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Monday, 28 May 2018


Interviewer: I would like to understand better what you do to a human to prepare them for communication with your race. The medium said that you modified the function of his temporal lobe in his brain. You also prepared me in some way the night before the first time we communicated. I felt a brief, whole-body vibration. Can you explain what you did to me?

Zeta: There are two questions. The first is what preparation was required for the medium. The second question is what was required for you. But what did you experience?

Interviewer: I woke up in the middle of the night, I felt for a few seconds a feeling of vibration throughout my body, and this was enough to wake me up. I found out when I talked to you later that what was happening at that time was some activity that prepared me for communicating with you, I was told.

Zeta: Ah yes, humans are generally required to hold a frequency so they can be interacted. So the normal frequency of the human is in many different states. These different states can exist all at the same time. So we changed the states to reflect one state.

Interviewer: All states became one state?

Zeta: Yes of course. An example is this. If you have an injury to one of your limbs, that limb will hold a certain frequency. The rest of your body will be a different frequency.

Interviewer: Ok, I see, yes. So, what you did to me was introduce a particular frequency that you needed in order to communicate with me?

Zeta: No, what we did was to combine all frequency states that you hold to become one frequency.

Interviewer: This is the physical frequency I exist at?

Zeta: It is an energetic frequency. So if the etheric body of the human is in disarray, then we will create harmony for the interaction process.

Interviewer: I see, so you got rid of what you would consider noise.

Zeta: Yes of course, just as we have, using your words, gotten rid of the noise, the mediums frequency, so we may come and be at one with the medium. These functions are often easier to perform on humans that have no training. They do not have frequencies ideas.

Interviewer: So you were able to use this one frequency then to communicate better with me.

Zeta: Yes of course, when you were writing or when you were thinking, we were able to use that remembered frequency to interact with you.

Interviewer: And is that frequency still present within me?

Zeta: The frequency is at a distance from you.

Interviewer: But it can be used, can it?

Zeta: If required, yes. It is an act of intention that it is placed around you - that is your freewill. So we must not continue to hold your frequency, as is for the medium as well.

Interviewer: So is it available for you to use now?

Zeta: You are not in a receptive state.

Interviewer: Ok, would it help if I were?

Zeta: The reason you are not in a receptive state is because you are utilizing your own cognitive processes to speak to us, and in doing so, you are not affected by us.

Interviewer: So I can assume that the change that was made away back then, was not used in our first conversation. It was for something else. It was for later communication when I was not interfering or thinking or speaking.

Zeta: When you were receiving.

Interviewer: Yes, so it wasn’t for that particular communication that evening. I assumed that there was a connection between the two.

Zeta: Now, the first question for the medium. The medium initially required to associate with spirit people and our race. Each interaction required the usage of the temporal lobe and the occipital lobe. Now, this on the right side of the human skull. Problem being that we have the left side of the mind, so the mind, the brain, holds in itself specific structures. Each of these perform a specific function as is a conscious mind is directly disassociated with the local mind to perform the required functions of neurological process, break work for you and many individual processes. It is an important mechanism that this medium was required to have a space made so that we could directly interact with the medium. This function is related to us only.

Interviewer: Is this function only related to the Zeta race? You said this function was to communicate with you.

Zeta: Correct, yes.

Interviewer: But he also communicates with other races occasionally.

Zeta: Yes, of course, but that is used to create intermediary function of the gateway so that he may step into that experience. It is an induction process. So when we wish to, as other races do, interact with a human whether consciously or subconsciously, we will set that frequency for him.

Interviewer: I see, and the frequency will be different for different races?

Zeta: Ah, for the different humans. That is an identifying character of that one human.

Interviewer: Yes, but you said you set a frequency for each race that is coming.

Zeta: No, for the medium. So, for the medium, the medium required a certain function to be performed so that we could speak to the medium. When we come to other humans that are in an unconscious state, there is a frequency that identifies them.

Interviewer: So you come to me when Im unconscious, you would use that frequency that you set for me back at the beginning.

Zeta: Yes, of course, it is also an identification process, as to us you all look the same.

Interviewer: Right, so you tell us apart by the frequencies that are assigned to us.

Zeta: So if you were sleeping with your wife and we came into the room, we would set both frequencies both humans. We would know who the human was by their prior frequency.

Interviewer: Can I ask if you have actually set a frequency for my wife?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: She mentioned a few nights ago that she felt the buzzing sensation quite a lot that night and she was quite aroused the following day. It was unusual for her, and I remembered my experience and I thought perhaps you or one of your race had done something to her. Do you know if that actually took place?

Zeta: No, I do not.

Interviewer: At what point did you assign a frequency to her?

Zeta: Many years ago.

Interviewer: Oh, really, Ok. So was this well before I started to work with the medium?

Zeta: Yes, Of course.

Interviewer: The work I have done in the last little while has been planned for quite a long time then, I guess.

Zeta: There are no random occurrences in regards to this.

Interviewer: If you recall, the last time we talked, we discussed an image that I had received of beings from another race, and you said they were from the Orion system, and I was advised that if I communicated with them, any communication would be incompatible with continuing my relationship with you. Im wondering if this is related with what we were talking about. Is the change that you made to me incompatible with that of other races?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: And that would be the reason why you said what you did.

Zeta: Yes, but also we are unable to determine what their intentions towards you were.

Interviewer: These beings, are they associated with the Draco reptilians?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: Ok, I can see why I would want to keep them at arms length then. And so their vibration would be incompatible with the vibration that you gave to me. Yet, they were interested in me for that reason you said.

Zeta: They seek to use you as an effort to discredit us.

Interviewer: And the change that you made to me, getting rid of the noise and so on, this was an attractor to them, they thought that they could then use me for that reason?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: That's good, I like to understand why things happen, and this helps a lot.

Zeta: All races have freewill.

Interviewer: Some are service to self and some are service to others.

Zeta: What would be the point of a race that was in service to another race unless they were slaves.

Interviewer: Yes, and there are no slaves, is that what you are saying?

Zeta: If an entity is working with another race, that is their choice.

Interviewer: And do these other races choose to work with the Dracos?

Zeta: There are many races, many individuals within races. Lets take the human race. There are individuals within the human race that we are interacting with. That does not mean that we are interacting with the human race.

Interviewer: No, this is true. So you are saying that some do align themselves with the Dracos and some don’t.

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: After we talked about the Orion beings the last time, the medium and I were communicating, and he suggested that I might still have the intention to seek an encounter with them. At that point I suddenly felt an external energy that spread throughout my body just for a brief time. I felt that after his suggestion that it might have had something to do with somebody looking to discover my true intentions. Do you think thats a possibility? Is it possible for someone to scan what I'm thinking and find out what I really think about certain things in that way?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: In this particular case, do you think it was maybe a Zeta doing that or was it perhaps one of the Orion races that we saw the image of.

Zeta: I do not have that information.

Interviewer: The morning after we talked about the Orion beings, I awakened from a dream, and in the dream I sensed an extraterrestrial being in a colourful place that was bright metallic green and silver. I felt that the being was frustrated and I don’t know why. I thought that perhaps it might have been trying to communicate with me in my dream and maybe influence me that way. Is that a possibility do you think?

Zeta: Yes, of course

Interviewer: It hasn’t happened since then, so he must have given up.

Zeta: You are unaware of what is taking place around you. You are uneducated in regards to what are the possibilities, what are the tendencies for other races to affect you. So the medium is aware and will be continually monitoring you and your behaviour. Quite often the medium will argue with you, trying to make you see if he is aware of something about you that is not according to the function that you are to perform.

You must be aware there are levels of influence for humans that move from the lowest form through to the highest form. This is a natural fabric, a natural creative process that is required for all beings to interact with humans. This is built into the quanta, yes. This allows the spirit beings to interact with humans, all other races to interact with humans, to have beings from an astral level to interact with humans. So, there is a inbuilt function into the consciousness of humanity, a inbuilt function into the consciousness of this planet that allows all beings to interact on any levels within the planet that would be inhabitants of the planet. This inbuilt process then allows all entities within this planet to interact with each other. This is the beginning of the collective consciousness of the race. Now, of course, others would seek to interfere with this races ability. They would seek to, as has been stated by others about reptilian races, they would seek to affect humans for their own purposes, to feed upon them.

Interviewer: Is it just to get energy, is that their purpose?

Zeta: They are a rudimentary species, at best.

Interviewer: Who, humans?

Zeta: No, the reptilians, they are rudimentary, yes. And so, they will affect humans as individuals, and those humans will affect others to create a line of energy potentials that feed back to that being.

Interviewer: Do you know what proportion of humanity might be affected by the reptilians?

Zeta: All humans.

Interviewer: So they affect one human in such a way that that one human will affect others, is that what you just described?

Zeta: Yes, it is a behaviour-based process.

Interviewer: But if all humans are being affected then there must be interactions among humans, the reptilian influence must interact if it spreads like that.

Zeta: But of course, many humans are only affected in a minor potential. It could be in regards to chemical usage.

Interviewer: There is sort of a myth among humans that only people in positions of power are influenced by reptilians but I guess you wouldn’t agree with that.

Zeta: No, of course not, because of the simple fact that there is an inbuilt global mechanism for connection which means that we ourselves could affect the whole race, if that was our intention. Of course, we honour your freewill, whereas another race does not.

Interviewer: Some people say they have seen a reptilian being. I'm just wondering how this can be. Can a reptilian be in the physical vibration so that all humans can see it?

Zeta: There are many potentials. Generally, the reptilians do not show themselves out of fear of disclosure, out of fear of a recognition that they are manipulating another. They work in secret. The less attention that they draw to themselves, the more they can influence another.

Interviewer: Their influence depends on people not being aware that they are being influenced.

Zeta: Yes, of course. Some will see these beings via consciousness. The medium has a term called objective mediumship where they seem to be able to see the full form of an entity standing in a room, but it is an image of consciousness.

Interviewer: Ok, is it a bit like a dream or stepping into the astral vibration, this objective consciousness?

Zeta: It is a projection.

Interviewer: It's an image just in the person’s mind?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Ok, so that’s different. Some people say they feel love from a reptilian companion.

Zeta: Yes, of course. There are, as with all races, beings that have moved to different states of consciousness. The medium has also encountered reptilians, although that is a derogatory way of talking about a being who has attained love.

Interviewer: How else could we refer to it?

Zeta: It is difficult to come up with words, yes. But there are beings of high-minded intention that seek to separate themselves from their own races. So some of those entities are very loving, yes. Others are not so, only seemingly provide that to their pets.

Interviewer: These loving reptilian beings, are they service to others kinds of motivations or are they still service to self?

Zeta: They can be both.

Interviewer: I guess if you’re service to self, then you would be treating others like a pet, as you say.

Zeta: Well, the human race is also in both categories, is it not?

Interviewer: I suppose thats true, yes.

Zeta: You are service to self when you feed and clothe yourself. You are in service to others when you show kindness.

Interviewer: But when I show kindness to my pet like a cat, then it could be argued that Im in service to self because I enjoy the cats presence.

Zeta: Receiving, yes of course.

Interviewer: And I suppose some reptilians could be like that towards humans.

Zeta: That is true of course.

Interviewer: So being a loving being does not necessarily mean being in service to others.

Zeta: A complicated subject.

Interviewer: There is another related matter that I would like to talk to you about, and I need to give you some background. A particular human has claimed to be involved with several non-human races. He speaks on a popular television channel, and many humans believe that what he says is true. He tells of one ET race which has a bird-like appearance with blue feathers, and so he calls it the Blue Avian race.

He says they have many planet-size, sometimes transparent, spherical craft that have moved into our solar system. He was chosen by the Blue Avians to be their spokesman to other races in the earth environment because he has a special empathic ability. He says the Blue Avians are here to help the human race free itself from the reptilian influence and so make human ascension easier.

Do you know of this race he calls Blue Avians?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: Oh you do! Ok, thats interesting.

Zeta: As does the medium as well.

Interviewer: They are not the same race as your origin, are they?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: Does this man's experience with the Blue Avians take place in our physical universe, or was he moved into an SQE without his knowledge?

Zeta: He may have interacted with those beings via telepathic processes.

Interviewer: So the Blue Avians exist independently of an SQE.

Zeta: Yes, of course. They are, as are many other races, countless races, in existence. They also incarnate into human form as higher self aspects so to support the human race. We have always said that we are one of the races that is incarnating into human form.

Interviewer: So there could be some hybrid humans that have a Blue Avian point of origin.

Zeta: Yes, that is why we have stated that about 30 percent of the human race are hybrid entities, but based in many species.

Interviewer: This man describes an extraterrestrial transporter technology that moves him instantaneously from his location on earth to another environment such as a spacecraft. The technology appears at his location as a ball of blue light. Are you familiar with this technology?

Zeta: Let me say initially when you were speaking, you said that there were many spherical craft. Yes of course, the medium has also been in these craft.

Interviewer: Oh, has he?

Zeta: They do not belong to one race. The planet is surrounded by these spheres, yes of course. They are all interlinked and are used by many of the nine races to uphold consciousness for the planet.

Interviewer: Yes, this man did mention meeting several other races inside the spheres.

Zeta: Yes, of course. The issue that humans have is they are consciously in isolation. They are only seeing their own race, where other races see each other.

Interviewer: There are people trying to end that lack of knowledge in humans, and its not an easy task for us. Apparently, there seems to be some resistance to allowing this to become common knowledge.

Zeta: This is control of a race.

Interviewer: And who is exercising that control? Is it what we discussed earlier, both man and ET.

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: I understand from this man that the Blue Avians have recently departed from the earth environment. Apparently, they were here to make it possible for humanity to help themselves escape from the reptilian influence. Are you aware of that kind of thing happening?

Zeta: I believe the humans have only one small part of the current story. And so, that is what his belief is. He may have also been told that to protect him, yes.

Interviewer: Can you elaborate on what is actually going on?

Zeta: There are, and always will be, conjoined spheres around the planet. The spheres are outside of the satellite technology range to not interfere with the orbit of the human technology. The spheres are able to be accessed by consciousness. Once the consciousness is inside the sphere, it then has a holographic representation of the being that has entered the sphere by consciousness. Also, many craft come and they align to the sphere. The spheres are populated with holographic conscious beings and also physical beings that also seek to abide by the process of supporting the planet.

Interviewer: Is one of the functions of the spheres to help humanity to get out from underneath the reptilian influence?

Zeta: Yes of course, so this is a highly complicated discussion. The planet itself is struggling with you as a race or species. You are poisoning your environment. The earth has its own consciousness. It is a living breathing organism. It seeks to be your mother, but of course you, like a virus, destroy your parent. We seek to create harmony for the planet, to give it back the loving relationship that is required, because it does not receive it from its inheritance.

Interviewer: Is one of the reasons why we are treating the planet so badly the presence of the reptilians?

Zeta: That is one of the reasons, yes. But of course, you must also have freewill. But once they are encapsulated, once they have an attachment, their freewill is no longer in action.

Interviewer: So perhaps that was the objective of the Blue Avians, to remove the attachments as much as possible?

Zeta: They are one of many races. How the human which is conveying the message has perception of the message is related to the human. They will not have the complete image of what has taken place. No human can have that image. The medium was taken to the spheres and has been in the spheres with us to see what is being created.

Interviewer: He’s mentioned the spheres that you have described where you focus, I suppose love, on the earth.

Zeta: Yes, that is the journey, yes.

Interviewer: But those are different spheres than what this other man was talking about, is that correct?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: They are the same ones?

Zeta: Yes of course.

Interviewer: Oh, I see, Ok, that changes my image of whats happening a little bit.

Zeta: A combined effort, yes.

Interviewer: This man sounded as if things were improving with regard to the reptilian influence. If that is the case, then perhaps we might be in a better position to clean up the planet.

Zeta: There are certain geographical locations which would be seemingly in a better position, but each interaction is on a second-by-second basis, each individual human.

Interviewer: This man also talked about an old race of beings that lived beneath the earths surface. Do you know of such a thing?

Zeta: There are many beings.

Interviewer: Could they exist without our knowledge below the surface of the earth?

Zeta: That is possible, yes.

Interviewer: It seems a little far fetched to me but maybe its possible, with high enough technology.

Zeta: But there are many planets. The potential for a race to hide within the planet infrastructure is highly not likely, but there is the potential that it is possible.

Interviewer: Yes, you said that on your home planet, you all live below the surface now too.

Zeta: Yes of course, but that is not your planet, it is a different planet. We must terminate.

Interviewer: All right, thank you very much for speaking.

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