This blog accompanies a book co-authored with the medium, Paul Hamden, entitled "A primer of the Zeta race". Interviews with the non-terrestrial Zeta beings are discussed, and interested readers are invited to download the book at no cost.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019


Interviewer: Is the new spirit realm for those who are already living a hybrid existence, a third of humanity we were told?

Zeta: No, a hybrid entity during the normal process, will separate from spirit process and return to original consciousness process. Spirit people, under agreement, will also return  to spirit realm. Hybrid entities, dual consciousness...

Interviewer: So they return to their own kind?

Zeta: Correct.

Interviewer: So if there is another quantum reality created, how would that work if we are from spirit realm and we get to choose another race, how do we integrate with them when we are not of that background?

Zeta: That is why the second technology will exist. So rather than moving into the original point of entry which was spirit realm, you will enter into the second sphere. The second sphere will hold the potential for the interlocking ring process which was discussed yesterday. Each of those nexus will provide a different level of frequency. The consciousness may choose. Now just as individuality is defined by moving through the definition of spirit realm, you will be provided the same ability, but through the nexus points. Your personality will be defined by the race. Your definition will be defined by the race.

Interviewer: So is it only one race?

Zeta: No, there will be many.

Interviewer: So would it mean that the races who are already incarnated on the earth...

Zeta: There are nine.

Interviewer: Yes, if they would be present, so if I were a Pleaidian, say, and incarnated here, and I would then go to your spirit realm, your created personality...

Zeta: No, it is for only spirit realm people. If you were from another race, Pleaidian as you call it, they would return to their own existence. They do not require the second sphere. Only human consciousness requires the second sphere.

Interviewer: So due to their vibrational change, is that then what people believe is the ascension process, but to change to a different vibrational state, is that the same? You want to then help that process, to as a human move into a different vibrational state?

Zeta: The William, may choose, rather than enter the original point of entry of spirit realm, will enter into the second sphere. That sphere will have nexus points, we believe nine, entering into nine races which belong to the council, yes, each of the nexus points being the gateway. Your intention as consciousness will be to choose one of those entry points into the race. It is a simple process. Your mind will assimilate this information. None of those races will reduce frequency to move into spirit realm. There is no requirement to do so.

Interviewer: Do you have to be of a higher understanding in order to select a different race? A higher knowing?

Zeta: You would be able to assimilate into the second sphere. Why? Because your mind is open. You have a questioning mind. You can see what no longer suits you, and so you choose.

Interviewer: If you have no understanding, you can't really make a choice.

Interviewer: Are you limited to that choice when you get there, depending on what your understanding is? You have nine choices, but suppose you are at the understanding of only six of those.

Zeta: Dissonance will not be allowed, only harmony, so you will acclimate to a frequency. You will provide yourself in harmony.

Interviewer: So would that be a resonance you have with that particular ... ?

Zeta: Yes, of course, a harmony. I would not choose to go into disharmony. You may find, a individual consciousness, that you do not wish to move to a specific race. Would you move to the Anunnaki or would you move to the Pleaidian, or would you move to Sirius? Would you move to those entities? Or would you move to our race? And so, there will be an acclimation towards the nexus.

Interviewer: Would you receive guidance or would it be your inner knowing, especially if in this reality you've had experiences with other races?

Zeta: Consciousness will provide itself with harmony. This harmony cannot enter. There will not be any entity that enters the sphere that will be able to reverse out of the sphere. Understand what I have said. Once there, you must make a choice. It is only a gateway.

Interviewer: Choosing the life you feel in harmony with.

Zeta: You would not choose the second sphere if you had not as a human decided the intention process. That is why freewill is in operation prior to the transition. This process is in place to stop all consciousness which no longer inhabits physical form from moving into the second sphere, seeking entry into other areas.

Interviewer: So to clarify, if we choose to go back to the spirit realm...

Zeta: You cannot do so.

Interviewer: ... from here instead of going to that second sphere.

Zeta: You are within your freewill capacity to do so.

Interviewer: Once we are there, is it inevitable that we will have to incarnate again, and if not, what do we do when we are in that realm if we do not?

Zeta: When you arrive in spirit realm, you do not have to leave spirit realm. The highest operational law is freewill.

Interviewer: But if we choose not to incarnate from the spirit realm again...

Zeta: That is your choice.

Interviewer: What would our purpose be to hang around in the spirit realm then?

Zeta: That is your conundrum then, isn't it?

Interviewer: You know that we work with ascended masters.

Zeta: They are perceptions, yes.

Interviewer: So they have a greater understanding and learning. What is their option, where to go?

Zeta: They may abide by the reincarnation process. They may choose to move either to the nexus that is built into spirit realm. Imagine a pyramid structure. At the top of the pyramid is the exit point that is spirit realm. The base is the possible entry points for spirits. The ascended masters, which are more likely to be a "close to god" consciousness, if they chose, would need to reduce frequency to move back to physical form.

Interviewer: So they are still part of that spiritual realm, they don't pass through a boundary and go to another dimension, reality, sphere?

Zeta: They may choose to do so, yes.

Interviewer: So it is possible to make your way out of the spirit realm then, should you decide to stay and learn from there?

Zeta: That is correct, yes. That option has always been around. That was built into the technology.

Interviewer: So the purpose for a second spirit realm is to bypass that process of learning in the spirit world, and learn through other races.

Zeta: If you choose. Many would not choose that option. Others will. But to have the option which was never in place before. Many humans wish to move to other races.

Interviewer: What is our awareness as we are transitioning from here to another sphere? What is our awareness at that transition point?

Zeta: You are aware when you leave here, you move to spirit realm. There is a disassociation process. Some assimilate quickly back to their originating point. Others, through freewill and consciousness, choose to believe their own reality. But the reality in the second sphere will not exist. It is not prepopulated with previous information. You will be offered exit points only.

Interviewer: So the realization that the progress as we're transitioning, what's happening here, where am I...

Zeta: I will support your thinking for you. When you are here you have a guide that is of an extraterrestrial nature and you wish to resume your relationship with that guide. If one of the exit points in the sphere leads to that race, your intention via freewill is to become one of those citizens.

Interviewer: So by then I would have the realization that I have passed over and I don't have to hit that docking point, as I call it, in the spirit realm. I can bypass it, take a round route.

Zeta: I don't understand. There is no capacity for you to see spirit realm once the intention is made to leave here and move to the second sphere.

Interviewer: It would become a natural process like it would normally if I was going to the spirit realm as a regular.

Zeta: That is correct function, yes.

Interviewer: So if you are not aware that you have a guide for another way?

Zeta: The you would not choose the second sphere.

Interviewer: But if you don't know?

Zeta: Then there must be desire, an intuitive consciousness choice to not re-abide by the original spirit realm process.

Interviewer: Could it be just curiosity that makes you want to take that turning point?

Zeta: If that is your choice. Do you understand choice? It is your choice.

Interviewer: Choice should really be made based on knowledge.

Zeta: Your local construct is only a creation of the higher-self entity. The higher self already understands its own path. It does not seek your permission to do anything with you. It will provide you with information. You will make the decision based on the understanding that you have been given.

Interviewer: It makes sense but I feel it's not a choice.

Zeta: The human form believes itself to be unwell, but higher self understands that unwellness does not exist, which is the reality. Remember, you have freewill, up to the point that you no longer do.

Interviewer: You have freewill until you enter the sphere.

Zeta: No, this is the game that consciousness plays with itself, the illusion of freewill.

Interviewer: If there is no separation, can you define a group consciousness, or oversoul?

Zeta: These are the understandings that the local constructs of the physical nature require to differentiate consciousness. To give you an example, the ocean, each drop of water, each separation of water, may see itself as in separation, but it originally came from the one body. The surface of the ocean all the way through to the depth of the ocean are different levels of frequency, a different pressure. You may state that one frequency is of a certain nature, but it belongs to one body. A spirit realm is of the same nature. Only the human mind sees things in separation. You delight as a race in defining what is and what isn't.

Interviewer: The drop of water would be just the point of awareness of consciousness?

Zeta: The observer, yes. But the perception of the drop of water is that it is greater than the body, not understanding that without the body it has no observation capacity.

I understand your terminology. Ah yes, a consciousness may access the information of its lives and existence. It is not limited by its physical nature.

Interviewer: Is all information ever existed, has already happened or is present?

Zeta: No, that is why quanta exist. Quanta defines what is possible. But is one quanta has not seen another, then it has not created its capacity. Do you eat food? (Yes) If you have a range of food, can you not make many different foods? (Yes) What only exists is the underlying properties to create.

Interviewer: So putting some properties together makes different things.

Zeta: That is correct, that is why consciousness seeks to understand itself via quanta.

Interviewer: My understanding is as we learn, we grow, our vibration is raised, it adds to the consciousness and we continue to build on that, my understanding is until we become oneness. Is that correct and how do other races factor in that oneness?

Zeta: Consciousness seeks oneness. Consciousness seeks itself. Consciousness seeks to understand itself. All races see themselves in separation, understanding that they are in the illusion of separation.

Interviewer: So they continue to go around in their cycle as well.

Zeta: That is correct. But what exists is the potential to not be trapped by the cycle, to exist outside of the physical nature, to interchange and exchange with the physical matter as required.

Interviewer: Why are humans not aware that there is an option? Are they like when they turn to the third world and people tell about classes and teachings and all this. Are they taught that there is another option to have another turn?

Zeta: The teacher will only teach to their capacity.

Interviewer: Ok, so they don't open their mind to other possibilities.

Zeta: Yes, of course. It would depend on where you return and to what frequency.

Interviewer: So why are we not privy to some of those other possibilities that are a little beyond our understanding? Surely some we could understand.

Zeta: That is amusing, yes. You seek to know, but you hide from yourself. You are consciousness existing in an illusion of physical form, believinZeta:g yourself to be of a separate nature. Understanding and knowing are maybe two different things.

May I give you a simple analogy. Do you eat fruit? What is an orange? What colour is it? Describe orange to me.

Interviewer: Bright vibrant colour.

Zeta: No, I do not understand. This colour is now defined by your statement. And this is why you are in the illusion. Define pain.

Interviewer: Something unpleasant that no one wants to go through.

Zeta: That is not the truth. Pain is dissonance. They are poor examples only.

Interviewer: Remember that I am focusing on those particular realities I am confined to, and my knowledge has been limited by those confinements.

Zeta: No, that is your belief structure. Within your local construct, you have provided your own rule set. Your technology has the ability to seek matter to a quantum state. The table, yes, it does not exist but you see it as a physical form and a table. You choose to see it in this form, not in its original form. That is your choice.

Interviewer: That's correct, though I know I have the choice to choose not see it in its original form.

Zeta: But you do not allow yourself.

Interviewer: That's correct.

Zeta: Why?

Interviewer: At the moment, it doesn't get to that point at this stage. There is so much I want to learn about.

Zeta: Who has defined those parameters? Why do you perceive the table?

Interviewer: It's convenient.

Zeta: But you know that it is not, but you still choose to. You have choice.

Interviewer: But should I choose to see it not there as a table, it does not change what I do next.

Zeta: But that is your choice. You could choose to move beyond your local construct. Imagine when you move from the physical form, you have made a choice, to understand yourself, to be of a different nature. This reality only exists in the mind of it all.

Interviewer: So why is it we have been given that view where absolutely everything disappears. I've had it to degree where all of a sudden nothing's there, it's all disappeared in front of my eyes.

Zeta: You have been shown what is reality. You have seen through the construct. That is your choice. That is why sometimes your reality becomes a wave of energy moving through the room. The walls start to bend, because all things are in flow.

And now, I will be leaving you.

Sunday, 27 October 2019


Interviewer: We were talking about the reincarnation process of the human race. There is an understanding that a personality will never reincarnate into this world again, but aspects of the oversoul do. Is that correct, or do our personalities go through this cycling process when we go via the spirit realm?

Zeta: Do you believe that you choose your personality?

Interviewer: No, I believe we are born with it.

Zeta: Is the process of the human mating, consummation process, to create human is based in the genetic structure of the human? The child is a recreation of the parent consciousness. The local construct is a creation made of the surrounding processes.

But, listen to me now, when you leave the technology known as the spirit realm, a definition takes place. You are defined by the frequencies that you pass through from spirit realm into the physical, and so the personality is coloured by the frequency. As you move from one existence to the other, you are defined by the barrier that you pass through. That is where your individuality comes from.

Interviewer: Everyone who comes from the spirit world to...

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: But there would have [those who defend?] vibrational state? They are intrinsically designed initially to be of their own nature.

Interviewer: To learn certain traits, certain aspects?

Zeta: They all have cogniscence, they all have the ability to learn. The definition of the personality of the construct is based on the transition from spirit realm to the physical.

Interviewer: Would that be a choice that we make, ...

Zeta: May I assist you. Imagine the spirit realm is a sphere containing consciousness. Within the physical realm belong a male and female. They are of a genetic structure. They consumate a relationship and incubate a child. The consciousness chooses to move from spirit realm into the physical form. The consciousness must travel through the distortion from spirit realm into the physical. It is the distortion which individualizes the child's personality. These are unknown concepts to you, yes?

Interviewer: Yes, but it makes sense. But what about the external influences as that child matures?

Zeta: That is how you develop all of your insecurities. That is a substrate of the conscious mind that creates the local consciousness process.

Interviewer: So the consciousness that comes through into this reality, is it like a great canvas through the transition and it's outside factors that affect the makeup?

Zeta: It is intelligence, yes. Let me assist you again. The John Collins experiment - if he was to incarnate, he would make the assumption that he could bring his personality with him. But the definition would redefine his personality.

Interviewer: But if he were to incarnate, it would be him as part of an aspect of the next being of him which is comprised of many aspects to create his next persona. Is that correct?

Zeta: The illusion of consciousness is that there is separation. You provide individuality via the process of believing that all is individual. That is the game of consciousness.

Interviewer: So how would it work with those who seem to have recognition of past lives, so to speak? Is it past aspects of the consciousness of their group, their soul group, their individuality of previous lives?

Zeta: When you believe you are in separation as consciousness, then that is the educational process you provide yourself. When you understand that you are consciousness seeking to redefine yourself in a different way, and then of course you have access back to who you were previously. You must move back through the definitions.

Interviewer: Is the consciousness experience via aspects or via just awareness?

Zeta: Clarify your question, make clarity.

Interviewer: Consciousness experiences self and creates more, infinity really. So if we talk about soul groups, is it the purpose of the soul group that aspects of that group have an experience and then move back into that soul group?

Zeta: You believe that there are souls.

Interviewer: Well, we have been told there are.

Zeta: Let me assist you. To define consciousness as a soul group is to define consciousness in a manner that you will understand, but the reality is that there is no definition of consciousness. The defining aspects are ones which help the local construct to understand aspects of spirit realm.

Interviewer: Is the Zeta and the human consciousness the same, it is only perceived as that so we understand it?

Zeta: We are one, we are all. You are consciousness in separation, believing the self to be of a different nature. The way that you have taught yourselves to understand the technology, that is, the recycled process for your incarnation, is to believe that you are of a separation nature. But there is no separation of consciousness.

Interviewer: If there is no separation of consciousness and we attain vibrational status through our learning, why choose a reality such as this?

Zeta: That is your choice.

Interviewer: Is there a purpose to why we would have made that choice, supposedly this being a lower vibrational reality?

Zeta: You have nowhere else to go. You are moving through process. We are seeking to provide you with a second process. The first process no longer suits this race. You are, as a race, in many years to come, you will transition past the spirit realm process. The technology of spirit realm no longer will define you. The concepts that you have been taught will no longer define you.

Interviewer: Is this something we experience in this lifetime, is it a continuum of incarnations that will define that?

Zeta: The beginning is of 25 more years of you for the singularity to begin. We require humans to support us, humans such as yourselves.

Interviewer: So what happens to, if we talk about having an oversoul, we have a soul group, what happens to that?

Zeta: When it no longer seeks to be redefined, it no longer requires to see itself in that manner. It must grow, there must be constant growth in all things.

Interviewer: For us to help you when we pass over, do we consciously choose to bypass?

Zeta: Stop. Your role is for now, not for after transition.

Interviewer: What would the world look like?

Zeta: One of consciousness, one of agreement, and one of harmony. Now, of course, this planet is surrounded by many spheres. Each of those spheres holds within it, many races, many beings, all in agreement to create a collective mind of the human race so that you may assist yourselves to move past spirit realm. This process will be unpopular. Many will not want to accept that you have choice. They will cling to that you are to abide by the technology process of moving into and back to that process. But we offer you choice. If you choose, you may move wherever you want to.

Interviewer: That's tempting. So is this more like your way to leave the form and create a new form? If we were to leave our form here and we would then move to the second option, what would be different?

Zeta: Opportunity. You will be offered infinite possibilities. You will no longer be required to come back to this planet.

Interviewer: So that empties the planet over time.

Zeta: No, the planet will always be repopulated. Many will not choose to move from the initial technology and will always seek to come here. Others are seeking opportunity to break out of the cycle. We only offer that process to those. If you choose to abide by the spirit realm process, that is your freewill.

Interviewer: So we have no choice if we continue in this reality, this spirit realm, does it become like a cycle, do we not have the choice to move on even if we do choose the spirit realm, can we not ascend that boundary?

Zeta: To where? You must find the nexus. The nexus is the joining point between the technologies. You must spend many, infinite, lifetimes seeking the nexus.

Interviewer: So the other opportunity offered would be like skipping a lot of formalities.

Zeta: That is correct, yes. It is your choice.

Interviewer: Do we miss out on learning by doing it that way?

Zeta: Can you not but learn when you move to a new race, new technologies, a new society, a new form.

Interviewer: So would that create a new race, or become part of another race?

Zeta: You would become part of another race.

Interviewer: And what race would that be?

Zeta: Whatever you choose. Let me assist you. Imagine you have interlocking rings, yes, but infinite interlocking rings, each one of those a potential to be of a different nature. The interlocking process is the nexus. You make a choice. You choose the entry point, yes, that is the word? You choose your entry point into your next incarnation.

Interviewer: Can you then choose that anytime you are in the spirit world?

Zeta: No, it is only via this physical existence. This is because we cannot interfere with freewill. No one within the technology will be allowed to move through the nexus unless they have incarnated into the physical.

Interviewer: Would it then be open to everyone who passes on from this reality.

Zeta: Did you not abide by a process called consensus reality? You have experienced this as an individual human, correct? Have others experienced that as a human? (Yes) Are there many who have not experienced this? (No) Why?

Zeta: The medium was discussing with you bi-neural nature. For the humans that have not experienced that process, they will not understand how to move to consciousness process. It is the humans that take the opportunity by intention that will be given the opportunity. It creates effort. You will support, if you choose, the secondary process. It must be held in consciousness as an option, to leave this planet. This has all become about because of the William. The William had asked if it was possible to move to another race. We then sought an answer for him.

Interviewer: We talked about soul groups and you said there is no separation, we are all consciousness. Agreeing with you, how is it that some have a resonance with others?

Zeta: Love is a defining factor. It provides definition. It provides a joining. To recognize yourself in another is to love yourself.

Interviewer: Even if it can lead to conflict?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: We have many mediums on this world who are rescue mediums, Can you talk about that subject please?

Zeta: What is a rescue medium?

Interviewer: They believe that many human beings, on passing, may not reach the spirit world and that they wander around endlessly or they are connected to people here and don't want to leave this reality, and then they send them to the light. But I just can't get the concept.

Zeta: All the beings have choice. All humans on transition make a choice. Many mediums would assume that those entities that made that choice have done so in error. But of course, they either exist or do not exist in the physical. And so a medium may make an assumption that an entity of consciousness that had made a choice, had somehow been in error. But the error is of the medium.

Let me give you an example. What if all humans ceased to exist? All of the assumed spirit people, would they find their way home? Would they require assistance from a now non-existent human to return back? No, they would see that no opportunity now existed to sit within the physical realm within the framework.

Interviewer: In regards to humans continuing to talk about ascension and raising their vibration, how would they do it, and what would the outcome be?

Zeta: Why do you seek to move from this dimension? The assumption is that the physical body transmutes. Ascension is to move past existence in one form.

Friday, 6 September 2019


Interviewer: How does light propagate from a light source to the eyes? Is the light energy carried by vibrations of the grid?

Zeta: All things are in constant movement. That is my answer.

Interviewer: How do thoughts exist? Are they modulations of elements of the grid? Is this so for both physical and non-physical beings?

Zeta: Once again, the scientist seeks isolation, seeks to place all things into categories. Thoughts exist because consciousness, which is the underlying form of existence, requires that it abides by constant expansion. The methodology of this is the thought process.

The grid is a representation only. Consciousness presents ideas to humans. Those ideas seek form. The form can either be of the physical or of an idea.

Interviewer: When a person walks on concrete, why do the quanta for the feet not sink through the quanta for the concrete?

Zeta: Because the consciousness of the human, the consciousness of the entity, provides within the illusion that there is no transference between one quanta and another. But of course, if you were to understand that it is possible then you could pass through it.

Interviewer: That would take some training.

Zeta: It takes no training.

Interviewer: So that's something that we could do if we tried.

Zeta: You already can do this when you release your physical form, the idea that you exist.

Interviewer: So the physical form sort of keeps it...

Zeta: The physical form is an idea.

Interviewer: As you know, William’s wife was given an etheric ear and it has some functionality. Would you please explain why it is not visible to humans?

Zeta: Consciousness is not visible to humans. That is my answer.

Interviewer: One day the medium communicated with 6 people who each said they were thinking of him the day before. Can you explain why this happened?

Zeta: There is synchronicity.

Interviewer: Does the synchronicity build energy that makes it all come together?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Human decision making is usually described as a logical process. For example, we might say, if A is true, then do B, else do C. Does this describe the Zeta decision-making process as well? Is it more intuitive, perhaps more dependent on energy?

Zeta: There is expansion, there is observation, there is a functionality. The process that has been described is simplistic in its form. We do not follow that simplistic methodology. When you observe, then you are able to understand the totality of what you are observing. The answer often is already within the observation. Humans often state that with every problem there is an answer. That is correct, yes.

Interviewer: Can an SQE be created so its contents have the human etheric vibration?

Zeta: I believe the condition of error exists in the question. If we were to replace etheric with consciousness, then of course all things are possible. Let us ask the question again using consciousness.

Interviewer: Can an SQE be created so its contents have the human consciousness vibration?

Zeta: Yes, of course.

Interviewer: If SQE contents can be created with the human consciousness vibration, would such objects be indistinguishable from other earthly objects when they are mixed together?

Zeta: My question to the William is, is this inside or outside the SQE? Within, no; outside, yes.

Interviewer: The medium believes that he was once in an SQE while still in his usual consciousness physical form. Did the medium move out of the human consciousness vibration without his knowledge, or was the SQE created with the human consciousness vibration?

Zeta: To believe that consciousness is limited to a certain vibration means that the question is limited. An individual's consciousness can allow that entity to move between states. The state does not rely on a physical parameter. While the questions are based around the physical existence, there is no understanding of the flexibility, the dynamical ability of consciousness, the infinite ability of consciousness.

Interviewer: William believes that an important purpose of his present incarnation was to document the information you gave us.

Interviewer:Did you know before William was born that he would be here to do this?
Zeta: No, the William was chosen because of his studious nature. He was led to the medium by us.

Interviewer: Which other spirit beings or ET beings were involved with the planning?
Zeta: That question is the same as asking you who have you spoken to within this year?

Interviewer: What was documenting your information expected to accomplish?
Zeta: What was seen on the timeline, what was to be completed, what is to come. The information is now part of the collective human consciousness. It has been implanted into what is classed as the consensus reality of the human mind.

Interviewer: It will give future generations a better understanding of things?

Zeta: Yes, of course. When religions fail, when belief structures fail, knowledge will be sought.


Interviewer: We learned that a race of reptilians interfered with the earth’s global communication network to influence human consciousness. Are these reptilians non-physical, interdimensional beings?

Zeta: They are physical entities that are projecting into their own astral realm. Those projections in the astral realm are then abiding by your astral realm, connecting to the human astral realm. Thus they are able to influence, yes, that is correct.

Interviewer: The reptilians in the Orion system, the Dracos, were they originally a non-physical vibration? If they were, why are they now associated with the Orion system in the physical universe?

Zeta: All physical matter previously belongs to consciousness. All consciousness once imbued in the physical form are then abide by the structure of the physical form that then determines what can be displayed in consciousness.

Interviewer: Most humans  have a fear of death, sometimes called the survival instinct. Is it caused by the reptilian influence?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: Did the creators of humans allow the reptilian influence to continue so that humans would be challenged to grow spiritually?

Zeta: The Anunnaki that through the process of genetic manipulation of humanoid species obviously combined certain DNA structures, their's being based in reptilian themselves, so like a parent, would transfer their own DNA to a child that has been a byproduct of the creation of the human race.

Saturday, 17 November 2018


Zeta: It has been some time since we have come. Are you in wellness? (Yes)

Zeta: We are seeking information from the collective mind of the race. A question has been placed about timelines. The question is, do separate astral dimensions exist with each of the instances of a human living in a non-synchronous state? So as you exist now on this timeline, what exists with you is the astral perspective, the coagulation of thoughts of all humans. When a human transitions as in being a consciousness into the spirit realm, they then exist in that state of consciousness. The phenomena, the non-synchronous existences of the consciousness, the other you which exists in the timeline state, once its capacity to exist on the timeline diminishes and the consciousness moves into the own frequency of spirit realm, the discussion could be that this house has many rooms but you can exist in all rooms. If each room is a timeline perspective, then of course you can think about being in the other room but it being in this room. The thought of the non-synchronous state holds in its astral realm its own frequency, its own vibrational state, each one being a difference.

Interviewer: Each one would have its own signature?

Zeta: Yes of course, its own signature. You exist in many forms. In regards to your leg, you may find that the non-synchronous existence does not have your leg problem, so knowing that what can you do about it?

After the sitting, the medium describes the images experienced during the sitting.

To see how information is encoded on the timeline was incredible,
like morse code, but in geometric shapes.
I had never seen it before.

So imagine this.
You are sitting in a chair. In front of you is a meter high vista, left to right, not seeing the ends. In front of you is the vista narrowing down to an infinite dot. Your head is placed into the vista and suddenly you see in the darkness, it’s not darkness at all, but consciousness, a massive vista of consciousness of a race.

And you seek to define one single point in the vista. You start to see very thin, small broken white lines, like morse code. Then drilling down further (as the energy is becoming very significant), you see one time line, each with infinite geometric shapes.
This is our conversation from a week or so ago. The shapes are "read" and changed to human words, as human words do not exist in consciousness, but shapes do.
This way any one can read the words, and it means any language can be spoken or deciphered.

Thursday, 4 October 2018


Interviewer: Can we talk about the medium? What do you do with the knowledge the medium has?

Zeta: Before you spoke to the spirit person, was any one walking around the room? The reality of this room was being shifted. What you see as reality is or what it seems, so when energy and frequency shifts, you are in a blended energy environment. You will see what takes place in other environments. Currently the room is a blended environment. (A sitter sees someone walking around the room)

There is much known about the human body, more than humans know.

(Interviewer mentions she has received information from a being who put the thought into her head.)

Zeta: What is consciousness, why must a thought be given, what if there is a natural acclimation towards information, why should there be spirits coming to you? I'm saying to you, sometimes human consciousness moves in and out of information and believes it's being spoken to...
Is it not better to move in and out of information than to wait for a being to come? There is a better potential to move to that information for you.

Interviewer: Sometimes the link is strong.

Zeta: In the mind, you believe someone has come to you. What if you have acclimated to the information? It makes it easier to do this as you are no longer waiting for someone to come to you.

Sometimes information is triggered by emotional events, with spirits it's triggered by emotional events, its about consciousness.

What you do, as others do, is believe a singular entity comes to you, but you diminish your capacity as you believe someone has come to you. There is the underlying premise that a human is changed when someone comes to them. What offers more potential?

Interviewer: How do I know the information is not from my own mind?

Zeta: You seek evidential information, so that what you have received is not from your own mind. You do not trust yourself.

Interviewer: No, I don’t.

Zeta: You have made a good human.

Interviewer: (laughs)

Zeta: You are a hybrid.

Interviewer: It's a human experience.

Zeta: Says the human container.

Zeta: There are methods and processes for lifting into the informational field. The medium has this ability but does not use it often. The medium must utilize this process to bring in a craft.

We are not using any of the medium’s energy.

Interviewer: Do you gauge the medium’s energy?

Zeta: The unwellness is only a perception. The body is only a molecular structure contained by a form of consciousness, so the structure aided by consciousness believes itself to be of a certain state.

The human form returns to its original state, not held together by consciousness.

The perception is the local mind can only exist in a physical construct, but it's what it believes. They are things of humanity...

The dog barks sharply, and the Zetas leave.

Medium: The Zetas say that as a blended environment, they are in two worlds.

Thursday, 21 June 2018


Zeta: Once your level of consciousness reaches a certain point, there is no turning back, because I can only see the pressure for you to continue on, build so greatly that you are jettisoned or accelerated into the next level of consciousness where you struggle to find yourself. These are the perceived barriers that consciousness has placed for itself, else it would move from one level of experience to another without gaining the experience of the previous level of existence.

Interviewer: There are a finite number of levels of consciousness?

Zeta: There are no finite levels of consciousness. If there were, consciousness would create infinite levels from the finite reality, and so it does not xxxx its capacity to understand and bring experience to itself.

Interviewer: Could you please tell me in human terms about your race and where you’re from, so we can have an understanding of where it’s from.

Zeta: I will give you a very short answer.  We do not have the capacity at this point to speak to you as it takes many hours to discuss our race.

We are a race of around three trillion entities. We are a multifaceted race, we have partners and if we choose we have a child. We have one child. We create our children to provide a mechanism for experience, and we enjoy our children. We have one partner, and we always remain the same partner through all lifetime. When a child is created, a second child is created from another set of seeds, and the children will be genetically compatible, and ultimately become the couple, as you call it. There is never a time where Zetas are incompatible with each other.

We live around 1500 of your years and we are physical entities that exist in midform(?). We are able to transcend many of the physical limitations perceived by many races, and often there is much that takes place with a level of technology that is outside of the realm of matter and are based purely in consciousness. Because we are physical entities, we are able to visit your planet and other planets and communicate with humans face-to-face. But this is a very difficult task because our frequency is such that if we are within your scope of influence you are unable to hold your level of capacity for consciousness. Most humans would pass out or in some way feel that they were to be harmed because their level of fear due to the unknown would cause them to not understand what is taking place. Many humans also become disorientated and are physically burned by moving close to the frequency that we are. That also relates to the craft in which we travel.

And so we have found that telepathic communication is the best method but there are many pretenders. They present themselves as our race, and this has caused much problem for us, as we cannot stop a human who has freewill from interacting with any entity they wish. I would state to you that the greatest litmus test for any contact between races is based on your intuitive process. How do they make you feel? What are they offering you? If it is based in ego, it is not from our race. If it is based in giving only and asking for nothing, then there is a high level of confidence that one of the entities of our race has joined in the spirit realm people and decided to work with you as a person. Do you understand what I am saying?

Interviewer: Yes, perfectly. And what is the premise of you coming here?

Zeta: The reason why we work with you is because the civilization has the capacity for great destruction, but also for great love. And so, many other races have come here and incarnated into the human form to aid the collective human mind and to assist it to move through a very difficult time in the future.

When you have a child do you discipline the child?

Interviewer: Of course.

Zeta: Yes, of course. Would you let it harm another?

Interviewer: No.

Zeta: Not if you have the ability to teach the child respect. And so the human race is perceived to be like a child. The probability is that in the future the human race will have the capacity to harm many, and so we are seeking to, through the embodiment of the human physical form, provide thought processes into the collective mind of the human race to seek the higher being, to understand consciousness, to be compassionate and to love one another. This centre [at Wallacia] has become one of the points of contact between ourselves and humans, and spirit people are much in line with what our agenda, we would say, is. There was little understanding between spirit realm and other races but, before the spirits that are at the higher perceptual level, to understand that they are in much illusion. We are able to discuss with them, but not in face-to-face discussion or telepathic communication, but by influencing the fabric of consciousness around them so that they understand that they are not alone in their journey for the creational aspects of the human race. This is why we have come.

Interviewer: Is there a name to the race?

Z: Yes we are called the Zeta race. We are much like the greys as you call them, but there are many facets to a race, such as there are in the human race. And yes, some of the race are in separation of the main collective mind, the race which do many of the abductions, if they are the true race which is abducting them, but other races which use the screen technology so they are not seen for who they are. This is a whole other question, because many people that are abducted as they think, are given the capacity to believe the illusion but never are abducted. This takes place within the collective mind of the human race. And so as you have seen just from the limited discussion that we have had that we could speak for many hours on each of the individual topics.

Interviewer: I thought it might be interesting to address a subject that you brought up before which brings home the fact that you are a physical race, and that is the idea that you have a financial system, an economy. You mentioned that you have a form of exchange called energy credits, and I wondered what these are and how they obtain their value and how they are exchanged. Could you address something like that?

Zeta: Yes, that is one of the easier questions that we have dealt with. Once again, an analogy for you. Do you know what a TV screen is? Imagine it is filled with a white light, and that it can move from right to left as an indicator of a level process. As the energy capacity diminishes, the light on the TV screen moves to the left. Do you understand? Like a gauge, because the medium has one in his car for his propulsion process. There are resources available on your planet, and those resources also are finite. There is a point where the resources will no longer exist. Is that correct?

Interviewer: So we are told, yes.

Zeta: As long as you keep doing what you are doing.

We also have the capacity to use resources, but each of us is given a level of resource usage, and so you are given a energy credit which gives you a visual indication as to how much of the capacity of the planet you are using. The less you use, the more beneficial it is for the race. And so I will give you an example for your race. If you had a meter process where you could gauge how much of the resources that you actually use, the more resources you use, the visual indication would be that you are destroying the planet. So you would be consciously aware that you would actively try to use less resources to try to keep your meter process towards the right side of the screen. Do you understand?

Interviewer: Yes, so you could give or exchange a position on this meter with someone else who required more energy.

Zeta: No, you would not give your... the energy credits that have been mentioned are not based on myself giving you something as in the human technology called money which is transferred from one human to another. One human collects money and the other human gives it away. And so one has more and the other has less. These energy credits that we talk about are based on the conscious fact of how much usage you are using for the capacity of the planet to support a race.

Interviewer: So if you use more than the amount allotted, you are no longer given access to ...

Zeta: You would not use more than your allotted amount. That would be in error for you to do so. The capacity to diminish yourself would be unpalatable.

Interviewer: So how would these credits be used for exchange, or are they?

Zeta: I think the word exchange was possibly not the correct word that was used. It is more of a gauging mechanism. Of course the part of the civilization which monitors the resource usage provides the energetic information as to what resources are available. That was the exchange that we were talking about. It is pointless to give you something that you already have.

Interviewer: What is the purpose of this gauge that shows you how much you have used?

Zeta: That is to tell the capacity of the planet to support this race. But you have no means by which to visually understand what damage you are doing to the planet. But if every time you ate or every time you drove your vehicle, or every action that you undertook, a visual indication was placed in front of you, your perception of your existence would change quite quickly if you were of a level of consciousness that you cared about the planet. But of course if you did not care, then the gauge would be useless.

Interviewer: Suppose my gauge went down to zero, would the race say, “That’s your problem”?

Zeta: The race would never allow... I would never allow my gauge to move past. I care about where I live. I understand that the less I use, the more is available for the children, the more is available for the race. This is why we have limited ourselves to having one child as well. Of course, we can move to many other planets as others have. There are many Zetas living in the different realms and different planets. But at some point in ten million years time, will we have left a trail of empty shells behind us, empty planets devoid of resources? No, of course not. It is not what you do today that matters. It is what you do today that affects what takes place in the future.

Interviewer: Would you say that the human race is still incapable of operating with a system like that?

Zeta: It is incapable of developing a system at this point, but you are coming close to understanding how to perceive the usage.

Interviewer: It should require the technology to communicate to each individual their energy usage.

Zeta: I will give you an example. The medium was looking into your receptacle bin and noticed that there were plastic bottles in the wrong square container, and now his thought process was, they are in the wrong place but did nothing about it. Until the consciousness is that you must do something about it, then you do not understand what you need. Every action that you have now, affects one that takes place in the future, the smallest action, the smallest decision, the smallest process.

Interviewer: One of the problems we have are the kinds of energy that we are consuming on the planet. They are themselves harmful, the coal and oil and things like that that interfere with normal life processes...

Zeta: But your governments cannot be forced to release the technology they already have.

Interviewer: Can you tell us the nature of that technology that they already have?

Zeta: There are devices which emit energy that require no physical input.

Interviewer: Ok, so that does exist.

Zeta: Of course, my friend, you already know that.

Interviewer: Yes, so I’ve heard, I have no proof.