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Friday, 27 April 2018


Interviewer: I have been telling people that matter is a perceptual illusion.

Zeta: Understanding that all matter is space, and between the space is consciousness,
that without the consciousness matter holds no form.

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: As quanta suggests, it is a matter of form and creation. These are the underlying principles of creational processes. But how is the original form created if it never exists, if it has not existed in the fabric? All things exist, things of matter, for all races and existences depending on their universality, on their need to inhabit each definable universe. If it does not exist as a requirement for a race to be in a specific location then the quanta does not support that mechanism. So, each race is held in existence by the underlying forms available to them. What is to exist already exists, unless it does not need to exist. Simplicity, at its best.

Interviewer: Yes I have heard that before. We have memories recorded in the astral as streams of conscious energy. Other races in other realms do not because there is no need.

Zeta: Yes, no requirement.

Interviewer: I want to discuss my influence on the book outside of time, but we can do this another time.

Zeta: Discuss...

Interviewer: Ok, I understand that my behaviour in the present time can influence the book in the past. Is this influence only people’s perception or does the book change physically?

Zeta: Writings change as a human changes. It is perception.

Interviewer: Perception can be people’s thoughts about the book. or it can be the contents of the book itself, the actual words used.

Zeta: the changes are not physical.

Interviewer: Ok good.

Zeta: Perceptions of you change the way humans perceive the information in the writings.

Interviewer: Yes understood, I just needed to clear that up.

Zeta: That is why when you are gone, this issue will not exist.

Interviewer: Yes of course, unless I change people’s perception in spirit realm.

Zeta: They must take the perception into spirit realm. That is the only entry point. The humans who inquire of the astral realms do so at their own risk and also only see what they desire to see. It is a malleable existence, a combination of many thoughts. Expectation of knowledge from a ever changing point of existence will not produce factual information.

Interviewer: But can other spirits in spirit realm change their perception of me, and thus the information I bring with me?

Zeta: As this fabric is ever changing, spirits will sense and understand your knowledge, and in doing so will see one reality.

Interviewer: Ok good.

Zeta: If they choose to accept that reality, then there is a combining of knowledge and experience. These are conceptual existences dependant on the spirits’ intention and creational purposes.

Interviewer: In this physical world, what I do now will retroactively change what people in the past have thought about the work?

Zeta: No, the now of yesterday will not be changed to suit a purpose. It is this creational point on the time line which provides perception, this now. Humans are not to change the past. The threads do not combine correctly if even a future event is intentioned incorrectly, as the medium has found.

Interviewer: Ok I see, so the perception of the book will change only from this point forward.

Zeta: The combined reality distinguishes itself as not being in harmony with the current time line. It changes continually based on a human’s perspective. There is not a diminutive process of knowledge, it is ever increasing.

Interviewer: So if I behave negatively, it may reflect badly on the book, but people will remember that at one time it was better, different. The knowledge accumulates.

Zeta: It is a perception. Do you wish to behave badly?

Interviewer: No, I am speaking hypothetically, like a thought experiment.

Zeta: This session is discontinued due to interference.

[Another person entered the room]

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