this going on with her as well, a lot of insomnia, more than usual. That was the main symptom. She said she also had headaches occasionally.

Zeta: Yes, they seek to make communication with you.

Interviewer: Ok, that is what was happening. I’m not consciously aware of anything that might be considered communications, so they have not been very successful, I guess.

Zeta: There must be to communicate, an alien mechanism for communication, as with the medium required many earth years to create a communication device within the structure of the human body. But this process is difficult for the human to consume. Be aware that your body will undergo extreme changes - emotional and psychological.

Interviewer: I’m not sure if I want to do that. I don’t know why I would want to do that, I guess is the issue.

Zeta: They, a race, would try to build on what their perception is of what already exists within you, using what we have created as a stepping stone into your consciousness.

Interviewer: That sounds like a positive thing though, does it not? The only difficulty is that it would make me ill.

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: It probably would take years for me to develop the capacity as well, so perhaps I do not have enough time left to do that.

Zeta: Let me say they would not attempt this if they had not seen, or have the belief, that you have the potential to be changed. But that is because they are in error. They believe that changes that support you are a natural occurrence.

Interviewer: So you would suggest that they are wrong and that I would not succeed.

Zeta: I am stating that they have a perception that your natural abilities are of your own making, not understanding that it is the communication with our race that has put you in this position.

Interviewer: Yes, I think I agree with you. My psychic ability is relatively normal for the human race, which means it’s not very high. So my natural ability can’t be counted on, I would think.

Zeta: But the being that is appearing externally would see frequency that would support contact, yes, not understanding that you were supported by us into this frame of reference.

Interviewer: I see, and still being supported, from what you say.

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: Unfortunately, my local consciousness is not aware that that is happening, and I kind of miss that. I was aware when we were working on the book, and now I don’t feel your presence very much at all. Is there some way we can re-establish that kind of connection?

Zeta: Yes, of course. So it has been decided today that you and the medium will be sitting together.

Interviewer: Oh, as we are now?

Zeta: Yes of course.

Interviewer: And we sill continue doing this?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Ok, good.

Zeta: And will I feel your presence more then, when I am not communicating directly with you?

Zeta: That will be an association that will be made in time.

Interviewer: Ok, so as I communicate more with you then this will build.

Zeta: Yes, of course. But if you choose through freewill to assist the other race, then we must withdraw.

Interviewer: Right, ok, I understand. I think I would prefer to stay in communication with you, all things considered.

Zeta: You must understand that you are under our protection.

Interviewer: Ok, that’s good too, yes.

Zeta: If you reject the race, our race, then we must remove that protection.

Interviewer: How can I make it plain that I reject the other race?

Zeta: That is intention, is it not?

Interviewer: I understand better now why I should not attempt to contact other races. Thank you for that, you explained that quite well.

Zeta: The medium may, on another occasion allow them to come to speak to you.

Interviewer: Ok, that would be good.

Zeta: But of course the medium’s local consciousness must be convinced of their intention, if also they seek to harm the medium.

Interviewer: Yes, can we count on you to make it plain what their intentions are?

Zeta: I will always protect the container while it suits my purpose.

Sitter: So you know that Joanne, our daughter, is doing much better due to your advice.

Zeta: Yes, I want to ask you now about that. Can you elucidate on that for me?

Sitter: About her? It was nickel metal that was all throughout her body, and she has investigated the types of food she eats and to lessen the nickel in her body. It’s really helped to put together information for other people who have a nickel allergy. She is sharing that information and helping hundreds of thousands of other people. It’s really good.

Zeta: You are emotional. Let me say, “By their fruit you shall know them”. We give information that supports the race. We provide help when required, if possible. So from one incident, so with your daughter, that information is now supporting others in your race.

Sitter: Yes, many, many others.

Zeta: The medium has undergone the process of irritable bowel syndrome, which has now been completed.

Interviewer: So he is no longer suffering from that.

Zeta: No. So, having had that experience, he as well as others are able to support other humans. That must be the prime understanding. How does this support the race? If it does not support the race, then it is in service to self. So any contact that you have must be shared, whether good or bad, using earth words, so that humans may learn.

Interviewer: And that includes the information that I have accumulated so far about this contact on the video.

Zeta: That is a correct function, yes. To keep that to yourself does a disservice to you and other humans who could learn.

Interviewer: Ok. And if I receive further information from my friend in the other country, should I continue to look at that and try to understand it?

Zeta: Yes, of course, but you must also be aware that all of the information must be given, not just what you choose. How did it make you feel? What were the effects? Because, if others experience the same process, then you have given them education. You have empowered them, yes. [See documentation here.]

Interviewer: So this contact with the other race, this second-hand contact really, because I am receiving it via video from this other person, that is not considered communication with the race.

Zeta: This is the difficulty that they will seek to change you.

Interviewer: Ok, and I should intend to not let that happen, if I wish to do so.

Zeta: What is their intention?

Interviewer: Well, that I don’t know, you see.

Zeta: Would you give yourself to them without knowing their intention?

Interviewer: No, and so I should not have further contact with them until they make their intention clear. Is that what you are saying?

Zeta: Look at the medium’s journey, carefully. There was much patience, much time required to build relationship with the human.

Interviewer: So I should not prevent them in any way telling me what their intentions are?

Zeta: Intentions are shown by actions.

Interviewer: Ok. Well I guess as long as you are around to help me understand what is happening around me, we can probably deal with that.

Zeta: But you must be willing to change.

Interviewer: Well I don’t want to lose contact with you, so that says that I should not change. Is that not correct?

Zeta: We have put into practice as of this day that you are to sit with the medium.

Interviewer: So I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize that.

Zeta: That is your choice.

Interviewer: That is my choice. Does this mean that I should restrict any attempt by the other being to make its intention known to me?

Zeta: Ask yourself, why do you seek this?

Interviewer: Why should I care what its intentions are, is what you’re saying?

Zeta: Yes, why do you seek this?

We spent many hundreds of your hours understanding the neurological processes of this human body, how to interact and then remove, how to breathe, how to move the finger. Now of course, the medium suffered greatly, but he was much younger than he is now. The physical rigours of the contact, the psychological changes were able to be metabolized due to his age and physical fitness structure. Also, there was a total commitment to the process.

Interviewer: Well, I don’t think I could have that total commitment, especially if it might mean losing contact with your race, because I don’t want to interfere with work we have already done.

Zeta: Are you xxx xxx with this?

Interviewer: Well, this is the way you have explained it to me, and that would be my choice. I think the best thing for me is to not seek further communication with this other contact.

Zeta: You may document accurately all of the information and present it to humans.

Interviewer: Ok, that’s really all I wanted to do anyway. That sounds good, I think the way is clear now.

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: They say the Orion system... it’s a common understanding here among humans that there is a service to self race that originates from there and is affecting much of human society here. Would you say that that was true?

Zeta: That is a correct statement, yes.

Interviewer: Is that were the reptilian and draconian races come from?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: The image that we got in the first video dd not look like a reptilian, so there must be other races as well that... I guess we don’t know what the intention of this race was, whether they wished us harm or not.

Zeta: My statement initially was that many races come from that area, yes.

Interviewer: Yes, and some might wish us well and some might not.

Zeta: That is correct.

Interviewer: Thank you for coming to talk with us, that is much appreciated.

Zeta: You have clarity.

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: We bring clarity.

Interviewer: You do, yes. My initial question when we first started talking, would you be at all interested in addressing that? I was interested in what kind of activities you were involved in when you’re not talking to us.

Zeta: I am with the medium.

Interviewer: You are, but your race is involved in other activities around our earth having to do with the human race.

Zeta: That is correct, yes.

Interviewer: Can that be talked about or would that interfere?

Zeta: There are many interactions between beings and humans. There are many interactions with  other races, between humans and our race. It is, to use one of your words, busy.

Interviewer: Yes, I see. One of the big issues that humans are facing at the moment is global warming they call it, or climate change, and it’s become a political issue. I’m wondering if you can tell us if there is something to be worried about the overall temperature of the earth increasing to beyond a sustainable level.

Zeta: Humans must consider that the planet that they exist on cannot continue to do so.

Interviewer: Yes, but is it the human race’s fault or is it a natural phenomenon that would occur anyway?

Zeta: It is the humans. They also have polluted the planet.

Interviewer: Yes, I agree.

Zeta: They have also polluted the outer atmosphere, and they also have caused distortion by amplification of thought processes through technologies. So prior to the introduction of communications services driven by satellite technologies, there was only individual minds speaking to the individual humans. But now of course, the amplification of dissemination of communication processes is now a global phenomenon. This global phenomenon is permeating other races.

Interviewer: Oh is it? How is that happening? Is it an awakening of a telepathic ability?

Zeta: No, it is a distortion of consciousness, it is an amplitude process of consciousness that has been achieved through technology by your race.

Interviewer: So if you have many people thinking the same thing because of this mass communication, then that’s a distortion of the consciousness process.

Zeta: Yes of course, because they are controlled, they are manipulated.

Interviewer: So too many people thinking the same thing is not good.

Zeta: Unless of course it is of a nature, of a frequency that is based in love.

Interviewer: Ok, then it’s ok.

Zeta: Because it is pure and clear. When you are confronted, you pollute the emotion.

Interviewer: Does it have something to do with the state of vibration then? Lower vibration consciousness...

Zeta: ... yes of course, are based in fear. Rather than a communication on a global scale bringing humans together, it is used to create fear globally. These pollutions are worse than the physical pollutions.

Interviewer: Yes I can understand that.

Zeta: This is why education is required.

[checking the time]

Zeta: There are many considerations, William, when dealing with races, many that you are unaware of.

Interviewer: I hope you will point them out to me when the opportunities arise.

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