This blog accompanies a book co-authored with the medium, Paul Hamden, entitled "A primer of the Zeta race". Interviews with the non-terrestrial Zeta beings are discussed, and interested readers are invited to download the book at no cost.

Monday, 28 May 2018


Interviewer: I would like to understand better what you do to a human to prepare them for communication with your race. The medium said that you modified the function of his temporal lobe in his brain. You also prepared me in some way the night before the first time we communicated. I felt a brief, whole-body vibration. Can you explain what you did to me?

Zeta: There are two questions. The first is what preparation was required for the medium. The second question is what was required for you. But what did you experience?

Interviewer: I woke up in the middle of the night, I felt for a few seconds a feeling of vibration throughout my body, and this was enough to wake me up. I found out when I talked to you later that what was happening at that time was some activity that prepared me for communicating with you, I was told.

Zeta: Ah yes, humans are generally required to hold a frequency so they can be interacted. So the normal frequency of the human is in many different states. These different states can exist all at the same time. So we changed the states to reflect one state.

Interviewer: All states became one state?

Zeta: Yes of course. An example is this. If you have an injury to one of your limbs, that limb will hold a certain frequency. The rest of your body will be a different frequency.

Interviewer: Ok, I see, yes. So, what you did to me was introduce a particular frequency that you needed in order to communicate with me?

Zeta: No, what we did was to combine all frequency states that you hold to become one frequency.

Interviewer: This is the physical frequency I exist at?

Zeta: It is an energetic frequency. So if the etheric body of the human is in disarray, then we will create harmony for the interaction process.

Interviewer: I see, so you got rid of what you would consider noise.

Zeta: Yes of course, just as we have, using your words, gotten rid of the noise, the mediums frequency, so we may come and be at one with the medium. These functions are often easier to perform on humans that have no training. They do not have frequencies ideas.

Interviewer: So you were able to use this one frequency then to communicate better with me.

Zeta: Yes of course, when you were writing or when you were thinking, we were able to use that remembered frequency to interact with you.

Interviewer: And is that frequency still present within me?

Zeta: The frequency is at a distance from you.

Interviewer: But it can be used, can it?

Zeta: If required, yes. It is an act of intention that it is placed around you - that is your freewill. So we must not continue to hold your frequency, as is for the medium as well.

Interviewer: So is it available for you to use now?

Zeta: You are not in a receptive state.

Interviewer: Ok, would it help if I were?

Zeta: The reason you are not in a receptive state is because you are utilizing your own cognitive processes to speak to us, and in doing so, you are not affected by us.

Interviewer: So I can assume that the change that was made away back then, was not used in our first conversation. It was for something else. It was for later communication when I was not interfering or thinking or speaking.

Zeta: When you were receiving.

Interviewer: Yes, so it wasn’t for that particular communication that evening. I assumed that there was a connection between the two.

Zeta: Now, the first question for the medium. The medium initially required to associate with spirit people and our race. Each interaction required the usage of the temporal lobe and the occipital lobe. Now, this on the right side of the human skull. Problem being that we have the left side of the mind, so the mind, the brain, holds in itself specific structures. Each of these perform a specific function as is a conscious mind is directly disassociated with the local mind to perform the required functions of neurological process, break work for you and many individual processes. It is an important mechanism that this medium was required to have a space made so that we could directly interact with the medium. This function is related to us only.

Interviewer: Is this function only related to the Zeta race? You said this function was to communicate with you.

Zeta: Correct, yes.

Interviewer: But he also communicates with other races occasionally.

Zeta: Yes, of course, but that is used to create intermediary function of the gateway so that he may step into that experience. It is an induction process. So when we wish to, as other races do, interact with a human whether consciously or subconsciously, we will set that frequency for him.

Interviewer: I see, and the frequency will be different for different races?

Zeta: Ah, for the different humans. That is an identifying character of that one human.

Interviewer: Yes, but you said you set a frequency for each race that is coming.

Zeta: No, for the medium. So, for the medium, the medium required a certain function to be performed so that we could speak to the medium. When we come to other humans that are in an unconscious state, there is a frequency that identifies them.

Interviewer: So you come to me when Im unconscious, you would use that frequency that you set for me back at the beginning.

Zeta: Yes, of course, it is also an identification process, as to us you all look the same.

Interviewer: Right, so you tell us apart by the frequencies that are assigned to us.

Zeta: So if you were sleeping with your wife and we came into the room, we would set both frequencies both humans. We would know who the human was by their prior frequency.

Interviewer: Can I ask if you have actually set a frequency for my wife?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: She mentioned a few nights ago that she felt the buzzing sensation quite a lot that night and she was quite aroused the following day. It was unusual for her, and I remembered my experience and I thought perhaps you or one of your race had done something to her. Do you know if that actually took place?

Zeta: No, I do not.

Interviewer: At what point did you assign a frequency to her?

Zeta: Many years ago.

Interviewer: Oh, really, Ok. So was this well before I started to work with the medium?

Zeta: Yes, Of course.

Interviewer: The work I have done in the last little while has been planned for quite a long time then, I guess.

Zeta: There are no random occurrences in regards to this.

Interviewer: If you recall, the last time we talked, we discussed an image that I had received of beings from another race, and you said they were from the Orion system, and I was advised that if I communicated with them, any communication would be incompatible with continuing my relationship with you. Im wondering if this is related with what we were talking about. Is the change that you made to me incompatible with that of other races?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: And that would be the reason why you said what you did.

Zeta: Yes, but also we are unable to determine what their intentions towards you were.

Interviewer: These beings, are they associated with the Draco reptilians?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: Ok, I can see why I would want to keep them at arms length then. And so their vibration would be incompatible with the vibration that you gave to me. Yet, they were interested in me for that reason you said.

Zeta: They seek to use you as an effort to discredit us.

Interviewer: And the change that you made to me, getting rid of the noise and so on, this was an attractor to them, they thought that they could then use me for that reason?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: That's good, I like to understand why things happen, and this helps a lot.

Zeta: All races have freewill.

Interviewer: Some are service to self and some are service to others.

Zeta: What would be the point of a race that was in service to another race unless they were slaves.

Interviewer: Yes, and there are no slaves, is that what you are saying?

Zeta: If an entity is working with another race, that is their choice.

Interviewer: And do these other races choose to work with the Dracos?

Zeta: There are many races, many individuals within races. Lets take the human race. There are individuals within the human race that we are interacting with. That does not mean that we are interacting with the human race.

Interviewer: No, this is true. So you are saying that some do align themselves with the Dracos and some don’t.

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: After we talked about the Orion beings the last time, the medium and I were communicating, and he suggested that I might still have the intention to seek an encounter with them. At that point I suddenly felt an external energy that spread throughout my body just for a brief time. I felt that after his suggestion that it might have had something to do with somebody looking to discover my true intentions. Do you think thats a possibility? Is it possible for someone to scan what I'm thinking and find out what I really think about certain things in that way?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: In this particular case, do you think it was maybe a Zeta doing that or was it perhaps one of the Orion races that we saw the image of.

Zeta: I do not have that information.

Interviewer: The morning after we talked about the Orion beings, I awakened from a dream, and in the dream I sensed an extraterrestrial being in a colourful place that was bright metallic green and silver. I felt that the being was frustrated and I don’t know why. I thought that perhaps it might have been trying to communicate with me in my dream and maybe influence me that way. Is that a possibility do you think?

Zeta: Yes, of course

Interviewer: It hasn’t happened since then, so he must have given up.

Zeta: You are unaware of what is taking place around you. You are uneducated in regards to what are the possibilities, what are the tendencies for other races to affect you. So the medium is aware and will be continually monitoring you and your behaviour. Quite often the medium will argue with you, trying to make you see if he is aware of something about you that is not according to the function that you are to perform.

You must be aware there are levels of influence for humans that move from the lowest form through to the highest form. This is a natural fabric, a natural creative process that is required for all beings to interact with humans. This is built into the quanta, yes. This allows the spirit beings to interact with humans, all other races to interact with humans, to have beings from an astral level to interact with humans. So, there is a inbuilt function into the consciousness of humanity, a inbuilt function into the consciousness of this planet that allows all beings to interact on any levels within the planet that would be inhabitants of the planet. This inbuilt process then allows all entities within this planet to interact with each other. This is the beginning of the collective consciousness of the race. Now, of course, others would seek to interfere with this races ability. They would seek to, as has been stated by others about reptilian races, they would seek to affect humans for their own purposes, to feed upon them.

Interviewer: Is it just to get energy, is that their purpose?

Zeta: They are a rudimentary species, at best.

Interviewer: Who, humans?

Zeta: No, the reptilians, they are rudimentary, yes. And so, they will affect humans as individuals, and those humans will affect others to create a line of energy potentials that feed back to that being.

Interviewer: Do you know what proportion of humanity might be affected by the reptilians?

Zeta: All humans.

Interviewer: So they affect one human in such a way that that one human will affect others, is that what you just described?

Zeta: Yes, it is a behaviour-based process.

Interviewer: But if all humans are being affected then there must be interactions among humans, the reptilian influence must interact if it spreads like that.

Zeta: But of course, many humans are only affected in a minor potential. It could be in regards to chemical usage.

Interviewer: There is sort of a myth among humans that only people in positions of power are influenced by reptilians but I guess you wouldn’t agree with that.

Zeta: No, of course not, because of the simple fact that there is an inbuilt global mechanism for connection which means that we ourselves could affect the whole race, if that was our intention. Of course, we honour your freewill, whereas another race does not.

Interviewer: Some people say they have seen a reptilian being. I'm just wondering how this can be. Can a reptilian be in the physical vibration so that all humans can see it?

Zeta: There are many potentials. Generally, the reptilians do not show themselves out of fear of disclosure, out of fear of a recognition that they are manipulating another. They work in secret. The less attention that they draw to themselves, the more they can influence another.

Interviewer: Their influence depends on people not being aware that they are being influenced.

Zeta: Yes, of course. Some will see these beings via consciousness. The medium has a term called objective mediumship where they seem to be able to see the full form of an entity standing in a room, but it is an image of consciousness.

Interviewer: Ok, is it a bit like a dream or stepping into the astral vibration, this objective consciousness?

Zeta: It is a projection.

Interviewer: It's an image just in the person’s mind?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Ok, so that’s different. Some people say they feel love from a reptilian companion.

Zeta: Yes, of course. There are, as with all races, beings that have moved to different states of consciousness. The medium has also encountered reptilians, although that is a derogatory way of talking about a being who has attained love.

Interviewer: How else could we refer to it?

Zeta: It is difficult to come up with words, yes. But there are beings of high-minded intention that seek to separate themselves from their own races. So some of those entities are very loving, yes. Others are not so, only seemingly provide that to their pets.

Interviewer: These loving reptilian beings, are they service to others kinds of motivations or are they still service to self?

Zeta: They can be both.

Interviewer: I guess if you’re service to self, then you would be treating others like a pet, as you say.

Zeta: Well, the human race is also in both categories, is it not?

Interviewer: I suppose thats true, yes.

Zeta: You are service to self when you feed and clothe yourself. You are in service to others when you show kindness.

Interviewer: But when I show kindness to my pet like a cat, then it could be argued that Im in service to self because I enjoy the cats presence.

Zeta: Receiving, yes of course.

Interviewer: And I suppose some reptilians could be like that towards humans.

Zeta: That is true of course.

Interviewer: So being a loving being does not necessarily mean being in service to others.

Zeta: A complicated subject.

Interviewer: There is another related matter that I would like to talk to you about, and I need to give you some background. A particular human has claimed to be involved with several non-human races. He speaks on a popular television channel, and many humans believe that what he says is true. He tells of one ET race which has a bird-like appearance with blue feathers, and so he calls it the Blue Avian race.

He says they have many planet-size, sometimes transparent, spherical craft that have moved into our solar system. He was chosen by the Blue Avians to be their spokesman to other races in the earth environment because he has a special empathic ability. He says the Blue Avians are here to help the human race free itself from the reptilian influence and so make human ascension easier.

Do you know of this race he calls Blue Avians?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: Oh you do! Ok, thats interesting.

Zeta: As does the medium as well.

Interviewer: They are not the same race as your origin, are they?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: Does this man's experience with the Blue Avians take place in our physical universe, or was he moved into an SQE without his knowledge?

Zeta: He may have interacted with those beings via telepathic processes.

Interviewer: So the Blue Avians exist independently of an SQE.

Zeta: Yes, of course. They are, as are many other races, countless races, in existence. They also incarnate into human form as higher self aspects so to support the human race. We have always said that we are one of the races that is incarnating into human form.

Interviewer: So there could be some hybrid humans that have a Blue Avian point of origin.

Zeta: Yes, that is why we have stated that about 30 percent of the human race are hybrid entities, but based in many species.

Interviewer: This man describes an extraterrestrial transporter technology that moves him instantaneously from his location on earth to another environment such as a spacecraft. The technology appears at his location as a ball of blue light. Are you familiar with this technology?

Zeta: Let me say initially when you were speaking, you said that there were many spherical craft. Yes of course, the medium has also been in these craft.

Interviewer: Oh, has he?

Zeta: They do not belong to one race. The planet is surrounded by these spheres, yes of course. They are all interlinked and are used by many of the nine races to uphold consciousness for the planet.

Interviewer: Yes, this man did mention meeting several other races inside the spheres.

Zeta: Yes, of course. The issue that humans have is they are consciously in isolation. They are only seeing their own race, where other races see each other.

Interviewer: There are people trying to end that lack of knowledge in humans, and its not an easy task for us. Apparently, there seems to be some resistance to allowing this to become common knowledge.

Zeta: This is control of a race.

Interviewer: And who is exercising that control? Is it what we discussed earlier, both man and ET.

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: I understand from this man that the Blue Avians have recently departed from the earth environment. Apparently, they were here to make it possible for humanity to help themselves escape from the reptilian influence. Are you aware of that kind of thing happening?

Zeta: I believe the humans have only one small part of the current story. And so, that is what his belief is. He may have also been told that to protect him, yes.

Interviewer: Can you elaborate on what is actually going on?

Zeta: There are, and always will be, conjoined spheres around the planet. The spheres are outside of the satellite technology range to not interfere with the orbit of the human technology. The spheres are able to be accessed by consciousness. Once the consciousness is inside the sphere, it then has a holographic representation of the being that has entered the sphere by consciousness. Also, many craft come and they align to the sphere. The spheres are populated with holographic conscious beings and also physical beings that also seek to abide by the process of supporting the planet.

Interviewer: Is one of the functions of the spheres to help humanity to get out from underneath the reptilian influence?

Zeta: Yes of course, so this is a highly complicated discussion. The planet itself is struggling with you as a race or species. You are poisoning your environment. The earth has its own consciousness. It is a living breathing organism. It seeks to be your mother, but of course you, like a virus, destroy your parent. We seek to create harmony for the planet, to give it back the loving relationship that is required, because it does not receive it from its inheritance.

Interviewer: Is one of the reasons why we are treating the planet so badly the presence of the reptilians?

Zeta: That is one of the reasons, yes. But of course, you must also have freewill. But once they are encapsulated, once they have an attachment, their freewill is no longer in action.

Interviewer: So perhaps that was the objective of the Blue Avians, to remove the attachments as much as possible?

Zeta: They are one of many races. How the human which is conveying the message has perception of the message is related to the human. They will not have the complete image of what has taken place. No human can have that image. The medium was taken to the spheres and has been in the spheres with us to see what is being created.

Interviewer: He’s mentioned the spheres that you have described where you focus, I suppose love, on the earth.

Zeta: Yes, that is the journey, yes.

Interviewer: But those are different spheres than what this other man was talking about, is that correct?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: They are the same ones?

Zeta: Yes of course.

Interviewer: Oh, I see, Ok, that changes my image of whats happening a little bit.

Zeta: A combined effort, yes.

Interviewer: This man sounded as if things were improving with regard to the reptilian influence. If that is the case, then perhaps we might be in a better position to clean up the planet.

Zeta: There are certain geographical locations which would be seemingly in a better position, but each interaction is on a second-by-second basis, each individual human.

Interviewer: This man also talked about an old race of beings that lived beneath the earths surface. Do you know of such a thing?

Zeta: There are many beings.

Interviewer: Could they exist without our knowledge below the surface of the earth?

Zeta: That is possible, yes.

Interviewer: It seems a little far fetched to me but maybe its possible, with high enough technology.

Zeta: But there are many planets. The potential for a race to hide within the planet infrastructure is highly not likely, but there is the potential that it is possible.

Interviewer: Yes, you said that on your home planet, you all live below the surface now too.

Zeta: Yes of course, but that is not your planet, it is a different planet. We must terminate.

Interviewer: All right, thank you very much for speaking.

Friday, 27 April 2018


[The first part is a conversation between the interviewer and the medium. The Zeta enters the conversation later.]

Suzy Hansen has a nice description of flying a craft. It is not a zeta craft but probably operates the same way from what she says. See

Alien Abductee explains how to fly a UFO, Suzy Hansen with Grant Cameron.
Suzy has flown the craft and establishes the connection there is to consciousness, and how to connect to the consciousness of the ship.

That's generally a very common screen memory. It provides control to the mind when chaos is present.

Direct control with a conscious craft I thought was noteworthy.

It takes more than one being to operate a craft.

I did not know that from what they said.

Zetas travel in threes.

Yes I remember you commented on that once. Well, who knows who else helped Suzy fly. Probably there was close supervision lol

Or it is a screen memory, humans like to feel in control.

Yes, who can say.

Medium: Yes. Ok so, I've just watched both videos.
 The video,, is about a scanning machine she saw in a craft. I’ll give her that one.

Ok good, have you seen that too?

Yes, and used it.

Ok nice.

On a terminally ill human with a genetic disorder.

Really? Where did you get it.

Walmart (haha). Where do you think it came from?

No idea, did you have it delivered?

It was the circular one in a SQE built in the room, a medical SQE. You’re thinking now.

Yah, you bet.

Physical beings in a SQE....


The circle appeared in the room on the roof. Light like rain dropped to the patient in a firm sheet and scanned the body back and forwards. I was shocked and also stunned to see it. Then I was moved to the end of the feet of the person and they recompiled the person’s DNA, decompiled and recompiled.

Yes, it does sound similar to Suzy’s description, but for the last bit.

They did a rudimentary scan in her.

Sounds amazing, it’ll be a while before we can do that.

The Zeta elder can do it without technology, but the Zeta guide can’t. It's a genetic predisposition to technologies.

So it’s sophisticated even for them.

[The Zeta entered the conversation here]

Also, they must be present in the human container [i.e., the medium's physical body]. If the consciousness is extended through a human container, the Zeta elder can do it as there are implanted technologies in the container. But the Zeta guide is at his own point of reference. The SQE was an extension of the craft.

This place you were in, it is different from the SQE they described to us. It sounds like a different technology.

I answered that.

Well, you still called it an SQE the last time we talked about this.

I mean as an extension of the craft.

Oh yes, so was the craft physical?


Ok that makes more sense.

But dematerialised craft, as an argument, are then physical in a human sense of the word.

Yes, just like our astral bodies are physical.

So craft are operational in many forms. One is prior to creation. Secondary principle is the integration to the cellular structure of the creation of the craft, third is through the puberty of the craft in stasis, fourth is when the craft is pre-operational.


Fifth is when the craft is mature. Puberty as in a length of time the craft must be in gestation.

Ok, so when you and the patient entered the extension of the craft, your vibration was changed to match the craft?

Also in the pre-operational period, there is infrastructure placed in the the craft, like a skeletal frame, as the craft must provide nutrition to the occupants. The SQE was an extension of the craft’s consciousness, so meant that technologies on the craft were represented in the room as part of the craft.

But lowered to the physical vibration?

Like a etheric form of a physical item [answers the question]. The occupants in the room were increased in frequency.

Yes, ok.

To allow technologies to activate.

Would they have become invisible to onlookers?

Any human entering the room would have blacked out. The two humans who were in the room as observers were placed in a trance state.

But theoretically they were dematerialized, you and the patient.

Phase shifted, is a better term.

Ok, but it means moved to a higher vibration.

Yes, that would be a recognized understanding.

Thank you, another technology that is interesting to know about.

Do you know if the person in the video that the medium saw today, did she actually help fly a craft?

Humans do not fly or navigate craft in our race, I do not know what another race may do, but technically it's not possible.

Do humans lack the ability to control consciousness.

They lack the expansive state of awareness which is required to reuse the local consciousness. To reuse is to re-task the local consciousness and interface with another consciousness successfully. Even the medium cannot control a craft unless aided consciously.

The state of expansion is required to create as well, you said. Is this ability to create also required to control craft?

And since consciousness is aided, it is not the individual experience. It is a controlled process, so the local mind is excluded, so that is not a true experience.

Ah, I see, so as the medium said, it was a screen memory. Was it self-imposed, or was it provided by the craft occupants?

Occupants. Often humans are unconscious in their endeavours.

So she was probably unaware while on board the craft.

Or when being interacted with. There is no desire to teach humans to control technology, it is akin to letting a child use advanced weaponry.

The medium thought the medical device she described was one she experienced.

She was experiencing that technology. The medical technology, that is common.

What determines what is actually experienced and what is not.

Training, genetics, consciousness, blending. The last being what hybrid status is held for the human and the container, status as in what blending has occurred.

Your mean hybrid consciousness, not biological hybrid? I ask because hybridization of DNA is going on as well apparently.

Consciousness, yes.

I don’t know what race this woman was interacting with.

The human must go to sleep now.

Ok thank you

[The medium explained a half hour later, “I was put to sleep. I’ve got some things that needed attention, so that was sorted out”]


Interviewer: I have been telling people that matter is a perceptual illusion.

Zeta: Understanding that all matter is space, and between the space is consciousness,
that without the consciousness matter holds no form.

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: As quanta suggests, it is a matter of form and creation. These are the underlying principles of creational processes. But how is the original form created if it never exists, if it has not existed in the fabric? All things exist, things of matter, for all races and existences depending on their universality, on their need to inhabit each definable universe. If it does not exist as a requirement for a race to be in a specific location then the quanta does not support that mechanism. So, each race is held in existence by the underlying forms available to them. What is to exist already exists, unless it does not need to exist. Simplicity, at its best.

Interviewer: Yes I have heard that before. We have memories recorded in the astral as streams of conscious energy. Other races in other realms do not because there is no need.

Zeta: Yes, no requirement.

Interviewer: I want to discuss my influence on the book outside of time, but we can do this another time.

Zeta: Discuss...

Interviewer: Ok, I understand that my behaviour in the present time can influence the book in the past. Is this influence only people’s perception or does the book change physically?

Zeta: Writings change as a human changes. It is perception.

Interviewer: Perception can be people’s thoughts about the book. or it can be the contents of the book itself, the actual words used.

Zeta: the changes are not physical.

Interviewer: Ok good.

Zeta: Perceptions of you change the way humans perceive the information in the writings.

Interviewer: Yes understood, I just needed to clear that up.

Zeta: That is why when you are gone, this issue will not exist.

Interviewer: Yes of course, unless I change people’s perception in spirit realm.

Zeta: They must take the perception into spirit realm. That is the only entry point. The humans who inquire of the astral realms do so at their own risk and also only see what they desire to see. It is a malleable existence, a combination of many thoughts. Expectation of knowledge from a ever changing point of existence will not produce factual information.

Interviewer: But can other spirits in spirit realm change their perception of me, and thus the information I bring with me?

Zeta: As this fabric is ever changing, spirits will sense and understand your knowledge, and in doing so will see one reality.

Interviewer: Ok good.

Zeta: If they choose to accept that reality, then there is a combining of knowledge and experience. These are conceptual existences dependant on the spirits’ intention and creational purposes.

Interviewer: In this physical world, what I do now will retroactively change what people in the past have thought about the work?

Zeta: No, the now of yesterday will not be changed to suit a purpose. It is this creational point on the time line which provides perception, this now. Humans are not to change the past. The threads do not combine correctly if even a future event is intentioned incorrectly, as the medium has found.

Interviewer: Ok I see, so the perception of the book will change only from this point forward.

Zeta: The combined reality distinguishes itself as not being in harmony with the current time line. It changes continually based on a human’s perspective. There is not a diminutive process of knowledge, it is ever increasing.

Interviewer: So if I behave negatively, it may reflect badly on the book, but people will remember that at one time it was better, different. The knowledge accumulates.

Zeta: It is a perception. Do you wish to behave badly?

Interviewer: No, I am speaking hypothetically, like a thought experiment.

Zeta: This session is discontinued due to interference.

[Another person entered the room]

Thursday, 26 April 2018


Zeta: Begin your questioning process.

Interviewer: How shall I begin? I’ve had an experience in the last month or so that we would like your views on if you wouldn’t mind. The medium and I are both unsure as to what’s happening. It involves another possibly extraterrestrial race, and we don’t know who it is, and the medium thinks that we should be careful when we deal with this being. If you’ll allow me, I will explain what’s been happening. I have a friend in England, in another country who has a video camera that operates with infrared light, and she uses it to take pictures of animals that come into her backyard at night, and just for her own enjoyment. One night there was a very strange image on the video that depicted two non-human beings, and this was very interesting. Then a week later there was another image that showed two blobs of light and another smaller light. I have my own interpretation of that, but we are not exactly certain of course whether it’s correct. The thing is, during that week both my friend in the other country and myself experienced a fair amount of insomnia, we had difficulty sleeping at night. So we feel that we may have been affected by what was going on with this probably extraterrestrial being. We are unsure as to how to proceed, and we wanted to discuss what was happening with you in case you had any ideas as to what was going on.

Zeta: Your name for that race in the human tongue is Orion.

Interviewer: Orion? There looked to be two different races present. Which one would be the Orion, the one that looked humanoid? Would that be the Orion? There was another being there that looked like it had eyes on the end of protuberances the came out of its head.

Zeta: Many entities come from that system.

Interviewer: Oh I see, ok. Should we be concerned about interacting with this being - or these beings? Is there a potential for harm, I guess is what I’m asking.

Zeta: Yes, there is potential for harm.

Interviewer: Is there also potential for good?

Zeta: There is potential for education. But if you are to be in communication with them, then you will need to be in separation from us.

Interviewer: Ok, and how can we ensure that that is the case. Am I normally in separation from you?

Zeta: There are levels of interaction. There is interaction with consciousness, so while you are asleep, this is to protect the local consciousness, the local mind.

Interviewer: Ok, so I may interact with your race while I’m asleep.

Zeta: Yes, you do, yes. That is to remove the possibility of the mind of the human to interfere with the teaching process.

Interviewer: This teaching process, when will it become evident to me in my waking state. When will I know what I’ve learned?

Zeta: Your subconscious mind understands what the local mind or consciousness cannot understand. To bring this information into the local mind, that means that the local mind will distort what the subconscious mind understands.

Interviewer: How will this information be used then if I don’t bring it into my local consciousness?

Zeta: Let me suggest to you that the information is the underlying principle that you understand of our work, that it is in place for when you are documenting, that we may influence the outcome.

Interviewer: I can understand how that could happen when I was still documenting, but now that the documenting process is over, is it still happening?

Zeta: Humans have a perception of time that is not our perception.

Interviewer: Can you explain?

Zeta: These communications are, while you are alive in your physical form, they are not based on your time function.

Interviewer: Right, I understand. So When I receive information from you now at night, that can still influence the documentation process which I think is now over.

Zeta: Yes, of course. But let me say that if you wish to work with another race, then we will discontinue contact.

Interviewer: I see, that explains a lot. What would you recommend that I do? What would be the best way forward?

Zeta: Your time frame that you have left, of course, you seek health in your limited time left, yes. It will not be health once you step away from us.

Interviewer: So I risk my health if I leave you and try to communicate with other races.

Zeta: That is a natural phenomenon that all beings must accommodate.

Interviewer: The information that I have already made available about this experience with the infrared camera, do you think I should leave what I have already made public, and just ignore anything new? That shouldn’t interfere with our relationship, should it?

Zeta: The medium has relationship with other beings of other races. That information stands by itself.

Interviewer: And that’s all right. That doesn’t interfere with his relationship with you.

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: So does the same thing apply in my case? I can talk to people about what appeared on the video and it wouldn’t interfere with our relationship?

Zeta: Will you be disclosing all of the information?

Interviewer: That is my intention. What I have received so far has nothing to do with your race.

Zeta: What I’m saying is, you must disclose to humans all aspects of communications.

Interviewer: Even with other races?

Zeta: If you have had an effect, then you must educate.

Interviewer: Ok. So I should go ahead and tell people what I’ve learned about these other races. I don’t want to interfere with what we have already done with you.

Zeta: Tell me your experience.

Interviewer: My experience with this new race? Well, the experience is very limited. In the first video they gave us images of themselves, and in the second one they gave an image that looked to me, my interpretation is, that it represented a binary  star system that is closest to us. I’m not quite sure what the meaning is, I suspect they are trying to tell us - since we know something about this binary star system ourselves, they wanted us to know that we were talking about the same system, and therefore telling us that they were physical beings. That is my interpretation. Can you in any way confirm that that might be right?

Zeta: We are interested in how you are affected.

Interviewer: It was mostly afterwards when I was not able to sleep very well. I kept waking up during the night. This is normal when you get older, but it happened more often than it did before. When I talked to my friend in the other country, she also said that there was a lot of this going on with her as well, a lot of insomnia, more than usual. That was the main symptom. She said she also had headaches occasionally.

Zeta: Yes, they seek to make communication with you.

Interviewer: Ok, that is what was happening. I’m not consciously aware of anything that might be considered communications, so they have not been very successful, I guess.

Zeta: There must be to communicate, an alien mechanism for communication, as with the medium required many earth years to create a communication device within the structure of the human body. But this process is difficult for the human to consume. Be aware that your body will undergo extreme changes - emotional and psychological.

Interviewer: I’m not sure if I want to do that. I don’t know why I would want to do that, I guess is the issue.

Zeta: They, a race, would try to build on what their perception is of what already exists within you, using what we have created as a stepping stone into your consciousness.

Interviewer: That sounds like a positive thing though, does it not? The only difficulty is that it would make me ill.

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: It probably would take years for me to develop the capacity as well, so perhaps I do not have enough time left to do that.

Zeta: Let me say they would not attempt this if they had not seen, or have the belief, that you have the potential to be changed. But that is because they are in error. They believe that changes that support you are a natural occurrence.

Interviewer: So you would suggest that they are wrong and that I would not succeed.

Zeta: I am stating that they have a perception that your natural abilities are of your own making, not understanding that it is the communication with our race that has put you in this position.

Interviewer: Yes, I think I agree with you. My psychic ability is relatively normal for the human race, which means it’s not very high. So my natural ability can’t be counted on, I would think.

Zeta: But the being that is appearing externally would see frequency that would support contact, yes, not understanding that you were supported by us into this frame of reference.

Interviewer: I see, and still being supported, from what you say.

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: Unfortunately, my local consciousness is not aware that that is happening, and I kind of miss that. I was aware when we were working on the book, and now I don’t feel your presence very much at all. Is there some way we can re-establish that kind of connection?

Zeta: Yes, of course. So it has been decided today that you and the medium will be sitting together.

Interviewer: Oh, as we are now?

Zeta: Yes of course.

Interviewer: And we sill continue doing this?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Ok, good.

Zeta: And will I feel your presence more then, when I am not communicating directly with you?

Zeta: That will be an association that will be made in time.

Interviewer: Ok, so as I communicate more with you then this will build.

Zeta: Yes, of course. But if you choose through freewill to assist the other race, then we must withdraw.

Interviewer: Right, ok, I understand. I think I would prefer to stay in communication with you, all things considered.

Zeta: You must understand that you are under our protection.

Interviewer: Ok, that’s good too, yes.

Zeta: If you reject the race, our race, then we must remove that protection.

Interviewer: How can I make it plain that I reject the other race?

Zeta: That is intention, is it not?

Interviewer: I understand better now why I should not attempt to contact other races. Thank you for that, you explained that quite well.

Zeta: The medium may, on another occasion allow them to come to speak to you.

Interviewer: Ok, that would be good.

Zeta: But of course the medium’s local consciousness must be convinced of their intention, if also they seek to harm the medium.

Interviewer: Yes, can we count on you to make it plain what their intentions are?

Zeta: I will always protect the container while it suits my purpose.

Sitter: So you know that Joanne, our daughter, is doing much better due to your advice.

Zeta: Yes, I want to ask you now about that. Can you elucidate on that for me?

Sitter: About her? It was nickel metal that was all throughout her body, and she has investigated the types of food she eats and to lessen the nickel in her body. It’s really helped to put together information for other people who have a nickel allergy. She is sharing that information and helping hundreds of thousands of other people. It’s really good.

Zeta: You are emotional. Let me say, “By their fruit you shall know them”. We give information that supports the race. We provide help when required, if possible. So from one incident, so with your daughter, that information is now supporting others in your race.

Sitter: Yes, many, many others.

Zeta: The medium has undergone the process of irritable bowel syndrome, which has now been completed.

Interviewer: So he is no longer suffering from that.

Zeta: No. So, having had that experience, he as well as others are able to support other humans. That must be the prime understanding. How does this support the race? If it does not support the race, then it is in service to self. So any contact that you have must be shared, whether good or bad, using earth words, so that humans may learn.

Interviewer: And that includes the information that I have accumulated so far about this contact on the video.

Zeta: That is a correct function, yes. To keep that to yourself does a disservice to you and other humans who could learn.

Interviewer: Ok. And if I receive further information from my friend in the other country, should I continue to look at that and try to understand it?

Zeta: Yes, of course, but you must also be aware that all of the information must be given, not just what you choose. How did it make you feel? What were the effects? Because, if others experience the same process, then you have given them education. You have empowered them, yes. [See documentation here.]

Interviewer: So this contact with the other race, this second-hand contact really, because I am receiving it via video from this other person, that is not considered communication with the race.

Zeta: This is the difficulty that they will seek to change you.

Interviewer: Ok, and I should intend to not let that happen, if I wish to do so.

Zeta: What is their intention?

Interviewer: Well, that I don’t know, you see.

Zeta: Would you give yourself to them without knowing their intention?

Interviewer: No, and so I should not have further contact with them until they make their intention clear. Is that what you are saying?

Zeta: Look at the medium’s journey, carefully. There was much patience, much time required to build relationship with the human.

Interviewer: So I should not prevent them in any way telling me what their intentions are?

Zeta: Intentions are shown by actions.

Interviewer: Ok. Well I guess as long as you are around to help me understand what is happening around me, we can probably deal with that.

Zeta: But you must be willing to change.

Interviewer: Well I don’t want to lose contact with you, so that says that I should not change. Is that not correct?

Zeta: We have put into practice as of this day that you are to sit with the medium.

Interviewer: So I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize that.

Zeta: That is your choice.

Interviewer: That is my choice. Does this mean that I should restrict any attempt by the other being to make its intention known to me?

Zeta: Ask yourself, why do you seek this?

Interviewer: Why should I care what its intentions are, is what you’re saying?

Zeta: Yes, why do you seek this?

We spent many hundreds of your hours understanding the neurological processes of this human body, how to interact and then remove, how to breathe, how to move the finger. Now of course, the medium suffered greatly, but he was much younger than he is now. The physical rigours of the contact, the psychological changes were able to be metabolized due to his age and physical fitness structure. Also, there was a total commitment to the process.

Interviewer: Well, I don’t think I could have that total commitment, especially if it might mean losing contact with your race, because I don’t want to interfere with work we have already done.

Zeta: Are you xxx xxx with this?

Interviewer: Well, this is the way you have explained it to me, and that would be my choice. I think the best thing for me is to not seek further communication with this other contact.

Zeta: You may document accurately all of the information and present it to humans.

Interviewer: Ok, that’s really all I wanted to do anyway. That sounds good, I think the way is clear now.

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: They say the Orion system... it’s a common understanding here among humans that there is a service to self race that originates from there and is affecting much of human society here. Would you say that that was true?

Zeta: That is a correct statement, yes.

Interviewer: Is that were the reptilian and draconian races come from?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: The image that we got in the first video dd not look like a reptilian, so there must be other races as well that... I guess we don’t know what the intention of this race was, whether they wished us harm or not.

Zeta: My statement initially was that many races come from that area, yes.

Interviewer: Yes, and some might wish us well and some might not.

Zeta: That is correct.

Interviewer: Thank you for coming to talk with us, that is much appreciated.

Zeta: You have clarity.

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: We bring clarity.

Interviewer: You do, yes. My initial question when we first started talking, would you be at all interested in addressing that? I was interested in what kind of activities you were involved in when you’re not talking to us.

Zeta: I am with the medium.

Interviewer: You are, but your race is involved in other activities around our earth having to do with the human race.

Zeta: That is correct, yes.

Interviewer: Can that be talked about or would that interfere?

Zeta: There are many interactions between beings and humans. There are many interactions with  other races, between humans and our race. It is, to use one of your words, busy.

Interviewer: Yes, I see. One of the big issues that humans are facing at the moment is global warming they call it, or climate change, and it’s become a political issue. I’m wondering if you can tell us if there is something to be worried about the overall temperature of the earth increasing to beyond a sustainable level.

Zeta: Humans must consider that the planet that they exist on cannot continue to do so.

Interviewer: Yes, but is it the human race’s fault or is it a natural phenomenon that would occur anyway?

Zeta: It is the humans. They also have polluted the planet.

Interviewer: Yes, I agree.

Zeta: They have also polluted the outer atmosphere, and they also have caused distortion by amplification of thought processes through technologies. So prior to the introduction of communications services driven by satellite technologies, there was only individual minds speaking to the individual humans. But now of course, the amplification of dissemination of communication processes is now a global phenomenon. This global phenomenon is permeating other races.

Interviewer: Oh is it? How is that happening? Is it an awakening of a telepathic ability?

Zeta: No, it is a distortion of consciousness, it is an amplitude process of consciousness that has been achieved through technology by your race.

Interviewer: So if you have many people thinking the same thing because of this mass communication, then that’s a distortion of the consciousness process.

Zeta: Yes of course, because they are controlled, they are manipulated.

Interviewer: So too many people thinking the same thing is not good.

Zeta: Unless of course it is of a nature, of a frequency that is based in love.

Interviewer: Ok, then it’s ok.

Zeta: Because it is pure and clear. When you are confronted, you pollute the emotion.

Interviewer: Does it have something to do with the state of vibration then? Lower vibration consciousness...

Zeta: ... yes of course, are based in fear. Rather than a communication on a global scale bringing humans together, it is used to create fear globally. These pollutions are worse than the physical pollutions.

Interviewer: Yes I can understand that.

Zeta: This is why education is required.

[checking the time]

Zeta: There are many considerations, William, when dealing with races, many that you are unaware of.

Interviewer: I hope you will point them out to me when the opportunities arise.


Interviewer: We live in a 3rd dimension, from my understanding, and there are many other dimensions out there. I’m curious about the Zeta race, what dimension they live in.

Zeta: We exist within the framework of the third dimensional aspect of a physical entity. But of course, the dimension of consciousness is not a construct that is measurable under any circumstance.

Interviewer: If a being introduces itself as a multidimensional being, what does that mean?

Zeta: What does it mean to the entity?

Interviewer: Yes.

Zeta: That they are unable to determine or understand what dimension you exist in, and so they use terminology that is understood by the human mind.

Interviewer: Are you familiar with the terminology when I talk about dimensions?

Zeta: yes, of course.

Interviewer: I was reading the other day about a being living in the 6th dimension. I never thought of a multidimensional being living in just one dimension. I thought they would go across all the dimensions, or most of them depending on where they reside. Are you able to help me understand that in my terminology?

Zeta: That is one aspect of existence, yes. Do you live in the water?

Interviewer: No, I don’t live in the water.

Zeta: Why not?

Interviewer: Because I can’t breathe in the water.

Zeta: Ah yes, but the aquatic entities live in the water. They live in the physical dimension  that is understood by the consciousness of that entity and the physical parameters of their body which allows them to exist. If you should bring many of them into this existence, they would perish.

Interviewer: So if a multidimensional being has come to assist someone in this dimension, how would they go about it if they can’t exist?

Zeta: Ah, as stated before, consciousness is not confined to aspects of dimensional existence.

Interviewer: So they would not have a physical representation as we are used to, a physical form, it could be anything else as well, couldn’t it?

Zeta: They may exist within their own framework. The perception they have of themselves and their society may be very much akin to the reality that you understand. But of course, the physical existence that they understand pertains to their level of consciousness. It is not a perception of matter.

Interviewer: So with that dimension being within our spirit realm where we function, and the zeta race is apart from that, so different. So would a multidimensional being be a part of our spirit realm?

Zeta: This question is multifaceted. There is potential that an entity from the oversoul is presenting itself as a non-corporeal entity for guidance purposes. That would then be part of the spirit realm process due to the nature of consciousness not knowing the aspects of dimensions.

Other beings live outside of this universe. They observe the universe, they experience via this universe, as the universe for them is a universe of matter, one of comparison and experience.

When you view a grain of sand on one of your beaches, the grain of sand may view the observation as a multidimensional aspect of consciousness, seeking to guide it. Consider yourself as the grain of sand, as the light from you star shines upon the beach as it warms the sand, that is also considered to be guidance from a multidimensional entity.

It is how you consider what is your frame of reference which will determine the understanding process which you will inhabit that will allow you to experience yourself. That is your truth, and the only truth that you can allow yourself to experience.

Interviewer1: I have a question about the multidimensional beings. How does one validate any information that comes through from an entity that claims to be a multidimensional being? To me there is no way of validating it.

Zeta: That is correct.

Interviewer1: So where would this information be coming from? Would it be coming from the higher self or would it be from an actual multidimensional being?

Zeta: Does the light of the sun warm all matter?

Interviewer1: Yes, it does

Zeta: Does it distinguish between the matter?

Interviewer1: No.

Zeta: Does it care about the different races of the species?

Interviewer1: No, not at all.

Zeta: How do you know that you are being warmed by the star?

Interviewer1: I can feel it.

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer1: So if I read these messages, I trust how I feel about it and let them become my truth, I suppose.

Zeta: If that is the truth that you require.

Interviewer: Back to your analogy using the sun, you say you feel warm and makes you feel good, I can say with the sun, yes I feel warm, but it has also caused me harm. It has caused cancer. Going deeper in my first question, how can we trust? How can we know?

Zeta: It is not for me to determine for you what you perceive as the truth. You have come here into this existence. You seek to understand yourself via this existence. All things that are brought to you by yourself are instruments of teaching.

Interviewer1: That’s interesting, as it relates to the channelled entity...

Zeta: Imagine that you are on a journey you call a holiday. Why do you go on a holiday? To experience what you would not normally experience. And so the entities often come and speak, because for them it is a method of experiencing what they are unable to experience. You become the reflection within a multidimensional aspect within another dimension for them. They then understand themselves differently, as you understand yourselves differently when you have listened or read their information.

Back to the beach analogy, the entity is one grain of sand. At the other end of the beach is the receiving entity believing itself to be different.

Interviewer: So they are not really different?

Zeta: Ah, humans always seek to understand within a limited framework, to provide mechanisms that are frameworks so they can accurately consider, not understanding that they have created the framework for the understanding.

Interviewer: From your perspective, we are here to develop ourselves and learn more about ourselves and be that brighter light so that we aren’t one sand at one end of the beach but the whole beach.

Zeta: The grain of sand can only be what it is. That is based on the way that it has formed its organic body in matter. Each angular aspect of the grain of sand allows it to have perception based on the way it has formed itself. And you are the same. You cannot have perception as this one has perception. You are trapped, you are locked into what you have created for yourself. Can you change your personality?

Interviewer: Not permanently.

Zeta: Why is that?

Interviewer: Because of our DNA and our genetics and also how we are raised.

Zeta: So, you are what you have become. That is the only perception that is available to you. You have grown within yourselves. It does not give the ability to understand from another perspective of another human.

Humans believe that they must save one another, but there is nothing to save.

Interviewer1: Because it is just a belief system?

Zeta: Yes, of course. Better to be than to be another.

Often a human does not grow unless they are under pressure, in distress, taken out of their comfort zone. How one behaves, in most circumstances, defines their true nature. That is the lesson.

Do not be mistaken, your own journey will be filled with darkness.

Interviewer: Can you help me understand what that means?

Zeta: When you are in darkness as humans say, you must reach out. There is no reaching out in the light. There is no comfort in darkness. There is no searching for self-perception in the light. There is no capacity to reflect in the light. You wish to find yourself to understand the dimensions of your existence. You will not find them in the light.

Interviewer1: For me, darkness would be determined by one’s perception of what was happening around them.

Zeta: Yes, of course. To be surrounded by catastrophic events, one must go inside to seek out its own true nature. If those events did not exist, the opportunity to seek out one’s true nature is not available.

Not all lessons are for when you are living. One lesson when you are human is that you must exchange your money for to get things. That lesson is not appropriate for when you have transitioned. But what does provide clarity on the definition of who you are is to place you in a situation where you must find yourself under extreme circumstances.

You cannot seek potential, but also stay within your confines.

Interviewer: I think I understand what you mean by staying within ones comfort zone.

Zeta: No. You have, as have all others, come into this existence to experience at a level that you are able to understand. Often, a human will believe that the abilities that they have are to support others, but they are only a reflection.

What can you not do? Can you avoid your lesson?

Interviewer: I don’t believe so.

Zeta: Then what choice do you really have?

For some, the greatest trial exists after living on this planet.

Interviewer: When you pass.

Friday, 26 May 2017


If I remember correctly, Scole was fairly successful until the end.

Even the end was useful, information-wise. We learned about the hazards of portals etc.

It alerted me to a possible issue, one which I took on seriously.

(The Zeta entered the conversation here)

Once confronted by it, it was simply a matter of diminishing it.

The way humans perceive portals is not the same as another race or being would do so.
They are perceptions, processes of continuance, intertwining various energies into manifestations like a thread.... from one point to another.

The issue with manifesting a portal from within matter is that the substructures of the matter are a influence. That influence is then a distortion to the portal.

This is why humans are used in some case to manage the portal, their physical circumference is required in the creation method...

They are a fluid body. This enables a type of encrypted process to manage the substructure of the end points, and the tube mechanism as well. It individualizes the creative prospects of the manifestation of the portal.

This mechanism then allows no others to intervene in the transfer of matter or knowledge - a manufactured environment affecting the medium’s abilities as well.

The Zetas use the medium’s physical body to prevent interference by others when creating a portal?

Yes we do.

How is the etheric template different from creations in energetic realms, if they have a different effect on portal creation?

What is the etheric template referring to?
There is no clarity.

I think you referred to the substructures underlying matter having a different effect on the portal.

That being the difference between the consciousness of a physical human being compared to a varied consciousness of a solid state of matter pertaining to a mirrored portal.

Oh I see.

You are held in high esteem due to your writings.

There are some positive comments, I appreciate that.

Clarification: by your race.
It is a good work.

Yes, understood. I would like it to be recognized by the scientific community, but am not expecting it since the source of the information is questionable to them.

Many who transition to the spirit realm recognize the work done.

Ah, do they?

(The Zeta left)

Sunday, 13 November 2016


Interviewer: The medium states that in the sitting where the Zeta was awakened, that two conversations took place. One was recorded and the other one wasn’t. In the unrecorded audio, it was said that there would be a strategic intervention, or a targeted intervention with the human race if nuclear was started. In the audio it said nothing like that. Which is the correct statement, or are both statements right or wrong? The ultimate question is, will you, the zeta race, intervene if nuclear war started amongst humans?

Zeta: Do you choose to perish?

Interviewer: No, I don’t.

Zeta: No race chooses to perish, but there would be methods, there would be analysis, there would be systems, there would be potentials, there would be discussions to gauge the ramifications of the planet irradiating itself via the human hosts. There are methods for dealing with this technology. I will now be speaking plainly to you, yes? It is preferred that this not take place, as you are also not wanting that to take place. But if it does take place, there are methods of dealing with a radiated planet. A unfortunate effect, a side effect, would be the decimation of all life, of course.

Interviewer: It is possible that the human race could be destroyed, either by a natural disaster like a solar flare or by weapons of mass destruction. How would the destruction of the human race on this particular timeline affect the spirit realm?

Zeta: There would be a diminished potential. The consciousness that broadcasts itself from the human host would cease to exist. That consciousness would then move to the non-physical form. There would be a lessening of potential if humans did not exist from this specific location.

Interviewer: Would the effect on the spirit realm be minimized because incarnated spirits exist on multiple timelines?

Zeta: I have answered that, but to say the way that a consciousness exists in a physical form in another existence is not the same as existing within this potential. This potential is, to use human words, the middle of frequency. This potential is where all other potentials exist from. But may I say, just as a human may exist on many timelines, the non-synchronous event ultimately, through termination, cascades across all timelines. There would be potential that if this timeline saw the cessation of this planet’s ability to sustain life, there would be effects across many other timelines.

Interviewer: Under what conditions would the Zeta race assist the human race if it were threatened by destruction?

Zeta: Those conditions are reliant on what decisions the humans make.

Interviewer: How could the Zeta race best assist the human race in such a situation?

Zeta: A sampling has been taken.

Interviewer: Would you just use that sampling on another planet, or would you use it after the race was destroyed to start a new race?

Zeta: There  is potential that humans will exist even if there is a catastrophic event. There is the potential to re-seed a race. But of course, it is the environment, it is the biological entity that is your planet that is more a concern for a race. So there would be selective intervention.

Interviewer: You have said that there are millions of human beings across the planet who seek to support the collective consciousness of the human race to a greater potential. This level of development presumable took many generations to achieve. Are these people at their level of development a valuable resource that Zetas would wish to save in the face of disaster?

Zeta: As with our own race when we moved to a core consciousness, there is potential for those consciousness to be gathered, and to be made into a valued consciousness, whereby the existence of spirit realm would no longer be required.

Interviewer: You have said that you represent the conglomerate of consciousness that exists. However, you said that you “do not frequent the omnipresent capacity of the conglomerate.” So you represent the conglomerate, but you are not everywhere present. Yet the conglomerate could hear the sitter's intercession for the human race. Could you clarify the relations amongst yourself, the conglomerate, the medium, and the sitter?

Zeta: When that discussion took place, the voices in the room were able to be heard by others - a gesture by us to allow you to allow your voice, your thoughts and concerns as individuals to be projected to other consciousness that are also controlling mechanisms for their own races - not control as a human would control, simply to put it in perspective, would be the same as you speaking to your spirit friends. But this conversation was heard, was listened to by others who have potential to intervene in matters on this planet. Humans generally are allowed to go about their lives. What they do to each other is within the capacity of this human existence. When other races interact with humans, the interaction takes place outside of the local consciousness of the human. There is a layer of consciousness that the humans are interacting with, so mostly it does not affect humans when they are living their lives. This interaction takes place for many reasons, but primarily it is to interact with our own and with other races who have their own here as well.

Interviewer: The medium experienced being in a higher state of consciousness while he was with you in your expanded state. He said afterwards, “I was fully myself like never before.” Could you describe the nature of his state of consciousness during that time, compared to his normal trance state?

Zeta: They are simplistic analogies, to state that there is comparison. There are not grades of consciousness, but there is a point of spatial awareness. Those points of awareness bring with them potentials to access other levels of communication.

Interviewer: So why was that one state so different? Why did he feel more himself?

Zeta: Because that is who the medium is. Not all portions of consciousness are in separation from the container, and to be woken up means to exist in full potential within and without physical form.

Interviewer: The medium remembers that words were spoken by the expanded Zeta being while he was in that higher state. He does not remember those words, and they were not recorded on the recording device. Can you say the words to us now?

Zeta: I have addressed that potential to you in this room.

Interviewer: During the higher state of consciousness, the medium was shown two disk-shaped, planet-size craft. Can you describe the purpose of such craft, the interior of the craft, who occupies them, and by how many beings?

Zeta: It is unknown how many beings, they are transitory processes that hold much technology. They are methods of transportation from one point of existence to another within the physical universe. They are used as means of bringing together all beings that are required to a point. They are not generally classed as craft. They are methods of transportation for many different races.

Interviewer: [asked long question about why there are people who live to gain things and power without concern of consequences - questioned the role of emotions in coming to a possibility of destruction]

Zeta: Who has stated that the planet is to terminate?

Interviewer: No, no one has stated that the planet is to terminate. I wish people could look at the greater picture and see the planet for what it is, and laugh and be grateful and live in peace. Is this one of the reasons why races such as yours got rid of emotions?

Zeta: Yes. There is a potential when you are in operation and you no longer make judgements of others as many humans do, when you are no longer guided by the emotional trend, but guided by the ever-present need or understanding of supporting others. Once they, once you, are in support of another, then of course, there is no potential to exist without. It also means that the desires to accumulate do not exist.

Interviewer: Is that the simple answer to evolving, to take in control your emotions or to eradicate the emotions in order to live as one?

Zeta: I do not desire the things of the physical, yes, but to use it as a mechanism to exist.

Interviewer: That’s the first time I’ve had such clarity, a light bulb has been put on. It’s simple.

Zeta: There is great peace in the expanded awareness of existence. To be in stillness and silence, to interact with others of like frame, like mind, like energy. This is why your planet suffers, because there is a constant need to provide. But what is provided is generally not required to exist. We have understood that humans create, and in doing so in that creative process, they provide with the creation its possibility of termination. This is to stimulate your belief that your economic processes must exist due to the constant exchange of physical items. But if you have nothing and require nothing except sustenance and stillness, then you take little from your planet. Much of the mechanisms that are required to support technology are also able to be elements that are transmuted, to harvest those elements from outside the planetary structure. It is not a sustainable future for humans.

sitter: What is your best advice for us, the planet and the people. You have answered that, but is there anything you would like to add?

Zeta: To live simply. That is the only answer required.